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  1. Man Traber is great. I can listen to him all night. He should be on tv more.
  2. Can we make things uncomfortable for him by stashing him in A ball the whole year until he accepts a buyout?
  3. Thanks Buck. ...you should have put in Britton though
  4. Gausman tells coaching staff he's more comfortable pitching from the stretch, so they let him do it the whole game. Gausman has been filthy ever since. Go figure. https://www.12up.com/posts/6141394-braves-let-kevin-gausman-pitch-from-the-stretch-the-entire-game-and-he-was-filthy/partners/40920
  5. There was an article in the Sun where Cobb attributes his recent success to finally finding his changeup. This is great news in that his recent success may be more of a trend than a fluke. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-alex-cobb-changeup-20180817-story.html
  6. Last Friday or Saturday against Texas I caught the game on Fox and was shocked to the see the stadium full. Anyone have an explanation or was I just seeing things?
  7. A couple years ago would be right around the time Buck decided to bring in Ubaldo Jiminez in the wildcard game with the best closer in baseball still in the pen...How you can lose that game w/out having your best pitcher pitch, i still don't get. Yet to this day Buck stubbornly defends that move. I still shake my head thinking about that game. You simply cannot lose that game w/out having Britton pitch. My memories of Buck will be mostly eclipsed by this single move.
  8. Davis. Not even close. When you very well may end up statistically being the worst ever, how can it not be you. What an absolute epic disaster with no sign of hope at all. Honorable mention goes to Buck Showalter. He's quickly living up to his past reputation of eventually wearing out his welcome. Buck can't leave fast enough more so than Dan or anybody else in management.
  9. They should just send Davis down to Bowie until he gets his swing back if ever. And if he can't hit there, drop him to single A. Make him hit his way back. Buck on the other hand, I won't miss him if he leaves.
  10. Or maybe there's nothing wrong with him at all. Maybe Davis had a couple of fluke years. Or the league adjusted to him and now he can't readjust. Or...Davis just isn't very good, period. Bravo to Jim Palmer. Only criticism I have in what Palmer said is he didn't say it sooner. If Davis was playing in NY, he'd be boo'd every plate appearance. And now Davis is "disappointed" with Coolbaugh and Palmer for calling him out? Geez, get over it you baby.
  11. Horrible decision making 3 sluggers after great years: Davis, Trumbo, Cruz. O's brass decides to let Cruz walk and extend Davis and Trumbo to horrible contracts. Of course this is all moot had we of just kept Markakis
  12. Bundy, Gausman, Tillman. Their velocities have all diminished over the years.
  13. Palmer explained this: As the first basemen, Davis' job there is to trail the runner, so Davis is right being on second.
  14. He used to throw mid to upper 90s now he's sitting around 92 with occasional spikes to 94. Is this intentional on his part or is it just early season rust?
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