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  1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Come on Cards make him work I still have faith
  3. Next year is our year. We just need some pitching (starting and BP)
  4. YES! No DP needed. Way to get out of it. Now score some runs please
  5. OK. Now the DP is definitely in order
  6. Grr... if only he were already at 3rd Come on Jay bring him home
  7. I HATE HIM. Why couldn't he lose that ball in his beard? The good news, Lackey is getting hit hard.
  8. Cards please win tonight, and of course tomorrow. I will have to turn off FB and and all news outlets if the Sux win the Series
  9. Come one Cards and Wainwright! Need a win tonight
  10. That sucked. Oh well. Win tomorrow with Wainwright
  11. Hopefully we get bad Koji tonight
  12. Should be 4-3. Declaso needed to take the 3-1 pitch. Hopefully Holliday can get the Cards the lead back
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