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  1. Wow, I can't believe I'm "defending" this sad group but I'll guess 1988's 0-21 team was probably worst.
  2. So we lived in Arbutus from 1982 to 1985 (high school years for me) and I of course became a lifelong Orioles fan thanks to the down to wire '82 and championship '83 teams. We moved to Texas in 1985 and I've been in Houston (HoustonOrioleFan!) for 22 of the last 32 years. So I like the Astros, Craig Biggio is my all-time favorite non-Oriole, etc. My point is the 2017 Astros at 60-29 are hard to ignore…the accumulation of young talent (Altuve, Springer, Kuechel, McCullers, Devinski, Correa, etc.) from roughly 2012 to 2015 plus a top ten farm system is incredible... Then I think "wait a minute, the accumulation of young talent - Steve Barber, Boog, McNally, Motormouth Blair, Davey Johnson, Blefary and of course #22 (I'm sure I've forgotten others) from roughly 1961 to 1965-ish was also incredible…and -proving history repeats itself - the '17 Astros are on pace to win 108-109 games like the '69/'70 O's... So all these threads here whether to completely rebuild or not plus well-respected Frobby's "baseball is supposed to make me happy" thread have me convinced in a complete rebuild with the goal being long-term (i.e. young talent) sustainable success…so trade Machado, Britton, whomever for young talent….Obviously no guarantees (it has to be done right) but the rewards could be incredible…Houston is, rightfully, buzzed about the Astros…it doesn't mean they'll win the World Series, but they will be incredible and fun to watch for several years. When was the last young/talented Orioles team? '96/'97 was overwhelming veteran-led…Why Not '89 was fun, but now proven frankly not to be that great a young team (weak AL East with Toronto's 89-win title)…Even '79-'83 was more veterans, right? More knowledgeable posters will correct me, but I think the 64-66 Orioles were the last (only) young/super talented Orioles team that came into their prime together…sure "old" (he was 30…thank you stupid Reds GM whose name I have forgotten) Frank Robinson put us over the top, but that team was young and so good…must have been incredible!!
  3. Spoiled would be 1966-1974 Orioles or 1979-1983 Orioles....these past five years have been mildly successful but not a "golden era" period...
  4. I don't like hearing (Harold Reynolds and others) about a precedent that the CY should go to a starter....last three AL relief pitchers to win were Eckersley (1992), Hernandez (1984) and Rollie Fingers (1981).....too lazy to look up, but I assume they were dominant.....Zach's 47 for 47 and sub .5 ERA....dominant!
  5. Not really on point with thread, but I recall how - during the Dark 2000s - it seemed every team had - literally - bigger, stronger players than us at homer-friendly OPCY....Glad to see we at least built a team more in line with our home park.
  6. Holliday's reaction.message thanking the Cardinals and those awesome St. Louis baseball fans was classy....I wonder if weighing a guy's character should be more a consideration in signing these huge contracts? Does Holliday at 36/37 have anything left to hold down right field?
  7. As much as the starting pitching (Ubaldo) has been criticized most of the season, this September stat is truly a remarkable surprise. Don't want to jinx anything, but I am so incredibly proud of this team right now.
  8. Alright, ESPN will have us ranked behind Texas, Cleveland, Boston, Toronto and 2 spots ahead of the Yankees in the next power rankings...Yippee!
  9. My sister and I were at a spring training game in Sarasota in 2014...Miguel signed a ball for my sister (and signed for others) with a big smile on his face...didn't have to say a word....we all liked him....humble and the Nick Adelhart glove tribute....class act Gonzo.
  10. I see other stories about Y. Cespedes driving a different expensive vehicle to Mets' camp every day. Then you have Caleb. Salt of the earth is right. Flash forward 20 years....Cespedes will be another athlete featured on a "Millionaires Who Blew All Their Money" article while Manager Caleb Joseph will have signed a brand new 3-year $75 million extension after leading the Orioles to their 2nd consecutive World Series title (or alternatively, we'll read about him in a "Where Are They Now" article being a successful businessman or teacher, etc.). What a good guy.
  11. I really disliked "Disco" Dan Ford....he struggled for the O's and DeCinces goes on to have a great year for the Angels.... (Sidenote: if someone starts a "Least Appreciated Oriole of All-Time", I would also vote for DeCinces) Sidney Ponson (although I so much wanted to like him....one of my good friends is Aruban)
  12. http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/13823535/brooks-robinson-auctioning-memorabilia-charity 100% of the money will go to his and his wife's charity....a generous act by an exceptional human being, on and off the field. Eh, so we finish .500 this year. Doesn't seem so disappointing today because we still have #5 to treasure.
  13. Also with a win, Tillman finishes 11-11 to somewhat salvage a disappointing season.
  14. AJ is a bargain at $13 million for the production, defense and leadership he brings...at least we have that....Bobby Bonilla's $.5mil deferred is baffling to an average fan like me.... Great job Wildcard.
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