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  1. There are a few good starter prospects and a bunch of interesting position players in the org. The Orioles have no payroll at all. FA money and trades will fill out some of the rotation. Works for me.
  2. Worst announcer ever. Good grief.
  3. That's the only path forward with him unless some GM out there really likes him and wants to overpay in the next few weeks. At least there is the possibility of a good second half. That would be very good news for the O's.
  4. I'd move Mancini and Means and some of the suggested returns look good. I'm concerned about Means' effectiveness without the sticky stuff and worry a bit about his fatigue issues. Trey likely isn't part of the long term plan here. Honestly, I like both of them off the field, too, and would like to see them play in some meaningful games.
  5. AR should have started the season in Baltimore. He's 23. People wanted to send Mountcastle down and now he's raking. You can learn at the MLB level. Get the garbage out and start playing the kids.
  6. Good because he's no 2B. The OF was a source of excitement for me this winter. Now, Hays and Santander keep right on proving they can't stay healthy. Mountcastle and Stewart are not OFs. Does anyone still believe in McKenna or Diaz? And then there's poor Heston. <insert Yaz comment here for those who want to gripe.> Amazing how we went from too many good OFs to one, and that's the guy we all thought was not very good. I hope ME doesn't respond by drafting Frelick.
  7. At least they're paying an enormous amount to suck. So there's that.
  8. We may see guys start overthrowing now without the sticky stuff, trying to get similar results to when they were cheating... so it doesn't look like they were cheating. More strain on shoulders/elbows/wrists from extra force/pronation/supination and all that. Could lead to injuries and then stupid ass excuses about poor grip. Might be what happened with Glasnow. There is a reason the ball has stitches and a reason rosin is allowed. Maybe something else could be unilaterally added to those things. What isn't needed are teams of chemists trying to turn these guys into Spiderman. Handl
  9. Reminded me of that "leave Britney alone" thing.
  10. Leiter will very likely be gone by pick 5. If not, I'd take him in a heartbeat. Rocker should be there but I'd rather have Jobe, who may also be gone. It could be something like those three, Davis, and four Shortstops in the first 8 picks.
  11. So, what, 3 games until Santander is hurt? Or is it Stewart's turn?
  12. This needs to stop now. Nice try. Good luck to you, Matt.
  13. Ripken

    Drew Rom 2021

    Zach Davies is still around. Horrid friggin trade.
  14. Maybe he recently stopped using spider tack.
  15. Yes, they did. Clemens and a lot of others. Just referring to the focus on Mac, Sosa, Bonds and the other guys constantly hitting bombs.
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