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  1. I just want to see a significant improvement in the W-L department next season.
  2. I'm glad Michael was able to hang out longer than expected, and allow for us to let him know how much we appreciated him.
  3. You should see the moves the franchise has made off the field. They've stripped everything down.
  4. So, it's finally over. Now we can talk for years to come about where his contract ranks among the worst in baseball history. And I was dumb enough to think the signing wasn't that bad at the time.
  5. Elias says he wants to emulate the Rays. Well, the Rays have had notorious attendance problems for a long time.
  6. Hey man, be at peace with whatever happens but just know we all appreciate you and are glad you're still posting.
  7. Guess I'm coming out of the woodwork too. Michael, you're one of the best. So sad to hear of this. I know you'll make the best of the time you're given, because you always do. Prayers, love, peace
  8. oh good - I thought it was me. It's all your fault Quixotic!
  9. it's my fault cause I showed up, you know it to be true
  10. listening to station identification spots on the radio, the Orioles players always sound like they're about to fall asleep
  11. I was just saying they're the worst HOFers with 500 doubles. In other words, it's a good list. Ducky and Tony are both a helluva lot better than the real mistakes made for Cooperstown. The first really questionable enshrinee on the all time doubles list would have to be Harold Baines with 488. Unless something drastically changes, Markakis would be another mistake. -edit- forgot Heinie Manush has 491
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