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  1. JR Oriole

    Eric Davis

    I remember that hit! Think it was 1998. I have been looking for it on youtube for awhile. The sound off the bat was the loudest I have ever heard.
  2. Hitters need to get in the box and stay there until their ABs are over. No stepping out, fidgeting with batting gloves, staring at the bat, thinking about everything under the sun between pitches. Take or swing at a pitch, then get ready to do it again. And pitchers should get the ball back from the catcher and be ready to take signs and throw quickly. That would speed up the game a lot and is much needed.
  3. Both the 1969 and 1979 WS losses were to teams that have taken on an almost legendary status in the history of the game. Hard to think about the years 1969 and 1979 in sports and not think about the Mets and Pirates. But at least with both of those losses, we redeemed ourselves with championships shortly thereafter. They both would have been a lot more painful without 1970 and 1983. Kind of like how I think of 1997 and 2014.....years where we should have been champions but they are super painful because no title followed.
  4. Not Baltimore-based, but Boswell is my favorite. Even growing up in Baltimore, I never read the Washington Post as a kid and never heard of Boswell. So when I went to college in the 1990s, I remember stumbling across some baseball books at the school bookstore. I bought Cracking the Show and I could not believe how many Orioles articles there were. It was so cool reading that many stories about my favorite team while I was away from home. And he is a fantastic writer.
  5. It is a real shame for the players themselves. After watching Michigan State dispatch us on our home floor with absolute ease, I am not sure we were going anywhere in the tournament. But it really does suck for the players like Cowan and Stix and other players around the country who are not coming back to college anymore.
  6. I am pretty happy with the Terps season. No inexcusable losses, a lot of good wins, clutch end of game moments, etc. Michigan St is the best team in the conference and probably in the country (the 9 losses are deceiving), so I think we need to get to at least the conference semis and then the Sweet Sixteen. Although it has been awhile, I can't ever be too upset with the Terps. The title in 2002, the Final Four in 2001, the amazing run to the ACC title in 2004, the really good team in 2010 that lost the heartbreaker to MSU, etc. The Lady Terps title in 2006 was fantastic as well. As a fan, they have delivered. The Orioles, on the other hand, have delivered all of 3 total wins in the LCS over the last 36 seasons......a terrible ROI by every possible measure. If anything, we are too harsh on the Terps and not nearly harsh enough on the Orioles.
  7. Michigan State was the number 1 team in the country in the preseason polls and they played like that on Saturday night. They are the most talented team in the Big 10, and so after we came back and stole that game from them in East Lansing, I am not at all surprised they came out with payback on their minds and got it. Seeing how fast they were moving out of the gate and whipping passes around, I knew it was going to be hard to beat them. While there may have been areas where the Terps could have been better tonight, this to me just looked like a Spartans team that was determined to win after what happened two weeks ago. At least if we meet in the Big 10 tournament, we won't be trying for an extremely difficult three game sweep on them.
  8. Michigan St would destroy Kansas playing at this level. Can’t beat a team shooting 88% from the field no matter what you do
  9. Shooting 21% overall and 8% from three is absurd. Imagine Turge's coaching during the timeout......"can't you guys just stop missing so damn much?"
  10. I know. And it is nonsensical. These guys have played basketball for years. Everyone should be able to hit threes now. This isn't 1970 anymore. They don't have to be Curry and Thompson, but they should be able to shoot way better than they do.
  11. The threes made against us are ridiculous. How many times does someone have to come to your house and kick your dog before you get pissed off and adjust?
  12. I think it is a pretty harmless loss all things considered. I didn't see us winning out. I felt like if we could head to the Big 10 tournament at 3-2 in the last 5 games, that was fine. Very hard to beat a team three times in a season, so I like our chances against them if we meet in the tournament. I definitely don't see Wisconsin or Penn State beating us on a neutral floor. What we can't do is lose to Minnesota.
  13. I put them right there with us in terms of lack of playoff success over a sustained period of time. I have to check on this also, but I don't think any team in baseball has won fewer LCS games (3) since our 1983 run than us. Not that winning a game here or there means much. But it is pretty remarkable that two pretty storied franchises like Pittsburgh and Baltimore have been so unsuccessful in the playoffs for so long.
  14. Yup. Spot on about the As and Reds. I forget about them bc they won titles when I was 14 and 15 years old, which are prime years for a kid and his sports teams. All you have at that age is tons of time and energy to devote to your teams.
  15. I think he was on his way to the HOF prior to this. His career has been pretty impressive to this point.....especially with the novelty of a guy his size putting up these numbers. The numbers are there, the MVP in 2017, the walk off last year in the ALCS. I think he was a HOF player even before the recent trend of electing very good players, but he definitely would have gotten in under the current trend. Now, this calls some of those things into question. And I think it will hurt him in the voting when it comes time. Same thing with Beltran when it is his time. More than anything, I think the Astros just need the season to start and for games to happen. It has to be terrible spending all this time anticipating what will happen in opposing ballparks, against opposing players, etc. They just need to get out there and play and get the angst over with.... I think this season will play out like it did for the 2010-2011 Miami Heat. Nothing but anger and hatred everywhere they go.
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