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  1. I just looked we have another off day on Monday so no need for a 5th starter for 10 days.
  2. I could see him taking Wells spot after tonight’s game. Wells is most likely the odd man out anyway with Zimmerman coming back anytime now. We can go with 4 starters til next Tuesday which would allow Zimmerman another rehab start before joining rotation.
  3. I don’t understand why people get so upset with this team because they try to play a guy that isn’t his best position. They act like only the Orioles do it as well with square peg round hold arguement. Aaron Judge is not a center fielder, Yordan Alvarez is not anything resembling an outfielder, Kyle Schwarber was not a catcher or even an outfielder, Schoop was not a SS. Yet all these teams were or are playoff teams that was just trying to find a place and way to get a bat in the lineup. You can name tons more guys that fit this bill all throughout the majors. You have even more in the min
  4. He started having some mild symptoms Friday so that would make it he either caught it while we were playing them or right after. I wonder if we have any players or coaches forced in protocol for close contact.
  5. Scott is just like Giannis Antetokounmpo when he is shooting free throws. Some days he makes 12 out of 14 next game 2 for 11 with two air balls.
  6. The Bryant trade is interesting in how much he got in return compared to what Manny returned. The Cubs got Alexander Canario who was ranked as their number 10 prospect coming into season but was having a big year this season so would have moved up their list IMO. He was a late international signing and only got 60k. They also got Caleb Killian the Giants number 30 prospect in the deal. Killian was a former Orioles draft selection as sophomore eligible guy out of college but we didn’t sign him. He has been solid in minors but upside not super high. You could say they got guys comparable
  7. The return on relievers hasn’t been as strong as past years. The Padres gave up a reliever and one lottery ticket for Hudson.
  8. Mountcastle has more range the Mancini does IMO but he also hasn’t played the position before coming to major leagues and doesn’t look as comfortable with ball to go after or not. Mancini is also better throwing to second to try and turn two right now. Long term I like Mountcastle because of the athleticism advantage as he gets more experience there.
  9. Less then a week left and pretty quite on Orioles talk and little movement so far. Who will be the first big dominoe to fall. Bryant, Story, or pitching. I think the starter market going to be pretty thin this year.
  10. He looks to have made the adjustment to the next level after dreadful start. His biggest question now is can he start hitting lefties as well. He has really struggled at both levels vs lefties.
  11. That is my biggest argument of this draft. They seemed to pick under slot early on to save up for some over slot guys that have lots of upside. I don’t see it in this draft class though.
  12. If your still keeping cable because of MASN you need to get with the times. You can stream every game for free online.
  13. I just can’t stand walks and boy are we seeing lot of those last month or so.
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