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  1. Please say NO to Ike Davis - I would rather have Delmon Young DH'ing...
  2. Hits are always better than walks: Runner on first - WALK will only advance the runner to 2nd. A HIT can move them to 3rd or even drive them home. Runner on second/third - WALK will do nothing. A HIT will likely drive in a run. Walks are awesome, but HITS are more superior. However, I do love players that can work a walk, which proves they only hit hitters pitches.
  3. I would take a flier on Reynolds, who has proven to catch fire and carry the team for a couple weeks. Valencia and Pearce are not the answer.
  4. Actually I felt the movie was really disappointing.. There were so many things that didn't make any sense and a lot of cheesy stuff.. Tony wasn't even in his suit much.. Iron 1 and 2 were much better..
  5. They had an interesting discussion on WNST this morning about this topic.. Would you wear a jersey of a gay athlete?? Really makes me think... at first thought, I would think I wouldn't have any problem wearing it, but I would definitely have second thoughts if I had to sport the jersey out in public..
  6. Which sports stars, former or current, do you believe are gay?
  7. MASN should have a smart phone app that can stream live games for paid subscribers! It's killing me not being able to watch the game...
  8. This just doesnt sound right
  9. I enjoy a smoke when I am drinking heavily and having a good time. And when I go to a ball game, I like to have a few beers so a smoke hits the spot for me. However, it wont kill me to wait till the end of the game to have one.. At the same time, It gets annoying when people give you death stares 25 feet away and cover their precious kid's face. Give me a break buddy! However, I understand this decision and its the right one.
  10. This movie sucked. I want my $10.50 back.
  11. Wow, this is awesome. Thanks for some nice ideas everyone! I will plan a home-cooked dinner, a hand-written card and a special gift.
  12. I was never a big fan of this day, but since I got engaged this past year, I feel socially responsible to get a romantic gift for my fiance. Usually, I stick to cheap flowers from the supermarket and a $10 candy box, and a normal night out for dinner. What are your guys experiences, and any "different" or "Creative" ideas that would get me that extra special treatment tomorrow night? I know its only day away, and I'm desperate.
  13. Haha this was funny.. I want it now, I want CAKE now!
  14. AWESOME MOVIE! Incredible acting. The raid scene with the bags was hilarious. Sam Jackson as Stephen cracked me up!
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