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  1. We are watching the Olympics but am keeping track of the game and told my DH it is the 7th inning stretch and he played Thank God I am a Country Boy for me and DM who is over on his phone.
  2. Has anybody here been to Hersheypark within the last few months?
  3. That is so great to hear! How is he doing?
  4. It is now 18-0 Nats. Soto hit his second HR of the night. The Derby seemed to help him.
  5. They need to interview Means now and get us more runs.
  6. It’s now 12-0 Nats believe it or not Lester hit a HR.
  7. I had wondered if Cedric or anyone else listed Trey. So classy of Vlad. I also liked when he hit that ball that Max had to hit the deck for when he came over to hug him as he was walking off the field.
  8. Me too. Was also happy Juan Soto of my other favorite team made a good showing as well.
  9. So happy to hear this I was hoping he would be.
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