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  1. Well, the good news is that they're going to get plenty of practice at it.
  2. Get him off this team. He's done.
  3. Either way, you hustle out of the box and then stop if you need to. The entire play was in front of him. No excuse really.
  4. Poor baserunning. No hustle.
  5. Worse than the starting rotation? I think the bullpen performed admirably this weekend.
  6. Immediately prior to Santander's leaping catch in RF, Thorne referred to the Orioles as the Red Sox. I honestly don't even know how that happens. Did he momentarily forget which game he was watching?
  7. Rays tied it up and it's now 4-4 heading into the 4th.
  8. ChinMusic

    Joey Rickard

    Did really need to bump two different zombie Rickard threads for the same game?
  9. Another concern for me is the Orioles success with RISP. They're been at or near the very top of the league all season thus far. Those numbers are bound to normalize as the season progresses, and with it the scoring shall decrease. Even if the team gets hot and hits more homeruns as the weather warms, I question whether it will be enough to overcome the inevitable drop in success with RISP.
  10. Is it just a slump, or is the more recent trend closer to their norm? The lack of walks and low OBP is glaring. Some of this can be masked by homerun power and instant offense, but when that's not happening it's easy to see why this lineup struggles to score runs.
  11. Thanks for posting that. I wonder if that is usually the way that works?
  12. Last night's call was awful, but the replays were far from ideal. The ball seemed to "outrun" the camera, and I can see why the call wasn't overturned in the end. I wonder what the feed looked like on Minnesota's broadcast? Typically opposing teams have their own cameras and angles that use. When the O's challenge, are both feeds accessible? Or can each team only use the angles they are personally responsible for? I've always wondered that.
  13. I don't think leaving is necessary. Even if you're not clicking on ads, you're still contributing to the site in some way. I don't mean to speak for Tony, weams, et al, bt I highly doubt they'd want anyone to leave the site over this.
  14. Looking at the big picture, Davis is fine. His overall numbers are right about where they should be. He is FAR from the biggest concern on this team. I think it's just the sheer frustration of watching him constantly take called 3rd strikes that gets everyone so riled up. I've never seen anything quite like it. I certainly don't think it's his eyesight, but I'd LOVE to know what he's telling Coolbaugh after a game like yesterday's. Perhaps he's stuck in his own head and just needs to clear his mind? He looks paralyzed at the plate sometimes.
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