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  1. Houston has made a ton of mistakes and committed horrible penalties. Tennessee basically did nothing wrong. Big difference.
  2. Hope KC comes back. Houston and Tennessee are extremely mediocre teams and neither belongs in the title game.
  3. I really think it comes down to turnovers and dropped passes. Tennessee received three turnovers, committed zero turnovers, and had all of 5 penalties for a whopping 20 yards. They didn't screw up AT ALL, which is how you win games you have no business winning. Ravens' receivers dropped an incredible amount of passes, some tough but many easy. NFL players shouldn't miss as many as these guys did last night. If the Titans commit even one turnover, that could have changed everything. They were flawless and deserve credit for it, but Henry is human and Tannehill is incredibly human and all it takes is for one of those guys to commit a costly turnover and its an entirely different situation. Henry has fumbled before and he certainly can fumble again. They are not good enough to play from behind, so if you get up 14-0 on them they are not coming back. Tennessee did a great job on the lines, but dropped passes are the fault of the players on offense, not a credit to the defense and not the fault of the coaching staff. Ravens had a great season, and this organization won a SB 7 years ago and then 12 years before that. Compared to the Orioles who have done almost nothing of any significance in 36+ years, the Ravens have been phenomenal. A couple of bad playoff exits doesn't change that.
  4. While it’s easy to blame the coaches, the players lost the turnover battle 3-0 and dropped a ridiculous amount of passes. Agree about taking the points and kicking the FG down 8, but this did not feel like a ravens win for most of the game. They just looked “off” all night. And I feel like that missed catch that turned into an INT on the Ravens first drive changed everything. You cannot give an inferior team confidence.
  5. I am primarily a Dolphins fan and I watched Tannehill do nothing for years.....I don’t believe in him and never will. The sample size is too big. But the Titans committed zero turnovers tonight and that is the way to beat a team with much more talent than you have. Hoping the Chiefs win tomorrow. A Houston vs Tennessee AFC title game would be a snooze fest and gift wrap the SB title to the NFC champ
  6. I would put 0% of the blame on the refs. This is all on the Ravens.
  7. Lamar looks like Adam Jones in October. Awful when it really counts.
  8. So I have to check the results to be absolutely sure on this, but I think Turge Maryland teams have won ONE road game against a ranked opponent (Iowa) in his entire tenure. And I think he has won ZERO games against power 5 opponents in the NCAA tournament in 20+ years of head coaching. Assuming that is right, those are incredibly pathetic stats that should honestly sink a head coach in most any other situation. He is like an NFL team that goes 8-8 or 9-7 every single year, never making the playoffs but never being bad enough to get a high draft pick to turn things around. Last night was awful. Just an incredible amount of dumb plays and an offense that you would think had NEVER seen a zone defense in its life.
  9. I accept being bad for now, but I want to see improvement in the win totals each year and I think the overall record against the Yankees and losing streak to them is ridiculous and stupid. No professional baseball team should lose 17 games in a regular season to another team, no matter how much better one may be than the other. 6-13 or 7-12, okay. 2-17 should not happen again, so I want to see that improve.
  10. So this is "rock bottom," I suppose. Interesting. I remember Maryland hitting rock bottom in 2001 after losing at home to Florida State and getting booed off the floor. That team then obliterated a ranked Wake team on the road, beat a ranked Oklahoma team at home, won at Number 2 Duke, and then destroyed ranked Virginia in College Park. Ok Turge, let's see what this squad can do after hitting rock bottom. I am expecting nothing but big wins until Feb. 15 at Michigan State.
  11. I am pretty sure that road win against Iowa last year was the first ranked opponent we beat on their floor in the entire Turgeon era. And that was very close to a loss. There is no doubt it is hard to win on the road, and beating a ranked team on their floor is obviously very tough. Look at the teams that beat Duke and Kentucky on their home courts this year.....can you imagine a Turge team doing that? And those were nobodies. Couple that with his teams total lack of success in the NCAA tournament against big conference opponents and it is really very disheartening. The whole is always less than the sum of the parts with Turge's teams, and it is really the exact opposite of what we had with Gary. I said it on another thread somewhere....the number of times this school wins a game they are not supposed to win are extremely few and far between. Just a very dull, underachieving decade for Maryland basketball. I guess it will be another winter of watching highlight clips from early 2000s.
  12. The problem isn’t just this year. Looking at his entire portfolio at Maryland game by game, where on his resume are the road wins against ranked teams? A very close win against Iowa on the road may have been it. I know it’s tough to win on the road and especially against ranked opponents, but good grief he has done it once??? Maybe he has some more against opponents who were ranked at the time (Maybe), but his career has honestly been completely unspectacular. He would be a great assistant coach though.
  13. Turge teams are the absolute best at losing road games against quality opponents. The narrative literally never changes and the sample size is definitely big enough.
  14. JR Oriole

    Gerritt Cole to NYY

    I think it is riskier for the Yankees to not sign someone like him. 10 years without a WS appearance or title for them is like 90 years for the Orioles. Their fanbase is not okay with just being really good while Boston has won 2 titles since then. They did what they had to do to keep their customers happy, which is what any good business does. And as long as Cole doesn't have to face Juan Soto in October, he should be just fine.
  15. JR Oriole

    Gerritt Cole to NYY

    They are the Yankees. $324 million to them is like $324 to us. Totally worth it as long as they win the WS a couple of times. A total waste of money if they don't. Either way, their wallets will be fine....they always are
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