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  1. All the millions of dollars and they can’t sync up two camera angles with time stamps?
  2. Any doubt that call is overturned if it’s a Yankee or Red Sox sliding?
  3. Danger Zone, but we survived.
  4. So, if the runner placed on second scores, how does that factor into ERA? I assume it doesn’t go into WHIP.
  5. except for the passed ball.
  6. I don’t think he thought it was going to be caught and went too far toward third it seems.
  7. 3-4 feet, I’d guess. Close enough he could reach up and knock it down on the bounce.
  8. Lot of good aggressiveness tonight.
  9. Crowd is louder than any Os-Rays game in history?
  10. Nice read by Nunez. That was close.
  11. I really like the addition of the strike box. I feel like I’d been waiting for MASN to add it forever. It’s very minimalist.
  12. All they do is win win win, no matter what.
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