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  1. I stream every game and am in the Masn viewing area. You can latterly stream every team in every sport if you just look around.
  2. There is no reason with extra players you should have only 4 bench players. I don’t care who is on the dL you bring someone up just in case you need one guy especially in NL with no DH and a bullpen game. Heck bring Ryan Ripken up so he can say he was in major leagues. If Valdez can get there a positional player could as well.
  3. He did they just didn’t call it. They should have walked out there and looked at the pole.
  4. Mullins got robbed. I am watching the Phillies broadcast they have camera right at the pole. There is a scuff mark right on the pole.
  5. Zimmerman was much much better then the other 3. He pretty much kept the team in the game in all but 2 starts compared to the other guys that you could turn the Tv off in over half their starts by the 3rd inning. Zimmerman 6ip 3 er good start 6ip 3er good start 5ip 2er decent start 4.2ip 3er o.k. start 3.2ip 4 er bad start 4.2ip 3er ok start 5.2ip 1er Great start 3ip 5er bad start 5ip 1er great start 5.1ip 2er good start 5ip 2er good start 5.2ip 3er good start Yeah you would like another inning out him but he see
  6. I agree we have to play better vs every division but I think playing so many games against the best teams has a negative effect on the mindset of a team especially a young team.. You get a young pitcher coming up has to face the Rays then then the Jays and maybe Rays again in a three start span. You start to question if you can pitch at this level and make adjustments to how you have pitched to get you to this level and don’t pitch to your strength. I think this is especially true for guys like Akin, Loewther and Wells they have been told forever they don’t have enough velocity to succeed at
  7. The Astros had an advantage that we will never be able to match, which is they played in a weaker division with teams that spent similar amounts of money then they have. We are in a division with teams with deep pockets or the best run franchise in baseball. 4 of the top 6 teams in the American League are in the AL East.. We will have to do it twice as good as they did to get similar results that is just the facts of playing in the AL East currently.
  8. I would have rather just gave up 7 runs in the first two innings and been able to watch something else instead of having hopes up only for pen to blow the game again.
  9. I would keep him over Stewart who we know who he is by now and will be getting arbitration soon.
  10. They should do what they do in hockey with a line change. Just take the entire pitching staff and switch it with the Norfolk pitching staff.
  11. Shows maybe what Hyde doesn’t know. He looks awful tonight all those fresh arms and he goes with guy that pitched last night.
  12. Ellis has some good breaking balls but his fastball is straight and they jumped on it all night.
  13. He homered Sunday night and add another homer tonight. He js just insane last 10 games.
  14. I think we just bring guys up to prove posters on here wrong when they say bring someone else up they can’t be any worse. We bring up a guy and he proves that yes they can..
  15. At some point people have to realize players don’t play entire seasons anymore. You are going to have a lot of guys that get injured and miss some time throughout the season. I believe they said there was 40 pitchers on pace to pitch in 30 games so about 1.5 per team. That is little lower the usual but not by a giant number. The same thing with position players in today’s game, just look through the injury list on teams and see how many guys are out and a good amount for a long period.
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