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  1. The Blade was the best defensive O's shortstop I've ever seen play with Aparicio being the next in line. I think Ripken was a great shortstop, and overall an all around better player than Mark, but defensively the Blade was awesome. So Belanger would be my pick for a favorite non HOFer. Really liked Elrod/Andy combo behind the plate as well as I loved the way Dempsey played the game. Really enjoyed watching McNally and Cuellar starting and gotta love Hall in relief. Blair - one of the best!! Many others come to mind; too many to list.
  2. I haven't been keeping up with this forum, but I ran across a picture of one of your Orioles signs. For some reason I couldn't leave you a PM so if you'd like to contact via email it is as follows: [email protected] love the O's signs, but I only have a couple.
  3. If you have vintage Orioles items I'd likely be interested. I mainly collect Brooks Robinson, but if you have any vintage signs, seats, pennants, etc. I'd like to hear about those type items. Mainly try to find displayable O's items that I can ultimately display.
  4. I was wondering, since I"m a life long Orioles fan, if members here are Orioles collectors and if so do they have a room, a display, or maybe just store Orioles stuff away. Also, I'm unsure if this is the correct section to post so let me know if this should be somewhere else. I'd love to see some pictures of your collection/s and possibly the background of your collection.
  5. <p><p><p>Would LOVE to see some of the printing plates and the handicap sign from Memorial Stadium!</p></p></p>


    <p><p><p>Mark Comer</p></p></p>

  6. <p><p><p>Thought I'd drop you a line since I believe you collect older Orioles items (hence your sign on name). While I don't really collect minor league O's items, I do collect interesting Oriole and Brooks Robinson items. I'd love to pick up some minor league stuff if and when I can afford. Would love to hear about your collection if you have time to share. </p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Take care!</p></p></p>

    <p><p><p>Mark Comer</p></p></p>

  7. I guess I would consider this "odd", or me "odd" for having it, BUT I have a Brooks Robinson game used cup....and not the drinking kind.
  8. I'd personally would like to know "why" he said what he did. Does he really believe that Beltre is the best fielder ever; I don't think so... I'm my view after Brooks there were several really good 3rd baseman that were/are better fielders than him as well. Also, I don't think bigger, stronger, faster, etc. has anything do do with it either for the defensive part of the third baseman's game. So...why mention Brooks?!?
  9. Don, Do you think when Cal said what he did he was talking about Brooks/Beltre offense or defense, or the combination? Seemed to me he was talking about defense; if he was talking about offense he could have mentioned Schmidt or maybe Brett... why mention Brooks at all?
  10. I listen to Cal the first game an just couldn't listen to him the whole game, especially after the Brooks/Beltre comment... Then this game I agree with some of you here he seemed to be more of a Yankees supporter than the O's. Again, couldn't make it the whole game listening to Cal...(loved him as a player; maybe he'll improve as an analyst). Hope the O's come out with a win in Game 2!
  11. If you didn't see Brooks play and really see and understand how he was so much better than those in the past and current players, then it doesn't seem like such a big deal to those individuals it seems. For someone who followed his career as an O's fan I take offense to the comment Cal made... I really like Cal as a player, so I'm not saying this because I don't like the guy, but it didn't need to be said and it was mean spirited in my view. If you think that's being petty and/or is drama than so be it. Also, just my opinion, it seems like he liked the Yanks more than the O's tonight in the booth; I just couldn't listen to him the entire game.
  12. Brooksie is...and was the very best at his position. Do you really think people will now be comparing current 3rd baseman and those to come to Beltre instead of Brooks... I think not. Cal didn't need to say it nor should he have said it; it makes no sense to me. Now, as far as whether Brooks cares or not; I'm sure he cares, but guarantee he's too professional to say anything about it. He'd even probably agree, like he'a done throughout the years he played and after he retired to give praise to the other players.
  13. This is my first post... I would have loved it to be in another "O's WIN" type post, but what Cal stated, in my opinion, was just wrong. For all you younger folks, sorry, but if you ever had the opportunity to see Brooksie play consisentenly the commment Cal made would make you extremely disappointed in Cal. Even if the statement was true, which is far from the truth, it didn’t need to be stated nor should it have been said. I’m like some that stated they’ve seen many great third baseman of the game play, Schmidt, Nettles, Boyer brothers, Santo etc. and none compare to Brooksie. He was and is the greatest ever; I really don’t mind the comparisons, but to state Beltre is better is laughable.
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