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  1. Mike Soroka out for year with Achilles tear. Alex Cobb could be an option as a veteran starter if he is healthy and pitches the way he has so far.
  2. It’s good to hear the fans showing there support for the team with the surprise start so far. They really were into that at bat and pretty loud fir a first inning. We usually have late arriving crowd on Sundays but doesn’t sound like it this year.
  3. Must be the Sunday lineup. That looks like the misfits lineup. All cast off waiver claims and two guys that haven’t got a hit yet.
  4. Thank god I was starting to think they would have to start the guy at third next inning to get one these teams to score. social distance guys come on.
  5. Is Davis not there today?
  6. Mountcastle should be up by now. Stewart looks awful.
  7. He still appears to be looking. I am guessing he just throwing guys out their hoping as you can’t trust anyone. The manager can only put guys out there and if you can’t trust anyone your not going to get results and blamed for your decisions.
  8. The 10 day quarantine is just used for normal people because they usually don’t test them multiple times unless need be. The positive test doesn’t tell you how long they have already had it. They might be in the beginning of infection or the end of the infection. That is why it is two negative tests that need to be passed. They will probably try to test them all today and the next two days hoping to get negative results for a few players.
  9. It probably one of the victor Mesa brothers. Now all those screaming for him can now be happy when we get one.
  10. I heard the ball is coming out his hand pretty good for couple of the guys at camp.
  11. They built the rosters for the exact reason if they had people test positive. Now they are saying it will shut down if we keep getting cases. The Marlins issue I get but teams are gonna get few guys here and there and they expected that. They change the goal posts but that seems to be the norm for last few years.
  12. As soon as the strike was called a ball changing the count I knew what was coming.
  13. Pretty ironic the guy that gives the interview is found to have cancer later,
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