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  1. I bought this and am doing a similar thing with Hyde managing and myself taking care of day-to-day things. It is fun! I am sending out an email each day to them and they love following it. We won opening day in mine despite Cobb getting hurt! I started him opening day in hopes to inspire him to pitch well this year to be traded. In the second game we lost, Torres had two homers. This thing is very realistic! 😂
  2. But using your best pitchers means he would've came in before Brach and Givens. It's whatever. I don't think it was a bad call nor made a difference.
  3. Sure, he could pitch two shutout innings. I don't know if that wins the game though. Then you go to Ubaldo and might get the same result. Britton could've blown the game too. It's fine to bring him in the 11th, I just think you would've brought him in sooner then. I just don't think what happened was a wrong or bad decision. But yes it turned out horribly. If only we could've scored a run in any of those innings so Britton could've (hopefully) done what his job is. Honestly I wasn't even considering bringing in Britton when Ubaldo came in. I would've done the same thing. I was shocked at the reaction it got.
  4. I haven't watched the video yet. But I think Buck was saving Britton for a closing role we just never got to that situation. If you say he should have came in when Jimenez did, wouldn't you have brought him in earlier in the game already and he wouldn't have been available to pitch? That is what I don't get about the Britton argument. Why bring him in the 11th when you didn't bring him in the 10th, 9th, 8th. If you aren't waiting for a closing situation then he already would have pitched and been unavailable. Which to me, is no different than choosing not to bring him in - outside of the fact that you still have him should you get into the situation to close out the win like he had all year.
  5. Did he ever have his molars taken out?...
  6. I'm a huge field of dreams fan. Didn't they show it at Camden last year? Upset that I missed that.
  7. I think Bannon is going to be a solid everyday infielder. I believe he is underrated by many.
  8. Wiggins 2018-2019: 41.3% 3 point 2019-2020: 32.2% Free throw down 10% and overall FG 2.5. We’re talking about Wiggins right? Edit: Sorry saw the mix up above after I posted
  9. I think this off-season he was told by NBA people that he needs to be more than just a spot shooter. So, I think he has bulked up some and tried to elevate his dribbling/driving. However, he's lost some of his shine on outside shooting since he isn't working on it as much. And his driving is a work in progress too. I think this year he's just been in such a tweener phase with all sides of his game. If he stays next year he should have it all developed and could be a top player in the country, just need to stay a little patient right now. Just my 2 cents. Great game, fun to watch. Unfortunately that means the next game will be a clunker. Hopefully I'm wrong and this team starts rolling. They can be very good and Smith has played with passion lately. Not sure what lit a fire under him but I always thought he played good when he gets mad at something. And he's been playing like that for the past month.
  10. I guess I don’t understand why we would want Villar next year. I couldn’t care less about losing Villar or what we get for him. Didn’t expect anything. Fine with salary dump no reason to spend 10 mill on him.
  11. 7th! https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27895799/spartans-no-1-ap-preseason-men-basketball-poll-first
  12. Let's see where the Terps land...probably way too high. But I am hopeful that this is the year it comes together and can make a deep run if a Turgeon team is capable of that 🙏
  13. Any interest in Zach Brown LB from Eagles? Not a trade but he was just released.
  14. @Ohfan67I hope you didn't think I was being serious and that is why I got downvoted. If you did think that was serious...yikes 😂. Not that I really care about the votes.
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