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  1. Was he wearing an Astros shirt?
  2. All the key young guys (Mount, DJ, Hays, Akin, Kremer, bullpen, etc) doing well... and 6 losses.
  3. Gaus was a money dump (Atl took DOD, too).
  4. Works for me. Nunez and Ruiz aren't things. We all love Trey... but who knows what happens there. Plenty of other OF options and RM started as an infielder anyway.
  5. @masnRoch - Ryan Mountcastle taking ground balls at 1st base before batting practice #orioles
  6. That should have been the goal of the entire season.
  7. Tank time. Good thing we kept Chris Davis.
  8. Because you can only find good players in the first 10 picks? Aren't people excited by the two kids we took 5th and 6th this year?
  9. Ripken

    Real/not real?

    Real/not real? For a moment there, I was expecting an entirely different kind of thread.
  10. Peter Angelos was an abomination.
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