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  1. Terrific news; you deserve it!
  2. There is no reason, other than saving money, to jettison Villar with no compensation or return. I would be unhappy with that move.
  3. 25 Nuggets

    100 wins!!

    2018: 47 wins ($143 mil payroll) 2019: 53 wins and counting! ($73 mil payroll) Baby steps people!
  4. It's a lot bigger than whatever influence analytics has.
  5. WAR or not, if you're going to name a Most Valuable Oriole at this point in the season it's either going to be John Means or Jonathan Villar. Three more stolen bases tonight including one of home - bringing his total to 32 and 80% success.
  6. He's getting close to OPSing over .800 too. He's had the fourth most valuable season on the team and is going to pass Cashner soon. Well done Hanser, I didn't see it coming.
  7. I think they can do that (go 15-20 or better) the rest of the way. I'll be rooting for that. Don't care about the tank. Top five pick is happening.
  8. I think we can put this one to bed now. The Death March is almost over and there are no more Yankee games left (which seems awfully early but I'll take it) In late August / September the Orioles get to play the Royals, Tigers, Rangers, Blue Jays and Mariners.
  9. 4.10 now. And still a 117 ERA+. One can argue that his stats are not poor, but average and a little lucky. Red Sox have a team 4.71 ERA which looks awful. And it's a 102 ERA+! That's crazy.
  10. Statcast is the new public standard IMO, with their route efficiency and catch difficulty metrics.
  11. Looks like the Red Sox have fallen victim to the current state of baseball. Chris Sale has a stellar K9, BB9 and WHIP and yet his ERA is almost five during that stretch.
  12. Congrats to Villar. That's something he can hang his hat on.
  13. I've said for, Idunno, 15 years that development was a bigger issue than talent, when it came to the Orioles inability to produce quality pitchers, especially starters. Well I can't quite say I'm vindicated yet because these young pitchers have not played at the major league level, much less succeeded at it. But the signs are encouraging. I'm so glad to hear Elias' plan is working so quickly.
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