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  1. If they were that cash strapped on money they could have not resigned Sanchez and let Martin play SS this season and saved 500k and no one would blinked an eye. They could have saved on international period and still spent way more then they ever have. This seems like a bad PR type move and so many other ways to save money.
  2. I am not saying this story not true just seems like a dumb idea for $1.5 million. There are thousands of ways a major league team could do to make an extra 1.5 million. They could offer advertisement of logos on uniform or the outfield wall just seems like this one of worst ways to try and be cheap.
  3. This seems odd to do too younger guys that don’t have lot of financial savings built up. Why wouldn’t you go to someone like Cobb or Davis who I think would possibly give them a deferral. I think if you went to Davis and said we are not sure we will play the entire season so you might not get your full salary this year. We will guarantee you the full amount if you let us defer $5 million of that amount you get this year. That would seem like a pretty decent gamble for Davis as I think we might play like 144 games or so instead of 162, and not like he needs it right now. Also if you are penny pinching why spend all that money on international signings this year
  4. The Blue Jays have the offense but they don’t have much pitching at major league level other the Ryu or in upper minors Peterson (who struggled and I don’t know if he has starter stuff long term but more late inning guy with the fastball. . The rest of rotation is a couple guys that were awful last season is Roark Ray and Stripling. Springer a nice get but I would think pitching would have been more at top of their list.
  5. I am pretty sure I know who it is from podcast the way she gave few details and stressed not in baseball anymore, sounded to me like she didn’t want to say story until after he was officially out of baseball. I believe they mentioned his tattoos that he had in an interview on Orioles talk before.
  6. TBD. If you asked me this last year at this time I would have said 2022. Now a year later we didn’t get to see much of the young guys except two month camp for some of them. Now we are looking at this year still with when spring training camp start up when MLB starts and then when/ if the minors start. The NBA is having some serious issues right now with keeping enough guys available to play. There is talk about a halt there or maybe some sort of bubble again. MLB will be worried about making sure major league rosters have enough guys available to not cancel games or series’s. Do they decide to use the 40 man roster to start the season maybe until after Memorial Day meaning no AAA or guys having to play up because some guys are on that traveling list. The Vaccine rollout does not seem to be going as fast as they would like for many different reasons. I could easily see minor leagues not starting til after Memorial Day and them getting just half the normal number of games in. We also don’t know much about how the minor league guys were able to do this last season. Some guys may have had a huge advantage to getting in work that other guys didn’t. We worry about guys being out 3 months coming back to camp in shape. Some of the minor league guys might be coming to camp with 12-15 months off.
  7. I believe they actually save money in Lindor though because they get off hook from Cano and his 26 million.
  8. I don’t see why you would add Rosario as he is just average to below level shortstop who is arbitration eligible and expected to make 1.25-1.5 million this year. If they are getting him I see more of thought he bounce back this year and guy you can get more back in a trade next year. The Indians also have Yu Chang who is 25 has not had success at major league level but been decent player at AAA who looks to be pushed out here and might make more sense as cheap replacement.
  9. I would think a Birdland face mask would make sense.
  10. What is the difference for minor league portion and major league portion? I know major league you have to stay in majors what are guidelines for minor league part and how do they decide who is which?
  11. Yes but not sure any of the other locations have the size or facilities to be a AA team. They also jumped Aberdeen to high A and kept Delmarva as low A telling me stadium and facilities played a bigger role in the decision then location.
  12. They gave him 6 million as international signing and also paid a 5 million dollar penalty so that tells me the view him highly but they have loaded roster and can’t protect everyone especially a guy that may still be two years away.
  13. The walks and lack of strike outs at the upper levels is bigger concern to me then the amount of hits and homers. That tells me the off speed pitches are not very strong and he doesn’t have a put away pitch. That makes he think he has better shot as reliever as his pitch count will rise to quick and nit give you enough innings.
  14. I have seen 4/32 and 5/42 million. He has 8 million posting fee as well. I don’t see us paying that.
  15. Yeah he has never lived up to it. The one guy that intrigues me most on that list though is David Dahl. I am big fan of his and thought he was about to break out after his 2019 all star season. I don’t know the issues he had this year but like anything I take 2020 numbers with big grain of salt. He is former 10th overall pick and top prospect. I don’t know how he fits in here but I would love to gamble on him with change of scenery being big for him.
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