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  1. I was at the game last night. Grayson looked good and threw an easy 99-100. He seemed to throw a lot of off-speed pitches. I'd say he threw more off-speed than fastballs last night but not sure, seemed like maybe he was working on stuff. He threw some back door sliders on the outside corner to lefties that were un-hittable. I was a little surprised how often he got to two strikes and the batter would foul off 3-5 pitches, didn't seem like he had his strikeout stuff as much last night. But overall he looked good and am still very excited for him. I didn't eve
  2. They're so good that we are able to identify guys that make it look like we are trying but really we know they will mainly lead to losses which is actually what we want! 😂
  3. Yeah she would be a great golf announcer
  4. I also have these sheets that I've shared before. They just track our top prospects across the board. It's a nice way to see them all in one place and I enjoy updating them daily or close to daily. I know some people have enjoyed following along. I have them sorted by MLB Top 30 Orioles Prospects and then the unlisted guys I have sorted by level. Also, on the right I have how we acquired them. Link to Hitters Link to Pitchers
  5. Yeah I also thought that was gone
  6. I think we should move Mancini back to LF and play Mount at first. I thought I remembered him being pretty good there but maybe I'm imagining it.
  7. I didn't mind that one as much since we were down 7 but yeah still questionable. Good for him. Bringing in Armstrong is unexplainable.
  8. They better get 65! I have big money on the over 64.5! (20 dollars 😂)
  9. Get a rebound! Come on Terps. Winner plays Alabama.
  10. Oh yeah, I definitely understand it and think it is the key one. But that is definitely the one I am most uncomfortable with. I think it needs to and always will stay 3 strikes and 4 balls, while starting fresh each time.
  11. I'd be fine with everything except starting 1-1.
  12. 30, good catch, still need to get my mind out of football mode.
  13. There should be a Beerfest competition between all 32 teams, televised, with groups of fans representing each team.
  14. If it is an In N Out burger I'd take it
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