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  1. I'm 53 years old and still liked Memorial Stadium better. Sometimes it isn't the amenities as much as the memories. A winning tradition will do that though. I like Oriole Park but they haven't won anything in it yet. To answer the question though it has held up well which is more than I can say for the franchise. Still love them though.
  2. I was at The Vet for a Phillies/Giants game that day. They flashed "Orioles 4 pitcher no-hitter" on the scoreboard. I remember thinking "If the 1st the first pitcher didn't give up a hit, why was there a 2nd. If the 2nd pitcher didn't give up a hit, why the 3rd?" Obviously there were reasons, that is just the first thing that popped into my head at the time.
  3. I’m not going until I don’t have to wear a mask outside. MASN will do just fine until this mess is over and people aren’t ratting others out for mask vs. no mask.
  4. I just do not see what kind of haul the O's would get trading him. Seems like a useful player at a decent price.
  5. Couldn't ask for much better. Good pitching and the hitting was very good.
  6. Only thing missing from Means today was a complete game. I get the reasoning why we don't see that much anymore. Still I thought he was cruising enough to do it and make a statement right out of the gate. It worked out regardless.
  7. Johnson talks over several plays at a time. Do not get me wrong. I want stories and not minutia detail at times. That is where Palmer is a pro. He gets his stuff in between pitches.
  8. My question is if he becomes Matt Weiters part 2, is that good enough?
  9. He also suffered from lyme disease. He had been in pretty bad shape for awhile. R.I.P. to an all time great.
  10. Gulliver only hit .203 in 192 major league at bats. I’m not so sure he would have been a better option than Cruz. Hard to say though. Gulliver’s OBP was certainly better, but personally I’d take Cruz’s arm and defense.
  11. So sorry to hear this. At least he is out of pain. Very courageous person. So brave. God bless him.
  12. Slightly amused that playing a game in my hometown of Baltimore is considered safer.
  13. While I am not scared of the virus, many people are. Just shut it down. Our small businesses and schools are more important to try to keep opened.
  14. From USA Today. There's a possibility that the infections occurred Wednesday on the team's trip to and from Atlanta, where the Marlins played the Braves in an exhibition game.
  15. There are still people in the stadium. Probably more than at a mom and pop restaurant. Either way, this is the first game cancelled and probably not the last. I don't see how even a 60 game season is going to be completed.
  16. While I feel the virus thing is a bit overblown, if we are closing restaurants and schools, professional sports are the last businesses that should be operating. As John Taffer says "Shut it down!"
  17. I have it on. Bordick was insufferable on pre-game. What an a** kisser.
  18. First, thanks to the higher ups who run this site for providing us a venue to talk about the BALTIMORE ORIOLES who I have been a fan of since 1974 when I could remember watching games on TV at age 5. Baseball coming back for me has to be a diversion not shoving politics down our throats one way or another. What the players and league don't understand is we need a diversion, not a reminder of how the world is right now. Do that on your own time. People are hurting and just want to enjoy themselves and escape this all while locked down basically. They get to go back to their expensi
  19. Ugh, more Bordick. That sucks. I understand why Palmer, Thorne and Dempsey are sitting it out.Covid concerns and travel with I believe all of them living in California. The radio team is a lost cause. Browne is like a robot. Just the play by play, nothing more.
  20. After hearing this I called and made an appointment for my first colonoscopy. I've been putting it off (age 51). No family history but if a much younger man like Trey can get it anyone can. Here's to a good result for Trey and a speedy recovery.
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