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  1. That was mostly tongue-in-cheek. I know what's happening here and approve, despite not liking how Villar was handled. The kids are all lottery tickets and Bundy needed to go. I think Givens is next. Mancini may stay the years but who knows. I like the franchise building aspect of sports but it's still not a fun time. I hope the winning gets here sooner rather than later.
  2. Yeah, but his previous injuries have limited his effectiveness and I worry about the longevity of anyone who's had TJ surgery.
  3. Let's see here... we got rid of a very replaceable and disappointing part, who's all but guaranteed to break again, for several kids who will need a miracle to have any major league future, while the owner(s) saved another $5M that will likely not be invested back into the organization. Not exactly feeling the Orioles Magic.
  4. Maybe he'd be willing to pay the Orioles to play here.
  5. He can go north with me. 50 wins might be out of reach.
  6. Dumped Villar for nothing. Alrighty. I hope they aren't expecting to see me at Camden Yards this year.
  7. I hate the Villar move... though I'll wait. Otherwise I love Elias. Trust him completely.
  8. Why are we playing poker? He could have gotten that return without the release.
  9. It's a horrid decision. First one from Elias that I absolutely hate. Inexcusable. Wake me in 2022 because they certainly don't care about me as a fan prior to that point.
  10. Frederick supports the Keys well, it's a good little stadium, and the Keys are successful. Be a mistake to mess with that.
  11. Hate it. And it's the sort of play dictation that can lead to outlawing the shift and other stupid things.
  12. I was at the Billy Joel concert. Like most stadiums the acoustics were not great but it sure looked neat. Whatever makes money I guess.
  13. It's not important, and I love Hall and GrayRod but, after seeing them both, I like Hall a bit more. He doesn't have the greatest command - that is true.
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