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  1. Dave Roberts pulls his best Buck leaving his closer in the pen in extras for someone else to give up a grand slam.
  2. I think the Orioles will be fighting for a 4-8 pick next year. I expect them to be better then the Tigers Royals Marlins, Mariners. Then you have the next group of White Sox, Rangers us, Reds and someone in the Nl west. It will depend on if we move guys in off season and what teams make moved if we get top 5 pick.
  3. Luck left partly as he said he lost the love of the game and mentally had checked out. Davis in interviews has sounded like a guy that no longer loves the game and it maybe breaking him down mentally too. He has left the ballpark and had to stop as he cried to much on way home. Luck left 20 million on table this season if he played one snap which is good chunk of change. If the Orioles offered a good sizeable buyout this season it all honesty based on Davis's comments I could see him leave especially if he is bringing that mental anguish home to his wife and family. Davis has made plenty of money and will be fine either way.
  4. I have been watching the Braves lot more this year and have been rooting for them mostly. We moved and decided not to get direct tv this year so we dont have Masn here in North Carolina on the regular network and didn't feel like paying the extra money to watch the bad Orioles team and getting upset while paying more money to do it. I figure take this year and next off watching them then get directtv or hopefully live streaming them in a year or so.
  5. I would think he starts at Bowie not quite enough innings yet and it will be crowded their. They probably want a guy that they can bring up early in the season if they have to and i dont think they will want to rush any of those guys up to majors early next season.
  6. They have a nice lineup that could compete if they didnt have basically three black holes. 1b, SS, CF have hurt the offense all year you can get by with 1 or maybe 2 weak spots but not three gaping holes.
  7. Yeah but has to go on 40 man roster this year. I doubt they protect him and he hits rule 5 draft will someone gamble on him is the question.
  8. I'd add De La Cruz and drop Shephard in a heart beat. I think he is similar to Tate didn't work as starter but could be nice bullpen guy coming in throwing mid to upper 90s. He has more upside then quite a few guys on the 40 man right now.
  9. The Braves i think are trying to pass him through right now in order to take him off the 40 man and don't think a team will take a chance on him. They could have put him on the 60 day dl and not have needed the space but then in off season they would have to re add him and they are already going to be in a roster crunch in the off season. Do it now and hope no one wants to gamble and pay him to be on the 60 man for the rest of the season and pass him through to get him off the 40 man roster. Little bit of roster manipulation that Dan would love.
  10. Then changed his name and found the special juice in Boston.
  11. Braves and Rays especially but other teams will be ahead of us for Braves guys.
  12. Guessing what ever we payed to bring him here in the first place. They take over contract and give us money towards what we payed earlier on.
  13. They gave up 3, 4 and 5 in their system along with 22 in Rojas. Thats a great deal for Diamondbacks. That was more then they gave up for Verlander imo.
  14. I think they were waiting to see if someone made a big move and didnt until Grenke deal got in at last minute out of nowhere.
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