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  1. As an longtime orioles fan who was born and raised in Montgomery County MD, and currently living in Northern VA, I don't like Peter Angelos at all, but the Orioles franchise is not simply viable in this market without a solid TV deal. If MLB wants to put a team in DC, then the Orioles should have the right to recoup the all financial losses that result. I don't blame Angelos alienating the other MLB owners and DC fan base that everyone is willing to fight him tooth and nail to extract every last penny from the MASN deal. Also, it's pretty clear that the RSDC committee is corrupt and biased, and this deal should only require an independent arbitrator moving forward. Any decision that goes to the RSDC will favor the Nats, despite MLB giving them a $25 million loan back in 2013. I just hope the result doesn't lead to the Orioles leaving Baltimore and possibly relocating to Las Vegas, Nashville, or Portland. It will be a major black eye on MLB. The Orioles are already in a tough spot by being in the same division with the Red Sox and Yankees.
  2. That quote tells me that MASN could be in serious trouble moving forward with cord cutting and keeping their cable carriage fee as high as possible. I would like to know when exactly MASN carriage deals is coming up with Comcast, FIOS, Cox, DirecTV and Dish Network?
  3. Camden Yards lease with the Orioles is expiring after 2023, and with the TV rights dispute with MASN and the Nats entering a new MLB arbitration panel, a loss in the courtroom for the Orioles will be so bad financially, that relocation becomes a possibility. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-schmuck-orioles-relocation-20180622-story.html
  4. Got it. Brian Roberts is currently doing the game on radio today with Joe Angel. Hope everything is okay with Gary Thorne.
  5. Does anyone know what has happened to Gary Thorne? He usually does these spring training games with Jim Hunter doing his ST games portion too.
  6. Cox Communications in Northern Virginia are charging an extra $6 per month to watch MASN/MASN2 and NBC Sports Washington/NBC Sports Washington +. I think if Angelos sells the Orioles by midseason, I hope he puts MASN for sale as well, and let either Fox, at&t or NBC buy MASN/MASN2
  7. Another factor is the after effects of the Baltimore riots. I know that was from last year, but it might be preventing folks from southern PA, Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland to go to Camden Yards because the City of Baltimore isn't safe.
  8. Great, now I-95 will be a parking lot during every home Orioles game all season. Since I'm driving from DC, this is bad news!!
  9. Well, I already bought tickets to the Nationals game in July from Vivid Seats!!
  10. It's the last week of February, and no new information on single game tickets for Orioles games at Camden Yards. I think last January, they release single game tickets to the public during fanfest. What's the hold up on delaying the release of single game tickets??
  11. I think I'm in section 11 or 12, I have to double check first.
  12. I think my seat is under the overhang with the TV screens. The ticket price was very decent in terms of affordability. Anyway, thanks for your insight everyone!!
  13. I already bought Orioles tickets vs the Angles in May from stubhub and I never sat in the lower box seats at camden yards. So I want to know if section 47 a great view to watch a game and what's the fan experience is like in the lower box seats. Thanks for your help everyone and let's go O's!!
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