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  1. It’s the Bleier curse. We should not have traded him and to the Marlins no less.
  2. I had a bad feeling when Ben said yesterday we would take 3 out of 4 that the reverse or worst was going to happen.
  3. Sweep! As much as I do not like most of the teams in our division I prefer any of them over the Yankees .
  4. You knew that was going to happen after we lost an extra run we should have gotten.
  5. I keep switching back and forth between the 2 channels.
  6. OMG I can’t believe we pulled this off!
  7. Another great play!
  8. Of course they will probably figure out a way to score and we will have 3 quick outs to lose. Mostly on strikeouts.
  9. How did I know we would screw it up with a man getting moved to 3rd.
  10. I have a bad feeling a HR is coming next.
  11. I know they are usually for Fri but we have been pretty much been winning so want them more days if this trend continues.
  12. We did well wearing them bring them back!
  13. She did a great job with the first pitch. Got a little teary eyed with Trey’s message and then seeing the guys run out touching the 16 fight poster in the dugout.
  14. Unfortunately the Yankees just took the lead over the Nats.
  15. I am so relieved to hear about the OH. Thanks to Tony and the moderators for all you do. I come on here all of the time this is such a great forum!
  16. We can’t blame the refs for most of this. We should never have tried those 4th downs and just taken the points and all of the dropped balls and turnovers. Plus the rust of sitting people for 3 weeks.
  17. I knew they should not have gone for the 4th and should have just taken the points.
  18. I would have felt so much better if we could have scored a TD there but 3 more points is better than nothing.
  19. Yes I felt going for it was dumb until we got our rhythm and the spot on the field was better
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