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  1. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2019?list=1b Mountcastle 3rd on the list at first base. We are now the only team with a guy on all 4 lists so far.
  2. We will have a top ten guy at the next two positions as well as catcher and 1st are the next two positions revealed.
  3. I guess no hall of fame for any of these guys now if Pete Rose cant get in as a player lol.
  4. Do they strip their titles and take away their trophies like the did for USC and Reggie Bush. Altuve lose the MVp award as well. The Dodgers lost back to back world Series to teams now caught cheating.
  5. Is 180+ even the number you look for anymore with the way teams use the bullpen. You had All star starters that were not hurt during the year that still didn't reach 180+ innings.
  6. Does Salazar still want to play is the question he pretty much just walked away from baseball at the end of last season?
  7. I think they will sign one or two guys off that list as a reclaimation project type. someone that wil get low base salary with incentives in the deal on inning pitched. Walker has the most upside but a huge injury risk. I liked Wood and Salazar has had decent years but another injury/health risk. Chad Bettis maybe a safe pick been pretty healthy and his numbers outside of Coors the last few years are not bad with low 4 ERA.
  8. Your assuming Cole starts game 1 in Baltimore I wouldn't be surprised if Tanaka starts game 1 and Cole goes game 2 so he would then start the home opener in Yankee stadium.
  9. The Rangers could hit a home run though if Kluber turns back to form after the freak injury he had. It is worth the gamble imo especially with giving up no one really. If he pitches bad it just cost money if he pitches well and the are in the race they can keep him if he pitches well but the team doesn't win they can trade him mid season and get a better return back then they gave up.
  10. I think it was owner not necessarily management. Peter was the one that wanted Davis back and i would bet he had his say on a few other things. He knew he was on his way out and wanted a ring. The front office pretty much has to listen to their boss.
  11. I would have liked that as well then i would have some inside information on the team if he makes the majors. lol
  12. He didn't want to move family to Philly at the deadline because of changing up their routine now going move them to Japan with a different language and culture. ok
  13. White Sox just missed out on Wheeler even with a higher offer. I think they are trying to make a push next season and have the talent on the offensive side. They need the pitching though to compete so they may have to make a move in a trade if they can't get any in free agency. They have some prospects but a lot of them outfielders which is one position we have a bunch of prospects as well.
  14. I always liked Zack Brown band and the Brewers left of one of their top guys in Zack Brown who was great up until this year where he struggled in the PCL. He is a guy that i think would be worth a gamble for the rule 5 draft. Maybe not as much upside as some other guys that are in lower levels but i think has a much better chance to stick then those guys. I think he could easily be a long man and i would take him over someone like Hess.
  15. bpilktree

    Rule 5?

    What is the date that rosters have to be final so we can start looking at possible rule 5 guys?
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