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  1. This guy is one of the best Orioles players ever, and is an all time great who supports the Baltimore Orioles and would do anything for them, and people are getting mad at him because he said another player was better than somebody who played on the Orioles?
  2. I am right here. I watched the game. I was wrong. I'm glad I was wrong. And I'm not too big a fan of Keith Law.
  3. You think steroids don't help players hit more/further hrs. "they just use em to stay ont he field..."
  4. The Orioles had 5 players with 20+ home runs this year. This all coming from the guy with an alternate username he uses to give himself positive reputation. Well your posts don't all have thumbs up rep on them...did the mods catch onto this, or did you just stop repping yourself from another account?
  5. I do follow baseball. That is why I think the Rangers win.
  6. The worst part of this game is-it doesn't matter if there was a 2nd wildcard spot in the AL or not for us. We would still be having this playoff. So if we lose, it is like we never made the playoffs. The cardinals at least can take refuge in the fact that they were only there because of a 2nd wildcard spot, not just a tiebreaker.
  7. Because I am an Orioles fan. I have been an Orioles fan for 9 years, and I am a loyal fan. I didn't switch to the Nats when they came right next to where I live. I have been with the Orioles through the thin and the thin. I hope I'm wrong. If the Orioles win, I won't care that I made a thread that ended up being wrong. But I am very low on the Orioles' chances tonight.
  8. Ok you're right, it was 2-7 vs the Angels and 2-5 vs the Rangers...oh yeah.
  9. If you were a betting person, which team would you bet to win?
  10. Look at their line up. Look at who they have pitching. Look at who we have pitching...somebody who gives up dingers to the Red Sox lineup. We went 2-7 vs Texas. Why would that change?
  11. I used to read this board and within 2 days of reading the board, it became obvious that El Gordo had an alternate username which he was using to give positive reputation to every one of his posts.
  12. You are joking, right? Steroids/PEDs can help you gain testosterone/strength. When this happens, you generate more force. When you generate more force when you swing a bat, the ball travels further off the bat. What do you not understand about this.
  13. zkeller97

    Congrats to the Nats

    Screw the nats. They stole Orioles fans for their team, and they stole some business and money that would have gone to the Orioles. I despise the Nationals. They are our rivals. They are the Orioles business competition.
  14. Quintanilla? Really...sheesh. What have these 14 years done to you, people? If you had one wish, would it just be for clean drinking water? Let's set our sights and goals a little higher.
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