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  1. Talking about the Mesa Bros? They weren't the top players, they were just late to defect for the signing period, so they were the only ones left to be considered true prospects... Not to mention a recent defection means they had no prior relationships or agreements with clubs. Most well regarded prospects are not up for grabs at that point in the process.
  2. Personally I was resigned to the thought that the O's would never be serious international players, so it feels like a dream to even be mentioned in articles like this. Encouraging that Elias and Perez seem to be working toward fulfilling their promises in this area. A very positive sign.
  3. It's really not naive at all. They both had almost nothing at all to do with day-to-day strategies of the big-league club. It's actually a stretch by an objective standards to assume that they were contributors to the sign-stealing scheme. Whether they knew about it... maybe. But I don't care. For all we know, that may be the primary reason that Sig left the org without another job offer in hand.
  4. How about refusing to change up your approach while being one of the worst hitters in the history of Major League Baseball. Is that a chump move? One that losers make? Just plugging away and collecting that check. None of us started out rooting for him to fail... but he's shown himself to be disinterested at-best in his own success from where I'm sitting. Knowing when it's time to move on is a very noble endeavor... one that winners know how to execute.
  5. Exactly...any good manager in any industry can BS a topic and sound like he's giving you something .. DD may as well have been reading the day's lineup card word for word every time he opened his mouth.
  6. I'm not saying that it's not messed up... but I am saying people should think a little harder about where to direct their anger. Just because the leak was unauthorized doesn't mean that law enforcement isn't culpable here.
  7. He can be pleased with what the $5 million has gotten them and at the same time be looking for more opportunities. They've signed additional players in recent months I believe. Also I'd imagine there is a much softer market for leftover slot $ at this point in the signing year and as @Frobby mentioned their official position is that they are still evaluating the market for potential pick-ups.
  8. It's Goofy with a capital G that some posters here find ways to whine about what the O's are currently doing in the international talent market despite following the team on an every-day basis.
  9. Not to mention... their source was most likely the authorities themselves anyway.
  10. Have you seen the back of his baseball card?
  11. Was Alberto not a solid "under the radar" signing? Picked up from the garage bin and came within one good week of contending for the batting title. He's not a star nor a difference maker.. but he sure was a big help to last year's club and will be an interesting piece to watch this year.
  12. I could have gotten an entire row of tickets at face value for last year's opening day.. any of us could have. If you want to go to O's opening day, and you can do it with no hassle and for below face value if you know how to peruse stub-hub for good deals. It's not a very hot ticket right now.
  13. Perhaps they are still under your radar?
  14. Well, @Luke-OH's salary had to come from somewhere.
  15. I think you're misunderstanding how the pool money works. It's not an allowance given to the O's.. every dollar spent comes from the O's pockets. If they don't spend the rest of their pool, then the O's keep that money.
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