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  1. It's not about where the player is from. You don't just give out that kind of money to a prospect just because you can afford it. If our scouts didn't like the Mesas enough to outbid Miami, then they made a great decision (though I'm not convinced that money was the deciding factor. May have just been dumb luck for us). You asked "why not?" I gave you a plausible reason why not Again, I'm not arguing wether they can afford it. But you don't just spend for spendings sake. What if the money not spent on prospects that they don't believe in can go towards an Orioles facility in the DR? We don't know... But they're not going to be foolish and write millions of dollars in checks to prospects they don't like just because they have the pool. We have a reason to believe Elias wants to continue spending this year's pool, so we'll see what happens.
  2. I wasn't addressing whether or not they could afford it. The question was why not give our full remaining allotment to the Cuban pitcher coming available. They shouldn't spend it just because they can. I can think of several reasons why not spending the full allotment could be the best option.
  3. Not so anonymous since we know it was the O's team... but either way that's kind of my point. There could be a multitude of good reasons why we shouldn't just throw the rest of our pool at this guy.
  4. I'm all for it. Was just offering an opinion to the question of "why not" offer the full remainder of our slot to what anonymous scouts equate to a second round talent.
  5. Or, we could spend it on other organizational needs. It's not actual money. Clubs still spend their own money on these signings. I'm not opposed to signing more guys, but it would be pretty dumb to through a few million at a guy just because we have the pool and he's the best guy remaining.
  6. What if our scouts aren't high on him? Should we throw $2.5 mil at him just because we still have the allotment? Remember the pool is not actual money... just the ability to spend it.
  7. Not to mention your corporate experience means jack squat when it comes to a professional sports organization. Not even remotely comparable.
  8. I'm hoping that there are far greater moments in store for them to come. That would be a pretty sad reality if an ALDS win was their biggest O's memory. But I think we're straying very far away from what my Central point was. Regardless, the 2014 will not be considered as one of the great Oriole clubs to anyone with internet access.
  9. I'll always remember it... But I'm betting it will never make their rotation of in park promotions when they need an attendance boost. It's not that I don't think it's worth celebrating, but it won't be. Maybe because it ended in disappointment. I thought they were better than that Royals team and it just didn't show for whatever reason.
  10. I think I made it pretty clear what I found humorous. I think there can be bits of humor found within unfortunate situations.
  11. We have different definitions of success it seems. To me, getting the Gentlemen's Sweep in the ALCS doesn't rise anywhere close to say... the World Series squad of 1983. Not in the same universe. They were a really good team.. not a great team. Not a team that anyone outside of Baltimore will remember. Context is important here. I'm fully on-board with Elias plan, which includes tanking. But if you tank.. and never get further than the ALCS as a result... that's a big failure. Tanking should result in more than just three seasons of postseason fodder, one of which was a wild card one-and-done. You're putting the fans through way too much to not come up BIG
  12. When you're using the word "championship".. it's very relevant. If we look back at the Elias era and find that they never produced a team to at least match the successes of 2012 and 2014... We will call it a failure. I don't see how anyone could argue otherwise.
  13. Great, great moment for me... But you can't say it's "as good as any season of the distant past" with a straight face. You won't ever see a stadium promotion centered around that moment/season. And Delmon Young being a turd of a human being doesn't help either, as much as I love that moment still. Maybe they were talented enough to win it all that year, but they were nearly swept in the ALCS. To me, that was a big letdown... Too big to call them "championship caliber".
  14. The impression I get is that Surhoff had the kind of ambiguous consultancy job title that organizations typically get rid of first doing a re-org. Could be wrong, but I'm not too familiar with that job title. Regardless, I am sad that he's getting the boot. Surhoff is someone who clearly loves the Orioles organization and whose heart will always be in Baltimore. I'll never forget his emotional press conference upon being traded to the Braves. Men like Surhoff are few and far between for a franchise with the O's recent history.
  15. Surhoff comes off like the grumpy Old Guard of scouts as portrayed in the Moneyball film. I've always liked Surhoff, but I found it humorous. As a younger fan who's never rooted for a championship caliber O's team, I've grown to lament the endless pumping up and promotion of the great teams and players of Baltimore's distant past, with post-prime Cal being the only one I have any personal memories of. I'm mostly jealous that there are no moments that are seen worthy of celebration that feel like I can call my own. Only exception would be the streak, which barely feels like a baseball accomplishment to me as time goes by. What I'm trying to get at is.. the Oriole way died a long time ago, and it feels way past due to me for the franchise to start anew and stop clutching so tightly to a past that almost feels like a taunt to those of us who can hardly imagine such a successful baseball club. I get that these promotions are the only thing that gets the aging Orioles fanbase to come out these days given the on field product... And I do think that the club's history is important and worth celebrating ... But it feels so refreshing to see this regime come in and show a commitment to doing things a completely new way. I'm ready for my own Oriole Way.
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