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  1. It's like your didn't bother to read either of my posts. I gave you the answer. Things aren't as black and white as you want them to be.
  2. eh, it's not as simple as just the parts you bolded. Someone on the O's probably sees it as careless on Morton's part given that he hits guys fairly often and hit another batter in this game. I'm not saying I agree with it, though. Especially in that spot.
  3. they know it wasn't intentional... but Morton hits a lot of guys. And when one of your guys gets hurt because Morton "isn't afraid to pitch inside", sometimes you retaliate.
  4. I think Renato's days as an Oriole are drawing to an end, if I had to guess. I'll be sad to see Nunez go. He'll be one of the faces that I long remember and associate with this era of Orioles baseball. The band of cast-offs that could... or couldn't. Mostly couldn't, but he was definitely fun to watch when he was hot.
  5. Hopefully the grounds crew is hard at work prepping the tarp for a well-timed malfunction if-needed.
  6. DJ is the kind of guy who could get an appreciable bump in his stats of you had a robo-ump.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Most local broadcasts are doing the same thing.. And this is MASN we're talking about. The national telecasts do it as well. Keep a close eye on it next time... It's completely static from batter to batter.
  8. I don't care if it was Tim Tebow he was taking ABs away from... It would still be awful. Anyways, it's pretty moot since, as you said, he would never agree to it anyways.
  9. It's okay if you're trying to see if a ball was off the plate, but if you want to judge high or low you'll have to use your own two eyes and better judgement.
  10. Nope.. it's a static graphic and thus isn't accurate. It doesn't adjust to the height of each individual batter, as the strike zone does. It's stupid and distracting and I wish I never had to see it again.
  11. I wish someone would tell Ben McDonald that the white box on the screen isn't actually the strike zone
  12. He's not costing much right now. If you believe that health is his issue, then what's the downside in continuing to give him a shot? If he gets hurt, he goes on the IL and we've got plenty of guys who need to get an opportunity. Way early to give up on him at this point.
  13. Chris Davis will die a rich man if he never sees another penny from the O's. I don't think he would play out his contract in that kind of shame. At some point a man's gotta have pride. Also, I can say with near-absolute certainty that he cannot hit AAA pitching.
  14. I think most assume that he would negotiate a buyout before doing something like that. He's already publicly contemplated retirement... I can't see him going through those motions. Plus, I think I would be even more pissed if he were stealing innings in Bowie and Norfolk. That would be beyond terrible at this stage of the rebuild.
  15. Well, I did find it interesting that you took @Camden_yardbird 's post to be an accusation against you, but regardless, there's a middle ground here. What you said above is true... They both had prior opportunities to earn regular roles and failed. What yardbird said is also true... Some people were quick to write them off completely as non-players because of those prior failures. The truth is that, in both cases, this is not an uncommon development curve for a young ballplayer. Talented young players often struggle. Sometimes they struggle multiple times before putting it tog
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