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  1. If you are looking for Opening Day tickets without a season ticket package, I noticed that they are available on the Orioles site right now...I just searched for groups of 2 and 4, and found tickets in Section 330 behind home plate.
  2. If anybody doesn't have tickets, I noticed that there are some available as single game tickets on the Orioles site right now...I was able to find tickets in groups of up to 3 together.
  3. Looks like they are planning on playing. https://twitter.com/Orioles/status/718892701563949056
  4. Even getting the game started was slow too. At game 1 of the ALCS, there was a delay between the players being ready and the TV broadcast. Long enough for Tillman to throw to Hundley again while the jumbotron video focused on the "don't start playing yet" light.
  5. Just got my rejection email.
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