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  1. I definitely get sick of the batters stepping out to adjust their batting gloves (which can't move all that much on a pitch that the batter doesn't swing at) and stare up and down the bat as if it looks any different than 10 seconds earlier. I would love to see them forced into the box where they have to stay until the AB is over. And I would love to see the pitchers get the ball from the catcher and be in their windup within a few seconds. Nomar and Ortiz used to drive me nuts with all of their fidgeting out of the box after every pitch. But I also wish teams in basketball and football ha
  2. I certainly hope we don't keep changing the timeline every year such that in 2025, we aren't here saying that we don't think the Os are looking to be competitive in 2026 or 2027. At some point, I would think even the most patient of fans would reach tilt. I would certainly sign up for the timeline above as long as what we did build is a champion. That means winning the World Series. Not showing up once every couple of decades in the ALCS and having our greatest moment in the last 25 years be an 8th inning go-ahead double in Game 2 of the ALDS. In the process, it would be nice if we won mo
  3. The front office could always just decide that this whole "competing at the major league level" thing is just too darn hard and decide to lose 110 games every year in perpetuity while trading everybody who is remotely good before we have to pay them. Then we can get some high level prospects who once they show flashes of talent at the major league level, can be immediately traded for more prospects. This can be an ongoing cycle for generations and we can eventually phase out those pesky competitive fans who care about winning games. Maybe we can get the payroll down to say $20 million per y
  4. For me, 1991, 2001, 1997, and 2014. The first two were classics, and of course the Yankees losing improbably with a 9th inning lead in game 7 was fantastic. The latter two because they both resulted in the team that knocked us out losing in game 7s.
  5. I have no doubt Manny would have made a difference in that KC series. We scored a total of 12 runs across 4 games and were outscored by a grand total of 6 runs. We had no Davis (suspension), Wieters, or Manny. The Royals had no injuries whatsoever. Pretty sure if you took away Hosmer, Perez, and Moustakas to make things even, that series would have turned out much differently.
  6. Ha! I meant the other Sox. The annoying red ones.
  7. Tampa is clearly a great regular season team. But if guys like Lowe, Zunino, and Cruz are going to be that terrible in the postseason, they are going to lose. Houston is scary good. Their offense is loaded with big time talent. Hopefully they get rid of the Sox.
  8. I know that the Red Sox starting lineup has at least six guys (Schwarber, Bogaerts, Devers, Martinez, Hernandez, and Vasquez) who have held up the trophy. I don’t think the Rays have any. How much that matters is up for debate. I personally think it matters a lot.
  9. The Rays may have been better than Boston during the season, but if you look at the Red Sox lineup that is a very deep, talented, and experienced group. Several of those guys have been key parts of World Series winning teams, and that matters when the pressure is on. Brandon Lowe really killed Tampa. I thought Adam Jones was a terrible postseason player, but Lowe is like Jones x 2. 113 ABs and an OPS in the low 4s for your postseason career is just miserable. Can’t win many series offering what he and Cruz gave Tampa in the most critical spots of the order. They really need to
  10. As good as the “Tampa model” may be, they are about to be ousted by a Sox team that is going to destiny its way to its 5th title in 18 years. Until they win an actual championship, these good regular seasons are no different than what Oakland does almost every year.
  11. I was thinking about this last week, when massively overpaid Chris Sale and Gerrit Cole gave their respective teams 3 total innings across 2 games. Then reliever Houck of the 577K salary comes in and pitches 5 extremely impressive innings to help the Red Sox come back and win that critical game. I do not think starting pitchers should command the salaries they have gotten in the past. The game has changed, and starters are not going nearly as deep in games. You just get a parade of relievers that come into games now, which makes the role of starting pitcher far less relevant than it h
  12. The D-Backs are losing 4-1 already today in the 7th. Look at their remaining schedule.....Dodgers for 3, at San Fran for 3, Colorado for 3. What game are they winning in there? They maybe finish 1 - 8 if they can get one from Colorado We are not going to finish 1 - 9. We probably win 2 alone against Texas.
  13. Only the Minnesota Twins have spent more decades bending over in total fear and submission to the Yankees than we have. So sad. And the narrative literally never changes.
  14. The 1983 Orioles took the field for Game 1 of the World Series starting Rich Dauer, Jim Dwyer, and Todd Cruz. Not every player on a playoff team has to be great. The Giants are 43 games over .500 this year with a team whose "household" names other than late July addition Kris Bryant are all in their mid-30s. Everybody else is a no-name.
  15. Arizona has gone 4-15 in their last 19 games and they have been outscored by a grand total of 30 runs during that run. And 6 of those runs came last Sunday when Seattle scored 7 runs to their 1 in extra innings. I very much doubt that we can keep pace with a team that is this good at losing. It is one thing to lose that much and get blown out of most every game, as it just means you have badly inferior talent. But when you are losing that much and most of your games are close, that takes real skill. To be worse than everyone you play (including Texas) by just enough to ensure that y
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