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  1. That was one bad trade. He had the easiest matchups possible until tonight. He's not good. As I noted previously.
  2. He won the biggest game of the year to date for us. I concur.
  3. Ah, prophetic Three hits. Too bad someones boy came in and got him doubled up.
  4. Not putting it out there would be the problem. It certainly does not play into the hands of the man who did it. That is a proud fanbase and many will be disgusted by this. Adam did the right thing. The guy who did it may feel no shame, but others may be more inclined to stop the next guy. AJ was being proactive, not reactive. It would be awful if no one knew about it, imo. That is a serious issue.
  5. Actually, that is naive. There is no "reverse" racism. Your point is correct, the comment you replied to is racist.
  6. The man who did it should ring my doorbell. I'd keep him for months. Disgusting.
  7. Crowd? How many folks does it take to throw something at a man on a field? Ignorant representation of the fanbase.
  8. Im not asking a question. It was an embarrassing game for Nick. He had chances and did nothing, as usual. A far as your point, Davis crushing the same guy means something...it is the reason we won the game.
  9. Good lord, Buck. Nick third again? We cant try Davis, our most valuable bat, by far, for two games in a row? Nick had three hits yesterday which rocketed off the bat at a combined eleven mph. It was great, but it was also luck. Two grounders and a bloop ... he hasnt done anything in a long long long time, but Buck refuses to make the obvious move. Davis didn't get the big hit, but we had the man we wanted up with the game on the line last night. Nick is a laughable number three bat on this roster. Bat him lead off, bat him second, bat him fifth, sixth, or seventh. Nick Markakis is no threa
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