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  1. I know who the #2 prospect is... Who is the Orioles 2021 #1 prospect? Grayson Rodriguez 2 Adley Rutschman 18
  2. Neat to start looking at these but this one doesn't have much discussion without some changes. No chance in hell we do it with AR in there, no chance in hell they do it without AR.
  3. That's all 100% accurate. Still, the stars usually shine brightest in October.
  4. There's a reason championship teams usual have a few stars on them.
  5. Any number or reasons, starting with Elias has an enormous task and it takes time. Maybe his immediate priorities were elsewhere, maybe he wasn't sure about those guys and wanted to further evaluate them, maybe he thought they were good employees but has since changed his opinion. He may have better candidates for those jobs now that he didn't have before, possibly by promoting from within. Those guys could have expressed interest in other orgs, or doubts about this org, or got drunk at the Christmas party and hit on Elias' wife. Who knows...
  6. Considering all the Davis money, the MASN mess, Peter being on his way out... it does make you wonder about the expense and/or commitment stuff going on. That short term stadium lease with the city was not normal either. I still think it's all about Elias doing an absolute tear down and rebuild of the organization, at every level, exactly the way he wants, with the owner's blessing. I do believe there will be good FA money available when the time comes. On the other hand, I also believe there is a chance the team is going to be sold (though not moved) at some point.
  7. I won't miss the Orioles until the world series is over. On the other hand, I do miss the minor league teams already. So fun watching the kids succeed.
  8. It's time to start trying. I have no problems with how we got here but I don't want any more top 5 picks for a long time now. Spend some money, make trades, promote... whatever. Start thinking about winning at least 70 next year and competing for the playoffs in '23.
  9. Not any more. IP - 6 H - 7 ER - 4 BB - 3 SO - 3
  10. He gets one more chance from me but I'd bet against him. McKenna is only 24 so he can stick around but I'm really not optimistic there either. I'm done with Stewart. He hits righties okay but that's all he does. Can't be part of a platoon if you can't run or play defense.
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