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  1. I am happy for the Rays as well have always liked them. I am also not crazy about either NL team but dislike the Dodgers more and the Braves have some former O’s so am rooting for them.
  2. Thank you! I could not remember we seem to have issues with beating them the last few years.
  3. Have we won any games against the Blue Jays this year?
  4. Just wanted to say it has been a pleasure sharing this season with everyone. Hoping for better next year and everyone stay safe and well.
  5. We were surprised as well. A week or so ago there was an e-mail saying there will be further info about how to get it but that was it. I really like it as well.
  6. I decided last week to start going through unmarked boxes of things in a spare bedroom that I had been meaning to for a long time and this morning it was eerie that what I selected was just about all newspapers and sports magazines featuring 2130 and 2131. I decided to look in my closet and see if I could find any shirts from this special day that I was lucky enough to be there and found one from when we attended the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction in 2007 for Cal and Tony Gwynn. I am wearing it hoping it brings good luck. I was excited to hear about Kremer staring.
  7. What a way to start off the game!
  8. I am so happy such a fan of his. Hope we play well today as we honor Cal!
  9. He should wear it like Pedro Strop used to.
  10. Who would have thought we would get 5 runs off of Cole. Hope we have a nice game tomorrow as Cal gets celebrated.
  11. He has always hit well against us.
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