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  1. Funny thing is (I guess not that funny), is in my OOTPB sim we are 16-44 too!
  2. Yeah, we'll easily carry Ingram, Edwards, Hill and Dobbins. No worries there.
  3. Hopefully we announce that we got Clay Matthews soon. Today after 4 is when FA's sign with no comp pick hit, I believe. Would we have any interest in Markus Golden? He had 10 sacks last year for the Giants and is still out there.
  4. Yep or that Other Texas guy he’s huge
  5. Great trade. I thought we were going to take Madubuike at 60. We move to 71 and take him while we upgrade 129 to 98. 😀
  6. scbalt52

    Day 2 Options

    I'm biased as a Gamecock alum, but Bryan Edwards is going to be a huge steal at WR for someone.
  7. I don't mind moving up for Jeudy if we really like him.
  8. Trade back and have the second round of the century. Get Brooks
  9. I have a sim and was also curious if you all knew the date I should wait to bring Mountcastle up? If there is one.
  10. scbalt52


    He was my pick to be the best QB out of this class. But who knows if he'll hold up.
  11. Yeah we're going to have to put on our thinking caps and figure out the best way to dispose of him. Or keep him.
  12. Gotcha, I finally found the injured list and see his status. I will likely take him when he's available in the game haha. I might call Mount up around that time too so it probably means the end for Davis (1-21 with 9 K's so far). I'll have to figure that out.
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