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  1. I agree with this. I like the UNC-Clemson comparison, but keeping it in the MLB world, the Twins-Yankees matchups are very similar. Across the last 18 seasons, the Twins have played the Yankees 123 times in the regular season and gone 35-87 (a .287 winning percentage). Against everyone else in the majors over that same 18 year stretch: 1439-1356 (a .515 winning percentage). In the postseason, they are 2-16 against them. Perhaps the most unbelievable stat.....in the years where the Twins were an above .500 team: 19-53 against NY (.264), 974-737 against everyone else (.569). So when the Twins were legitimately good....they actually were worse against the Yankees than they were when they were bad. And these sample sizes are really significant. So while our futility against NY is borderline ridiculous, it is nothing compared to the mental hex that NY has over the Twinkies.
  2. Can we just forfeit all home games against the Yankees until 2023? What have we lost, 16 straight to them in our own park? No matter how bad you are, no major league team should ever lose that many straight to another team at home. I thought the 0 for 9 in 1996 was bad. Yeesh.
  3. I am not quite ready to say the season will be canceled. And in fact, I probably will never say it or think it until it actually happens. And if it does, so be it. While the last 5 or so months of life have been one huge disappointment and let down after another, I would rather just wait to see what happens as opposed to trying to forecast the future. As with anything, we shall see. Go Os.
  4. I think Pillar and J D Martinez would be first ballot hall of famers if they only had to face our pitching. They have spent their entire careers destroying us. So that was totally expected. 13-2 is not a great way to start things off. Hopefully it’s closer today.
  5. If he strikes out swinging, I think folks will be okay. Striking out looking.......different story!
  6. Very glad to see that this site will continue. I think we can all agree that the colors we love most are the orange and black. No matter where we stand politically, all of us on this site love the Orioles and always will. Happy Opening Day everyone......every day I can see my Os play baseball is a good day for me :).
  7. That is a nice break for the Yankees and Gerrit Cole. Soto destroyed him in the World Series last year.
  8. I think 17-43 is what we are looking at, assuming the season plays out. A lot of tough teams on our schedule.
  9. If it did, then he should have been MVP. .500 team with said player to .111 team without him. That is some kind of spread!!
  10. The 4-32 finish of 2002 is still the most impressive thing I have seen in my lifetime as a baseball fan other than the 35-5 start by the 84 Tigers. 4-32 is just incredible, especially because it happened to a team that was at .500 through 126 games! What is also amazing about 4-32 is they actually won a series in there (at Boston). I feel like the 2010 Orioles should get some recognition as well for playing their first 105 games and winning only 4 series in the process.
  11. To me, the 2018 Orioles were far more guilty of giving up. There is absolutely no way that roster should have lost 115 games. Even before they traded players, their winning percentage was pathetic. Teams with far less talent outperformed them. 2017 was a ridiculous end of the year, but the 2018 team was a total embarrassment.
  12. I agree with this. Watching the news for long enough will just wear you down completely. Hard to find optimism anywhere. I definitely miss sports, and especially baseball. As much fun as it was to watch Eddie Murray send Mark Clear's first pitch into the right field bleachers yesterday on MLB network, I have seen that sequence about 10 other times in my life so it didn't have quite the drama that live sports can bring. You find other things to take up your time because we all do, but I love the game and am anxious for it to come back. Even if we stink, I am still going to care.
  13. JR Oriole

    Eric Davis

    I remember that hit! Think it was 1998. I have been looking for it on youtube for awhile. The sound off the bat was the loudest I have ever heard.
  14. Hitters need to get in the box and stay there until their ABs are over. No stepping out, fidgeting with batting gloves, staring at the bat, thinking about everything under the sun between pitches. Take or swing at a pitch, then get ready to do it again. And pitchers should get the ball back from the catcher and be ready to take signs and throw quickly. That would speed up the game a lot and is much needed.
  15. Both the 1969 and 1979 WS losses were to teams that have taken on an almost legendary status in the history of the game. Hard to think about the years 1969 and 1979 in sports and not think about the Mets and Pirates. But at least with both of those losses, we redeemed ourselves with championships shortly thereafter. They both would have been a lot more painful without 1970 and 1983. Kind of like how I think of 1997 and 2014.....years where we should have been champions but they are super painful because no title followed.
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