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  1. JR Oriole

    2019 New York Yankees

    Torres is going to be murdering us for the next 15 years. Dude is ridiculous. Thank goodness none of his teammates could hit.
  2. Hopefully the Nats finish this thing off today. They have gone I think 81-40 since starting 19-31. That is remarkable. The Cardinals do what they always do in October....overachieve. Thankfully, they are about to get stuffed by the much better team. This will be a really good WS matchup regardless of who comes out of the AL.
  3. Too bad the shadows had zero impact on the Cardinals when they hammered Atlanta in Game 5.
  4. Will be interesting to see how this series plays out with three in New York. It helps that the Astros already have a championship pedigree because Yankee Stadium can be a very intimidating and loud place to play. Astros just need to make sure they win one and then they would have Verlander and Cole in Games 6 and 7. Tanaka I suppose would go for Game 5. His 82 mph strikes were baffling hitters on Saturday, but maybe they will figure him out by Thursday.
  5. So maybe that reduces the number of homers, which I can understand. But why would singles and doubles go away just because the ball changed a little? Couldn't hitters still get those? Isn't the bunt still available for advancing runners? Shouldn't the sac fly (or even a ground out to the second baseman, wherever he is positioned) still be an option with runners on 2nd and 3rd with less than 2 outs?
  6. I couldn't make it up for the end of the game, but through Game 1 and the first half of Game 2, I couldn't help but wonder why Houston is struggling so much to actually plate runs. This is a good offense, right? The Cardinals are having the same problem, only scoring one run in two games because of a misplayed fly ball in center. I get that these are good pitchers, but they actually had ERAs during the season. It can't be that suddenly every pitcher is unhittable in the playoffs....especially not against good teams that have good hitters. Maybe it is a case of hitters trying to do too much, but the strike-outs are awful. Teams' refusal to play small ball and advance runners are going to eventually cost someone a playoff game.
  7. JR Oriole

    2019 New York Yankees

    What worries me is the Yankees were hammering Grienke before the game even got out of hand. They were hitting everything hard even when it was only 1-0. We will see how they do tonight against Verlander but that lineup is very healthy and very well rested bc of their scrimmage against the Twins. And Astros offense has not been great this month.
  8. JR Oriole

    2019 New York Yankees

    Yankees won 103 with everybody injured. Now they are all healthy.
  9. JR Oriole

    2019 New York Yankees

    Torres must think he is facing the Orioles this month. Now nobody can get him out
  10. 22 years since the Orioles won a single LCS game. At least one Beltway team gets the job done.
  11. Yeah I didn't remember Morris' outings in the 1992 World Series. 1993 as a World Series was more memorable of course, but what I remember most about those Jays teams were how ridiculously talented and deep they were. I was 17-18 years old then, and whenever they played the Os, it felt like playoff games. Toronto had no weaknesses. Amazing they didn't win over 100 games in either of those years, but I don't recall teams tanking like they do now.
  12. I really enjoy watching Soto. If you watch his at-bats, after each pitch he doesn't hit, he does this sort of shimmy with his lower body while staring and nodding at the pitcher. He has a very intimidating plate presence that is fun to see. Sort of like how David Ortiz was at the plate, only (somehow) more confident.
  13. The Morris Game 7 in 1991 was absolutely epic, although he was very much aided by Lonnie Smith's awful baserunning in the 8th. I don't remember how he pitched with Toronto in the playoffs, but it didn't matter because they won the Series. Winning the title cures all and that is what magnifies so much for Kershaw. I really do hope that he gets that ring at some point and plays a big part in it. Peyton Manning is an interesting comparison. Early in his career, his biggest issue was Tom Brady and the Patriots. They had some sort of mental hex on him, and it seemed like every playoff game was always in the awful weather of Massachusetts...giving birth to the "Manning Face." Once he finally got them in the Dome in 2007, he led an amazing comeback en route to the title. The Steelers had a Patriots problem also....losing to them in every meaningful game they played. It is no coincidence that both Steelers super bowl championship seasons involved avoiding New England in the playoffs.
  14. The Nats have been a very good team since 2012. The reason they are where they are this morning is they finally found an incredibly clutch, fearless stud who came up with huge hits in the playoffs when his team needed him. If any of the teams that just got ousted had middle of the lineup hitters that delivered in key spots like the ones on teams that are still standing, they might still be around. I know in some ways the playoffs can be a crapshoot, but you need your stars to deliver when it counts or you won't go anywhere. We could have used a guy like Soto in 2014 and 2016, that's for sure.
  15. JR Oriole

    2019 Tampa Bay D-Rays

    Rays did a great job. But I’m glad they lost. The Yankees path to a title was going to be too easy if they got to play Tampa. They will have to go through a real opponent now to get to the World Series. And if they do beat Houston, hopefully they get Washington and not the perpetually overachieving Cardinals.
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