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  1. Explain to me how a 'Don't Tread on Me' has anything at all to do with Martin's shirt and I'll consider answering that question. By the way.. the Baltimore Orioles themselves released an official statement in STRONG support of the very thing that Austin Martin, and damn near the whole world at this point save for a few, is taking a stand against right now. Are you upset about that as well? What baseball game did Austin Martin disrupt you from watching with his shirt that has been loudly supported by both the Orioles and the MLB? If we really want to nitpick and project unfairly on these guys, maybe it's a red flag that Kjerstad came out and said "I'm going to be an impact player for sure..." One could argue he sounds a bit cocky, like he's already got it all figured out. Apologies in advance to @Tony-OH and @weams because this is all clearly leads to political discussion, but I thought the characterization of Martin here was much too unfair to leave it alone.
  2. Couldn't agree more @Frobby. Seems like an excellent kid. Judging Martin as "a fella like that" and comparing him to other players who come from "excellent families" all because he wore a t-shirt supporting black athletes and Americans is troubling to say the least.
  3. That's great and all until you consider that their revenue has been practically zero. I think they'd rather pay the man if it meant making money again.
  4. Some might say talented 😉
  5. Baumann, Lowther, kremer, harvey, wells, Akin. It's consider that a fair amount of talent. Not that I wouldn't love to have even more, but it's decent depth
  6. I'd quibble with this point. I think pitching depth is an area of strength for our system. Certainly wouldn't say devoid of talent even if you take away the two top guys.
  7. LOL. Show your work, please. How the hell did you come up with this equation and why aren't you working in someone's front office? Player development isn't linear. It never is. This is why nobody can have a real discussion with you about the draft.. because you really think it's this straightforward.
  8. So you read one Fangraphs opinion on Mayo that says he thinks Mayo ends up in RF (which, by the way, was a rather positive take on Mayo's potential), and you latch on to that because it fits your narrative. It's just not that simple. Other reports say he has one of the best arms of the whole draft and great athleticism.. he could stick at 3rd. He's drawn comps of Austin Riley for his ceiling. Or maybe he has the tools to play an excellent RF. You don't decide to not take a guy just because you have other OF prospects.
  9. I say B. My thought is they traded Martin, a consensus top guy, for Kjerstad and the chance to sign the last two high school picks who are apparently well overslot. It's a risky strategy, but I'm excited by the fact that they have the stones to try it. And who knows.. maybe they weren't as in love with Martin as many were? Apparently the Marlins and Royals weren't
  10. I'm willing to wait and see what happens, especially with the next few picks... But I'll say it's an extremely tough sell to a fanbase who just endured the past two seasons that we have to not take the consensus top talent available and instead take this guy. It's just hard to swallow after thinking to yourself "at least we'll have a top 2 pick" over and over again after every on-field disaster last season
  11. Misogynistic, huh? I won't ask you to point out the misogyny in my post, because I'm 1000% sure you don't know what that word means. You are totally incapable of holding an adult conversation. Like seriously.. your primary reason for existence here is to virtue signal about whatever random peripheral issue that you find in others posts. You spew nonsense, get dunked on, then Cry racism/misogony/victimhood over and over again and nauseum. Up until this point the only reason you haven't been on my ignore list is that you're wildly out of tune opinions provide me entertainment.
  12. How many teams does he women's soccer league have? How much money are they making? If MLB had similarly low payroll with similarly few players, then they would have had a deal already as well. MLB and NBA were already nearing the end of their regular seasons, meaning the bulk of their salaries have been earned/paid. BIG differences in both cases. The women's soccer comparison is just hilarious
  13. I believe they're closer than what they're publicly portraying. I think they both know they can't afford to lose an entire season. They're already down the path of logistics. It's purely a money issue, regardless of the posturing that takes place through the media. Also whatever women's soccer is doing is beyond irrelevant. Not interested whatsoever.
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