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  1. If he makes sliding catch or a slight off balance catch and you halfway you can’t go back and tag up. It also is a very tough read for base runner.
  2. Franco did it right if he thinks it caught you tag up. It looked like RF was going to make catch. If anything he could of held but that about it.
  3. Didn’t have a back up shortstop after he pinch hit for Urias.
  4. 1 IP 2 hits a hit by hitter and 3 run homer. I don’t think they will keep him much more. The stuff was just average too from little a saw.
  5. Most rule 5 guys are pitchers which have a much higher injury occurrence then positional players.
  6. “Just ridiculous. The man hits a two-run homer and because Ruiz bats left-handed, he pinch hits for him when there is an automatic out on deck in Galvis. I'm losing more and more faith in Hyde's game management skills.” I get the irony it is people complaining about the choice of Rio Ruiz or Ramon Urias? It’s not pinch hitting Fernando Tatis for Freddy Galvis. It is two below average major league hitters. Your just tossing them up there in hope they can get a hit or atleast get on base.
  7. People were mad he used Ruiz as a pinch hitter in game 1 now they are made he didn’t have him available to pinch hit in game 2.
  8. I liked the decision they were at bottom of the order and Valdez hasn’t been good so why not see if he can keep pitching well.
  9. I don’t like a set DH in today’s game especially with a younger player.
  10. To be fair the offense was so bad the first 8 games there was not much to get excited about.
  11. Mountcastle is going to hit now just find a position for him.
  12. It only been two starts but Kreamer has been biggest disappointment this year. It isn’t just results but stuff looks very meh. He throws to many center cut pitches especially with his cutter.
  13. I like Kevin Brown him and McDonald work lot better then the other two we have.
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