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  1. Elias says he wants to emulate the Rays. Well, the Rays have had notorious attendance problems for a long time.
  2. Hey man, be at peace with whatever happens but just know we all appreciate you and are glad you're still posting.
  3. So happy to read this Roy, remarkable act, good on you mate
  4. Guess I'm coming out of the woodwork too. Michael, you're one of the best. So sad to hear of this. I know you'll make the best of the time you're given, because you always do. Prayers, love, peace
  5. oh good - I thought it was me. It's all your fault Quixotic!
  6. it's my fault cause I showed up, you know it to be true
  7. listening to station identification spots on the radio, the Orioles players always sound like they're about to fall asleep
  8. I was just saying they're the worst HOFers with 500 doubles. In other words, it's a good list. Ducky and Tony are both a helluva lot better than the real mistakes made for Cooperstown. The first really questionable enshrinee on the all time doubles list would have to be Harold Baines with 488. Unless something drastically changes, Markakis would be another mistake. -edit- forgot Heinie Manush has 491
  9. That's interesting. I thought there would be more names on that list. Scott Rolen is probably eventually getting in based on his first year returns. Todd Helton has a good shot. I know Chris Russo keeps pounding the Jeff Kent drum. The HOFers who have 500 doubles are not mistakes either. The worst one is either Joe Medwick or Tony Perez. But Markakis doesn't measure up to any of them. Oh - John Olerud is missing, 500 on the nose.
  10. I truly think the sons are Chris Davis-bit. Which is fine for now, but it may stay that way for a decade or more. I wonder if we're going to have Chris Davis Day like New York celebrates Bobby Bonilla Day.
  11. Like OFFNY says especially with the new extra innings rule, having someone you can actually have confidence in bunting is a big asset. It's surprising just how many bunt attempts are unsuccessful; and that reinforces the sabermetrician edict never to bunt, because why bother if your chances aren't much better than simply getting a base hit.
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