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  1. I agree completely with this. I am not sure why we are obsessed with 7 pm Saturday games (and have been for years), since plenty of places with hotter weather than Baltimore have afternoon games on Saturdays when parents can take their young kids and not worry about getting them home at midnight.
  2. They don’t have to forfeit. Just stop pitching to one guy in the lineup. Walk him every time and wait until next year to throw him a strike.
  3. We tried many times....and failed repeatedly. Enough already.
  4. Do these guys look like they could “man up?” And what do you learn letting the same guy kick the crap out of you every AB? Is that good for self confidence? Isn’t it better to have a shred of success? Let somebody else serve up embarrassing records.
  5. Hahaha! Challenge him. The problem is we can’t challenge him. We are no challenge for him. Unless the challenge is not to make him laugh when he sees our pitchers.
  6. Stop.....pitching....to....Torres. man we have some stupid pitchers
  7. This entire list is ridiculous, but the worst are Torres, Frazier, Maybin, and Romine. I think they have each hit around 50% of their homers against us.
  8. I smell BS with these Yankee hitters. They should have a stat like OPS+ for a guy relative to his career stats to that point. 100 would be exactly in line with how he has done previously, above 100 is exceeding career averages, below 100 is falling below. Not sure how to measure it yet, but each of these damn hitters would be 150 or higher. Reminds me of Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small in 2005.....
  9. What are the Yankees feeding Urshela? Or any of their other, violently overachieving offensive players? These guys are redefining the concept of "career years."
  10. That is correct. The Twins pose zero challenge to the Yankees. They literally never beat them, when it counts or when it doesn’t. Mentally, the Yankees own the Twins. Check the stats since 2001.
  11. The home runs are an absolute joke. The Yankees are a good team, but they are not the 27 Yankees or even the 98 Yankees. We give up a ton of homers to people who don't seem to hit them against anybody else. What do they have, 38 homers at Camden Yards this year? Regardless of how bad we may be, or how much of a hitter's park it is, or whatever is inside of the ball, there is no excuse for surrendering this many blasts to these kinds of players.
  12. We have 7 games against New York and 6 against Boston. I would love to see us win just enough games against NY to cost them home field advantage in the AL and just enough against Boston to keep them out of the playoffs all together. And sweep the two games against Washington to help the Braves win the division.
  13. Yes. We should deploy the Nats strategy of always fielding good teams, but then failing every single October. They should try winning a playoff series sometime this century.
  14. JR Oriole

    No Statue

    In an alternate reality, Armando Benitez doesn't choke his way through the playoffs and we win the 1997 World Series we deserved to win....and Cal gets two rings.
  15. It was.....but the Os were not scoring again on that night. Totally lost at the plate and as the game went on, they got worse. Do they do O-Swing % stats by the game? I remember thinking we were clueless offensively after the 6th inning.
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