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  1. I don’t mind them since our “favorites” are no longer with them. I liked how Vlad supported Trey at the All Star Game.
  2. I agree I want Boston knocked out. Could not stand both them and the Yankees getting into the wild card game.
  3. Was hoping we would get to enjoy the game a little before the Ravens begin theirs.
  4. Just as I was starting to write typical O’s 2 on 0 outs and can’t score there goes Mountcastle with a HR!
  5. I stopped watching after the 2 run HR. So glad I did.
  6. Had a bad feeling that was going to happen.
  7. They always seem to make those types of plays and/or get bloop hits against us.
  8. Why is it other managers can get as many challenges or ask for something to get looked at many times?
  9. I am so sorry to hear the news. Prayers and thoughts to all of his friends and family.
  10. So on the lower level the pretzel stand that used to be the O’s pretzel stand is still in the same spot near the playground but is just listed as pretzels and a few other items does not say O’s pretzels. They are still in the O shape and you have a choice of salt or cinnamon sugar but what they get is not marked so in case anyone else has food allergies they do not know what ingredients are in the dough to determine if safe or not. There are some ice cream stands with Dippin Dots as well that have rainbow ice and a few other flavors. We did pass by the taco stand near where the pretzels are
  11. Thanks everyone for the help!
  12. Do they still have the O’s pretzel stand and Dippin Dots? What about the Ole Mole I believe it was called?
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