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  1. Then: I started reading OH in the summer of 2000 but didn't discover the message board until early spring '03. I was a wide-eyed 9th grader at St. Paul's--and the official stat boy for our back-to-back championship varsity baseball team, led by Mr. Steven David Johnson (he graduated one year before me: he's '05; I'm '06). Being a naive teenager, I was still suffering under the delusion that the "prospects" acquired in the great fire sale of 2000 would blossom that year and lead the O's back to relevance. Needless to say, I certainly did not foresee having to wait another nine years to see the team do so much as win 82 games. Now: I'm an aspiring math teacher fresh out of grad school. As it happens, I also did my undergrad work at the same institution as Jeff Maier (though unlike Steve Johnson, we thankfully did not overlap). I moved back to MD in June 2012 and would have to say I picked a pretty good time to come back home. I did make good on my vow to send my former employer a picture of OPACY at playoff time, along with the caption "told you so." I've also been able to develop a greater appreciation for how lucky we are to have OH over the years, especially the past three!
  2. In 2001, the last year of Tom Kelly's career, the Twins won the season series against the Yankees, 4-2. Since then, and including tonight's debacle: No AL team has a worse regular-season record against the Yankees than the Twins (21-56, .273). The next two closest teams are Kansas City (26-57, .313) and Cleveland (27-58, .318--though the 22-0 win and 2007 ALDS almost make up for that). Including the postseason, the Twins have lost nearly 75 percent of their games against NY under Ron Gardenhire (23-68, .253). Minnesota has lost in the ALDS in its last five postseason appearances; four of those losses came to the Yankees, including sweeps in 2009 and '10. Gardenhire lost his first 13 games against the Yankees overall and his first 10 in the Bronx, finally getting off the schneid in the middle game of a 3-game series in July '05. Minnesota has lost every series in New York under Gardenhire save for a four-game split in April 2012. The Yankees swept the regular-season series in 2002 (6-0), 2003 (7-0, plus 3-1 in postseason), and 2009 (7-0, plus 3-0 in postseason). The Yankees are 30-7 (.811) at home against Minnesota in that time. The only other AL team with fewer than 10 wins in New York since 2002 is Cleveland, against which the NYY are 32-9 at home (.780). Kansas City (.756) and Detroit (.711) round out the .700 level. (Interestingly, the Yankees are "only" 22-15 (.595) at home against the ChiSox in that span, their third-worst home record behind Boston (55-52, .514) and LAA (26-24, .520).) From 2004-08 Minnesota won four of six series in Minneapolis and split another (though the Twins went 3-14 in NY during that time and did no better than a 3-3 split of the season series in 2005 and '06), but the Twins have now lost four straight home series to the NYY and are 0-7-1 in their last eight series against them. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered coming off a three-game sweep at OPACY...
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