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  1. I just had to text my baseball friends with a screenshot of the lineup because it's so bad. It's going to be a long season.
  2. I cannot fahtom why any team would give Harper this deal. His last few years haven't even been that great? His batting WAR has 10 in 2015 but the last 3 years has been 1.5, 4.7, and 1.3. How is that worth the best contract in history? For the record, I wouldn't have signed neither Haprer nor Machado. I will take 3 $10mil/year players over one $30 million.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. I remember quite a few Roch Twitter posts over the years that Davis was sick and couldn't play. I don't remember seeing nearly as many for any other player.
  4. I hope we sign Gaston but I'm not too sad about this. All the ratings I saw of Mesa made it seem like his ceiling was a borderline every day player at best. However, we better spend our $6,000,000 on other international prospects.
  5. If by beat reporter you mean adult film star then yes.
  6. I honestly don't understand the Gausman trade. None of these guys are top prospects for Atlanta. We save $9 million or so with O'Day but I don't get why we wouldn't just hold onto Gasuman until the offseason if that is the best we could get. The Schoop trade seems reasonable.
  7. A positive of moving Manny is that other club's GMs know we are serious about moving pieces now. Hopefully it helps any other pre-deadline trades get done a little faster.
  8. I said it earlier in the thread, but I wouldn't expect a ton from the 4 other players. Let it just sink in we are getting one of their best prospects for 2 months of Manny. That in itself is a coup in my opinion compared to some of the more recent rental trades in recent memory.
  9. Also, I would do a straight 1 for 1 trade of Manny for Diaz. Diaz will literally be one of our top 3 prospects instantaneously.
  10. If they finalize the trade Manny won't have a choice.
  11. If the trade is essentially done, why are we letting him play tonight? We should not take any chance of injury at this point.
  12. One needs to look no further than our game threads this year. They are only a few pages long now and used to approach 50 pages if I remember correctly.
  13. That guy was on Ken Wyman's show and I'm not buying it. Also Roch confirmed those rumors were incorrect. Why would the Orioles agree to a "handshake agreement" 2 days in advance? Wouldn't be surprised if the O's leaked that to try to get final offers in from the other suitors.
  14. Britton was pretty decent today besides the double but he lucked out there was an awful send home. It was back-to-back days so I don't think today really hurt or helped his trade value. Last night really helped. His ERA is down to 3.68 now too. If he's not packaged with Manny I'm thinking he may wait until the last day to trade him.
  15. Honest question : do you guys think most fans care if Manny represents the O's at the ASG? Personally, when we know he is about to get traded I honestly don't care if he represents the O's there or not. If we think we have the best deal in hand, we should act on it now.
  16. Agreed, with the caveat we can't wait until the last minute though if we still have AJ and Britton remaining. I feel like our Front Office can only focus on one deal at a time.
  17. pwhite

    Brad Brach

    RIP Brach trade value. ERA is up to 4.63. At least Britton looks like he is improving.
  18. It must be hard to negotiate in good faith and make a true best offer when there's only a 50% chance a deal would be allowed.
  19. pwhite


    I've posted similar things before, but at what point do we really start to worry about long-term attendance problems? Sometimes I worry that allowing the Nationals in D.C. may have caused the death of the franchise.
  20. Pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong so far. There isn't any reason they can't scrape back to .500. It's still super early. I just hope we are either in contention or way out of contention. I don't want us to be middle of the road at the trade deadline and make another Davies for Parra type move.
  21. LGBT night is divisive? As someone under the age of 30, I think i can safely say the majority of people my age are fully in support of our LGBT friends and family. Sure, maybe some older generations may feel slightly uncomfortable, but go ahead and let them feel uncomfortable if they can't handle equal rights for all.
  22. Why does this game start at 6:30? Seems odd.
  23. Roch reported the net present value is 47 million when you factor in the deferred money. This definitely makes the contract sound pretty good.
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