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  1. Not me I love the Saints.
  2. You are our good luck charm. This was our best performance on both sides of the ball against a pretty good team. Someone with money needs to fly you out here for every remaining home game and to the away games. Glad you were able to experience this.
  3. I think you should attend the Rams game. We have never been to other NFL stadiums but go to 1 Ravens game a year here in Baltimore and really enjoy it. We usually sit in the upper level in a corner end zone section and like the view. For things we miss there are the Jumbotrons.
  4. We got the e-mail today as well and liked this came out so early. I like that we have 4 months to pay it off.
  5. My reverse jinx has worked so far but still need 3 more outs.
  6. I was doing a reverse jinx and we scored a few runs not long after.
  7. The Nats has a nice run. Knew they would have trouble scoring today. Congrats to the Astro’s.
  8. The Nats are back to not hitting. I had a feeling this would happen after they scored the 7 from last night. I have to tip my hat to the Astro’s.
  9. It looks like the Nats are doing the up 2-0 and then choking. Oh well it was a nice run.
  10. To me this is one of the best WS I love both teams. I am slightly pulling for the Nats as they have been my favorite NL team since they came to DC and we go to 1 game a year plus they have never gotten this far in the playoffs before.
  11. Thankfully we held on and won it!
  12. Yes it was great to see him.
  13. After a bad start to the game we have scored 2 TDs so far in the first.
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