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  1. The Braves Reds series what I am most interested. The Reds have Bauer and Gray 1-2 which is tough draw. Bauer will try to pitch game 1 and 3 if it were up to him. The Braves have amazing offense so should be good matchup Reds starters vs the Braves power. The Reds May have the worst offense to be in playoffs.
  2. Quitting on your team not real good looking for other teams imo.
  3. I was looking at the playoff rules and with no tiebreaker being head to head tiebreaker we really are 6 losses behind Toronto. However their is the one loophole that we could be tied in losses with the Blue Jays but get in. If the Jays loose next two and we win on Tuesday we would be three back in loss column. If we both win or loose on Wednesday it doesn’t matter either way we still three back in loss column. Now the loophole is Thursday we win and the Blue Jays get rained out. That keeps up 3 back in loss column but it puts us just 2 behind in wins. A sweep of the Jays would put us tied in losses but with one more win giving us the last Wild card. The bad news is there is a0% chance of rain in New York thursday so we need to break the sprinkler system on Thursday to get a rain out.
  4. We can add Victor Gonzalez to the guys acquired this time in the Castro deal. Gonzales is another young international guy 17 year infield prospect signed out of Dominican for $250k.
  5. Means era 5.02still not good but that whip of 1.088 is very impressive. The numbers don’t reflect the improvement in stuff an actually I am more confident in him after this year because of the uptick in fastball. He went from possible back end of the rotation guy to a two or three on a contending team.
  6. I think you undervalued Tate he has been pretty good for late inning guy. He has been almost unhittable vs righties with .111 average against and been ok vs lefties. He still needs to work on his command some but the stuff is major league for backend of pen. The one bad one looks like the Gausman trade but he has never been consistent enough even getting released by the Braves. I thought Encarcion was a nice get in that trade as a young third baseman that looked promising after a solid start of year at 18 in A ball. So far we haven%to seen the improvement that we had hoped and now loss year for many prospects. It will be intersting what happens to everyone with this year break. We don’t know how much time most of the prospects have had to play games and train. Some guys might have had a huge advantage compared to others especially international guys.
  7. The offense is what will keep us from being in playoffs not the pitching. 1 run or less in 8 of last 11. It probably just coincidence but soon as Santander went out the offense fell apart. Severino Nunez and Alberto have fallen off cliff.
  8. It will be interesting what happens to all the pitchers they will get basically no inning this season so does that mean they will be on an innings limit next season like an injured pitcher coming back from not pitching a year.
  9. How did they get him with the 60 man only trade rule? I doubt he even comes to the states this year so seems odd to make trade now.
  10. I could have scored on that hit by Ruiz.
  11. I also think that you don’t need as much range as you used to to play a position because of shifts. If a right hand hitter is up you have three guys usually on the left side of infield or lefty up you are over on right side with three infielders. The shortstop doesn’t have to cover up the middle as much with these shifts so is closer to third base side. It will also be intersting if the approach to hitting chances as it use to be go up the middle and it was a hit now it is an easy grounder to one of the shifted infielders playing behind second.
  12. Not at more this isn’t 20 years ago with launch angle. Look at the starters we have. Means 197 ground balls 392 flyballs career. Lopez 335 ground balls 363 flyball career Akin 23 ground all’s 33 flyblalls Kremer 7 ground balls 17 flyballs. Asher 181 ground balls 418 flyballs Cobb has better groundball to fly ball but over last 4 years is 1:1. We have flyball pitchers so you want guys that can run stuff down. A grounder through hole a single a ball in gap double or triple.
  13. I’d be giving reps to Mountcastle at third more then first but that maybe wishful thinking. I just see a team that has a great defense in the outfield and a below average third baseman or a few guys playing out of position. C- Severino 1B Mancini 2b Alberto ss- Iglesias 3B Mountcastle Lf- Hays Cf- Mullins RF Santander Dh Stewart Bench Sisco, Valika Martin Ruiz That outfield can run down some balls. I always would rather have a strong outfield then anything else.
  14. Come on Vaughn wildthing close this out.
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