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  1. The ball looks really good coming out of his hand.
  2. Saw him play a ton at Frederick. Loudest bat I ever heard there. Worst arm I ever saw there. I wanted them to try him at second base but that never happened.
  3. He does have an extreme spin rate.
  4. You know how people like to talk about guys with great baseball names? This isn't one of them.
  5. Sure. He could be okay. I like the kid we got. With $ being split it's probably win-win, on a tiny scale. It's fine with me. Of course many Halo fans are sure he's very fixable and Bundy will repeat the 3.20. It won't happen. I just feel bad for Trout.
  6. Atlanta is certainly a spot where I see win-win trade potential. And, personally, I love Freeman and others there. Giving Trey for some prospect quality would be good with me.
  7. Meh, I'll just stick with attending Keys games again. Oh, wait.
  8. This is why Davis is still here. They have to pay him anyway but if they cut him they have to pay his roster replacement too. Sell the damn team already. The farm is improving, the players are cheap, MASN is a mess, and who knows what's up with the stadium lease. Let's move on already.
  9. Different spin rate. 😉
  10. His spin rate was too high.
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