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  1. Agreed. Hoping we start/continue to be a team that can turn things around for guys that have some talent but haven't had much success. How many times do you see other teams pick up someone who we would qualify as "not good" and they revamp him to be a piece on a contending team? I feel like it happens a lot but not as much for us over the last 10-20 years. Hoping the next 10-20 years we're one of those teams that turn some of these flyers into contributors.
  2. https://www.mlb.com/ MLB.com is doing a free bracket challenge for those interested. I threw one in, anything can happen.
  3. I thought there was a solid chance they'd move him to the bullpen. Some of you remember a pitcher much better than the one I do. Sure, he had some fine stretches. But he was a mediocre, injury-prone pitcher for us really. Batters are hitting .195 this year against him. In his career they're at .253. Good luck keeping it up Dylan! But hey, good for him, I'm not rooting against him or anything. But it's 8 starts. He wasn't going to turn it around here, IMO.
  4. This will get bumped in 3 years and then we can have somewhat of an opinion on it. Personally, like Arrieta, I thought Bundy would've had a shot at being dropped from our rotation if they stayed, the same year they won/almost won the Cy Young with the next team. It happens, I'm not losing any sleep over it. Just laugh and keep on building, we're heading in the right direction. We're a half game out of a playoff spot on September 9th and we're "3-5 years away"! Try to enjoy it.
  5. Was hoping we would get to see Diaz for 20 games. Seems like a great time to give him a taste but what do I know. Guess it would ruin him for life...
  6. Mount is going to hit one off of the Hilton here
  7. Jeez, I'm a big fan of being aggressive with 2 outs and making them make a play/good throw, but that one was questionable.
  8. I like Brown. And have always loved McDonald. These guys are a good pair.
  9. Yeah I had no problem with Tatis, don't think anyone with sense would. The bunt single to break up no-hitter I could see being an issue. But hey, get on however you can, I guess.
  10. When I checked the no hitter game cast I saw they had a hit and then I saw the last scoring play was a bunt single for the twins in the 8th. But at first I thought it was saying the last play was a bunt single to break up the no-no. I was like OH MY, here we go again with unwritten rules everyone is going to lose their mind. 😂
  11. We should've pinch hit Givens for Velazquez lol
  12. Why do we start games so late? Most teams have moved up starting times this year. This game won't be over until 11. This year there isn't any fans/traffic/etc. to play into start time. Why do we do 7:35 and not 6:05?
  13. Does anyone know what the orioles are doing when they get on base? They do some kind of gesture over the shoulder. Almost like shooting a bazooka 😂 I mean I know it’s some kind of celebration and a “your turn/next man up” kind of thing. Just wasn’t sure if anyone knew more insight than that or can figure it out.
  14. You can be that as a long reliever. He’s a great 3 inning guy when needed. Often when down and we need someone to hold as we chip away.
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