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  1. How about refusing to change up your approach while being one of the worst hitters in the history of Major League Baseball. Is that a chump move? One that losers make? Just plugging away and collecting that check. None of us started out rooting for him to fail... but he's shown himself to be disinterested at-best in his own success from where I'm sitting. Knowing when it's time to move on is a very noble endeavor... one that winners know how to execute.
  2. Exactly...any good manager in any industry can BS a topic and sound like he's giving you something .. DD may as well have been reading the day's lineup card word for word every time he opened his mouth.
  3. I'm not saying that it's not messed up... but I am saying people should think a little harder about where to direct their anger. Just because the leak was unauthorized doesn't mean that law enforcement isn't culpable here.
  4. He can be pleased with what the $5 million has gotten them and at the same time be looking for more opportunities. They've signed additional players in recent months I believe. Also I'd imagine there is a much softer market for leftover slot $ at this point in the signing year and as @Frobby mentioned their official position is that they are still evaluating the market for potential pick-ups.
  5. It's Goofy with a capital G that some posters here find ways to whine about what the O's are currently doing in the international talent market despite following the team on an every-day basis.
  6. Not to mention... their source was most likely the authorities themselves anyway.
  7. Have you seen the back of his baseball card?
  8. Was Alberto not a solid "under the radar" signing? Picked up from the garage bin and came within one good week of contending for the batting title. He's not a star nor a difference maker.. but he sure was a big help to last year's club and will be an interesting piece to watch this year.
  9. I could have gotten an entire row of tickets at face value for last year's opening day.. any of us could have. If you want to go to O's opening day, and you can do it with no hassle and for below face value if you know how to peruse stub-hub for good deals. It's not a very hot ticket right now.
  10. Perhaps they are still under your radar?
  11. Well, @Luke-OH's salary had to come from somewhere.
  12. I think you're misunderstanding how the pool money works. It's not an allowance given to the O's.. every dollar spent comes from the O's pockets. If they don't spend the rest of their pool, then the O's keep that money.
  13. I think the front office's actions over the past year have shown us they agree with you on this. It was our most significant international draft class ever and their statements before and after give every indication that this was only the beginning.
  14. Here's an even better deal... Get NO plan.. and buy great seats for OD at face value from the O's or below face value on Stubhub. BYOB (bring your own beanie), though.
  15. He doesn't care.. he prefers a 65 win team with bottom-tier farm system.
  16. Maybe they can discontinue the divisional standings flags on the flag court until further notice. Make them all O's flags... Or one giant O's flag... OR raise one flag for every Chris Davis HR
  17. It's hard to get high ceiling prospects in return for a back of the rotation starter, I'd imagine.
  18. I'm fully on-board. This is the flavor of rebuild that this org needs if we want to compete sustainably in the AL East. This is the way...
  19. Do you actually believe this?? I think you might benefit from taking a step back and just seeing how this all shakes out. You might be surprised.
  20. I don't think the premise is very different. JJ was traded for whatever we could get because we didn't want to pay him his arb number, which would be the same thing happening to Villar. You can make a very reasonable case that Villar is a regression candidate for 2020. Like @weams mentioned.. nobody bit at the trade deadline last year when he was cheaper and having a career year, which I think is telling. Milwaukee practically handed him to us. It seems that we value him on this board much more than other league execs do. But like I've said three times now, I'm not trying to bash Villar or shoo him out of town. I'd be just fine if they decided to keep him and pay his arb salary. I'm just pointing out that it's not some egregious baseball sin to non-tender him. It's a reasonable alternative.
  21. If you think trading Villar for scraps is a good idea (which is the same thing as "cash dumping" Jim Johnson, btw), then non-tendering him really isn't a big leap from there and it likely has the same end result. My point in all of this has been that non-tendering Villar to save money isn't some preposterous outcome. It's very defensible, and it's possible that no other team wants to touch him at his arb-salary while giving up anything of potential future value in return.
  22. It's been reported just recently that the team is currently looking to upgrade to their infrastructure in the international scouting department on top of the slew of dedicated scouts they just hired for this very purpose (in addition to the largest/most substantial J2 class in O's history). These are the types of projects that I would expect that $10M to go towards. And I know you didn't dispute the other point that I made, but I'll follow it up anyways by saying that with a higher draft slot they have more options to select players that they value the most. There are several good reasons to not spend $$ just because you can afford it.
  23. Yelich is praying that nobody takes a look at his home/road splits.
  24. This is fantastic news to read.. confirming what many of us have known to be true of ME's plan and efforts. It's so nice to be competent.
  25. That's easy (and obvious).. potentially higher draft position and $10 million that can potentially be spent elsewhere. Or non-tendering a good ML player because you believe you can get similar production at a fraction of the price (which isn't an unreasonable position to take on Villar next year, imo). Just because your payroll is low doesn't mean you're in a position to make $10 million mistakes.
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