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  1. Generous strike zone suddenly.
  2. Not a good at bat there. Ouch.
  3. Mullins striking out on one strike.
  4. If he’d managed to check his swing, he’s probably on first.
  5. Oh my. What the heck. Swing the bat.
  6. Did the Nats put super glue on the shoulder after two strikes?
  7. I was thinking Davisian, but that works.
  8. Inning probably would have already been over if Davis was at first.
  9. Orioles defense is as bad as the grammar in the telecast today.
  10. I found a situation in which Davis being in the game might have been helpful.
  11. Giving calls to Soto. Definitely don’t need that.
  12. Almost missed that throw. Jeez. Now my heart rate can slow.
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