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  1. We can’t blame the refs for most of this. We should never have tried those 4th downs and just taken the points and all of the dropped balls and turnovers. Plus the rust of sitting people for 3 weeks.
  2. I knew they should not have gone for the 4th and should have just taken the points.
  3. I would have felt so much better if we could have scored a TD there but 3 more points is better than nothing.
  4. Yes I felt going for it was dumb until we got our rhythm and the spot on the field was better
  5. Had such a bad feeling this would happen. The Titans reminded me of us in our SB runs.
  6. Another TD!!! Let’s play like this when we come back from the half.
  7. Just as I was sending my message we get a TD! And it wasn’t called back.
  8. I had a bad feeling we were going to play horribly today. I think we were jinxed with so many people who said we were going to stomp all over them and the change in annnouncer.
  9. Not me I love the Saints.
  10. You are our good luck charm. This was our best performance on both sides of the ball against a pretty good team. Someone with money needs to fly you out here for every remaining home game and to the away games. Glad you were able to experience this.
  11. I think you should attend the Rams game. We have never been to other NFL stadiums but go to 1 Ravens game a year here in Baltimore and really enjoy it. We usually sit in the upper level in a corner end zone section and like the view. For things we miss there are the Jumbotrons.
  12. We got the e-mail today as well and liked this came out so early. I like that we have 4 months to pay it off.
  13. My reverse jinx has worked so far but still need 3 more outs.
  14. I was doing a reverse jinx and we scored a few runs not long after.
  15. The Nats has a nice run. Knew they would have trouble scoring today. Congrats to the Astro’s.
  16. The Nats are back to not hitting. I had a feeling this would happen after they scored the 7 from last night. I have to tip my hat to the Astro’s.
  17. It looks like the Nats are doing the up 2-0 and then choking. Oh well it was a nice run.
  18. To me this is one of the best WS I love both teams. I am slightly pulling for the Nats as they have been my favorite NL team since they came to DC and we go to 1 game a year plus they have never gotten this far in the playoffs before.
  19. Thankfully we held on and won it!
  20. Yes it was great to see him.
  21. After a bad start to the game we have scored 2 TDs so far in the first.
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