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  1. Winning a World Series once. It has been 36 years and counting since we even appeared in one, let alone won it. Just one time, being the last team standing at the end. It should not be too much to ask after all of this time.
  2. 2012 was my favorite. Ended 15 years of almost total irrelevance. Suffered zero walkoff losses until Voldemort's two homers in Game 3 of the ALCS. So many close wins. Was just a great year all around and we got as far in October as we should have. 2014, like 1997, ended so painfully that I can't count that as a great memory. We should have won the WS in both of those years and to come up short to an inferior opponent just puts a damper on my memories of those seasons.
  3. The Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills games are in New England, which makes a big difference. Although Buffalo is 3-31 against Brady, so they can’t beat him no matter where the game is played. And while the Houston game is on the road, they are 1-9 against Brady since the Texans became a franchise. He may not be the same Brady, but these teams forget how to play football every time they see the Patriots jerseys.
  4. Just based on the eye test, this is the best team in football. They are a more complete team than anyone else. You do worry about Jackson getting injured, but I think every player other than Brady (somehow, in spite of his middle age) is susceptible to injury at any given time. Just looking at the schedule, I think the Ravens will get the 2 seed. It isn't that they can't win their last 6, because they can. I just don't think New England is losing any more games. The Patriots are not the Patriots of old and their final 15-1 record will be more indicative of their fortunate scheduling (having Dallas and KC at home helps a lot, as does 6 games against a pathetic division). The Chiefs are not beating the Ravens twice, especially if the game is in Baltimore. And no other AFC team is capable of winning in New England in January. So I think it comes down to yet another Ravens-Patriots showdown in Mass. The good news is this may be the only franchise not scared of the Patriots "aura and mystique," but they will have to beat them twice. Hard to do.
  5. JR Oriole


    I think lightning in a bottle works sometimes. As great as Scherzer, Strausburg, and Rendon are, the Nats won this championship primarily because a player who made 578K this year piled up one massive clutch hit after another. They don't beat Milwaukee without Soto's base hit. They don't beat the Dodgers without his homer off Kershaw. They don't get past the Astros without his tone setting bombs off of Cole and Verlander. Obviously lots of other guys contributed, but in terms of return on investment, what Soto just delivered was unmatched.
  6. JR Oriole


    The Cardinals are the Spurs of MLB.....they are always good no matter who puts on the uniform. Daffy Duck could manage that team to an above .500 record.
  7. JR Oriole


    They won 93, but I don't know that I have ever seen a team go an entire season without having an opponent walk-off on them. I think NY beat us in extras in Baltimore in April, but we had literally zero painful losses that entire year because nobody delivered a game ending hit on us. It was amazing. That is, until the Ibanez game in the playoffs.
  8. JR Oriole


    Those Giants teams were definitely not a dominant team.....they sure maximized their window though. And Bumgarner was like the pitching version of Soto......incredibly clutch right out of the gate. It is not easy for one guy to literally carry an entire team to a championship in a sport like baseball, but David Ortiz in 2013 and Bumgarner in 2014 did just that. I realized last night that 2013 was the last time the WS champion won at home.
  9. JR Oriole


    I was 8 in 1983....too young to really appreciate winning. I think you have to at least be a teenager to truly appreciate how great winning a title is..... I can't say I am jealous of the Nats, because honestly it is just refreshing to have a new champion. In an era where New England wins just about every Super Bowl, Golden State needed injuries just to finally stop winning titles, and Alabama and Clemson simply alternate titles each year, it is nice to have a new dog at the top. I used to appreciate dynasties in sports but as I got older, I became much more of a share the wealth guy. Real fans invest a tremendous amount of physical and mental energy on their teams and I like to see that rewarded. The numbers are rapidly dwindling in terms of fanbases that deserve a title more than Orioles fans. I like to believe that at some point, we will get what we truly do deserve.....hopefully at the expense of a fanbase that has already been rewarded.
  10. I could care less if it means we actually win a title before I am dead. The Nats were a great story and Soto is the new face of baseball. Great, great run.
  11. Maybe Hinch should have asked his hitters to stop hitting the ball hard right at people.
  12. This. At home, Houston so far has been horrible in the clutch. You have to hit when it counts and they haven’t. Nats are like a fearless freight train.
  13. I agree completely. In a way, it was like 2012. The 12 team was such a fun team to follow and even though we lost Game 5 in NY, I felt like we went as far as we could that year. Just a great season that I will never forget. The 96 team was fun because we were back in the playoffs again and we spent a good chunk of that season being lousy until we picked it up in the last few months. But again, I thought NY was just a little better. In 2016, I never thought we would go anywhere in those playoffs because our team plate discipline had reached peak awfulness. 1997 and 2014 are where the most painful memories are for me. The images of the Grissom and Fernandez homers, only to be followed 17 years later by the Gordon homer and then what had to be 15 bloop base hits over a 4 game stretch, are still awful memories. We should have gone to the WS in both of those seasons, and missing our window was brutal. The only consolation was that in both of those years, the team that beat us suffered brutally painful 7th game 1 run losses.
  14. I was at Game 3. I swear in a matter of 5 pitches the game went from 2-1 Os in the 8th to 5-2 NY. The Yankees were the better team, and I don't honestly think we would have won the series even if we won Game 1. I am much more haunted by Benitez in the 97 ALCS. He was the true MVP of that series....for Cleveland.
  15. We played decently in Yankee Stadium that year. But we lost every single game we played against the Yankees at Camden Yards that season, including all three in the ALCS. We always focus on the Maier interference, but our biggest problem was the Yankees absolutely owned us in our own yard.
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