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  1. It took about a week for them to stop discovering new positive cases on the Marlins. It's not as simple as just sending in the replacements and hoping that no one else has it.
  2. Going to disagree on that if you're referring to strike 3... That's a pitcher's pitch if I've ever seen one. Best-case is you fight that pitch off.
  3. I don't think we have an "addition by subtraction" situation going on here, unfortunately. Other than Davis.
  4. Strike one was a decent pitch to hit. Strike 3 was... Not.
  5. Velazquez gives me serious Brandon Fahey vibes.
  6. I tried buying one from the online shop but apparently they aren't shipping right now
  7. I don't subscribe to the health rule.. I believe in the win rule
  8. Hyde: "6 innings is more than enough, don't you think? We're dealing with a global pandemic here."
  9. Every time.. also just called our manager "Brandon Fry"
  10. Garceau is having a hard time in that booth.
  11. Hit em with Brach, O'Day and Britton and let's call it a night
  12. For several reasons.. it's just not as simple as sending in 18 jabronis from a taxi squad and soldiering on... It's taken us a week just to figure out who all is infected on the Marlins.
  13. I've given up guessing what's going to happen at this point. Looks like MLB wants to try to push through this incident and cross their fingers that it's a Marlins-only thing. O's are going to be 4 games behind with pretty much no good way of making it up, and the Marlins will possibly be 6-10 games behind best-case. It's getting weird very quickly
  14. I believe we're the only team in the division to wear black jerseys. I like them better than the greys (which does not appear on the Oriole at all). They're unique.
  15. Eduardo Rodriguez would probably quibble with you that death isn't the only negative outcome here....
  16. Have you also noticed teammates mobbing and hugging eachother in the dugouts after big home runs? I've seen it on at least two separate occasions, complete with broadcasters commenting on how it appears that the protocols are already going out the window.
  17. That's a bit misleading from Heyman... we're literally just now learning of the outbreak this morning.. and there's no way for us to know just yet it it's truly "confined" to just the Marlins. They are almost certainly circling the wagons to have a "serious" discussion as I type this.
  18. I bet Manfred wishes he would have gone Adam Silver.. we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.
  19. Phillies vs. Yankees aint happening tonight... book it. Do any of us really trust Manfred/MLB to pull a rabbit out of their buttholes to save this season?
  20. IF they do find a solution to continue the season.. you can bet your behind that some players who were on the fence about playing before will be dropping out.
  21. Friendly reminder that these players are going back to their families at night and are free to move about their communities. How arrogant and idiotic that MLB and MLBPA could not work out a bubble site or at least an enforceable set of rules.
  22. It's either taxi squad or pull the plug on this thing. MLB can't have teams cancelling two weeks worth of games that they can never make up.
  23. Then why did they cancel the game? It seems that the Marlins aren't able to put an adequate roster together. Are they going to just cancel all Marlins games for the next two weeks? Very interested to see if they try to play any of these games the next two days.
  24. This is... very bad from an MLB perspective right now. I know that the mods don't wan't COVID talk... but this clearly affects baseball, and the way that teams are behaving in the dugouts (which is likely extending into their chartered flights) means that this will probably keep happening and the season is officially in jeopardy because of it.
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