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  1. Least surprising injury ever. The guy's arm looks like it's going to explode on every pitch. That new contract was supremely dumb.
  2. This will get worse into early April and start to subside after. A short spring training in late June and an 81 game season starting in July (so I said June in the poll). No ASG.
  3. Baseball, at least for April, is in serious jeopardy. There is no chance the schedule is played in full, with fans. Where things stand a month from now will determine the rest. The NBA is out. The NHL will make the same announcement today. I have serious doubts the NCAA tournament will still happen. Everything is shutting down. MLB will follow.
  4. We'll probably just release Rutschman outright.
  5. Yeah, possibly. Mountcastle is not a bad athlete but he doesn't throw well. I wanted them to try him at 2B for a while, since he started out at SS/3B. I think he could become a solid LF. That bat though, loudest MiLB bat I ever heard.
  6. I have no doubt he'll hit. Be great if he can do something else useful.
  7. Infield (7) A decent guy - 3 Meh guys - 2 guys well below average - one awful guy Outfield (4) Hope - possible repeat hope - not good - not good at all Catchers (2) Serviceable - not a prospect guy Starting pitchers (5) Cobb, Means, Wojo, here to get hammered, guess he's not healthy at all guy Relief pitchers (8) Harvey - should have traded him - 3 below Meh - 2 really bad - 1 not here
  8. When guys like Markakis and Trout are speaking out that strongly, you know MLB seriously screwed this up. I called Manfred a coward the instant he said no players would be punished. This is an awful situation and it is not going away.
  9. A hair that's tough to split. I have been adamant from the beginning I felt the punishment to the org, essentially 4 picks, is embarrassingly light, while not punishing the players is shameful and risks damaging the game. That said, had both been done properly, not having several of your regulars for a season sure would hurt the franchise, no?
  10. I've seen Hall pitch a few times. If he can find the strike zone more often he could be very good. Stuff is legit.
  11. Over/under on Yankee wins in 2020? 135?
  12. A - The most important aspects were establishing a presence in the LA market, integrating modern teaching and analysis, and getting the org on the same page from top to bottom. We had no structure before and now we do though it has to continue growing. He got AR at 1/1, not that it was a hard decision, but I love that draft. Beyond that, I didn't care much (there are a few exceptions) about who is on the OPACY field in 19 or 20. I will start caring next season.
  13. Straightest fastball ever. I had hopes for him once but have no desire to ever watch him pitch again.
  14. Yep. I've been to all of them and Flying Dog more times than I can count. There are breweries and distilleries all over Frederick.
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