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  1. What's hilarious is that in the Baseball Reference 2020 Simulated Season, Santander has a 1.149 OPS and has the second highest WAR in baseball. The Orioles are also 3-8.
  2. I would say the difference is that the gap between the historic 2016 Britton and 2016 Ubaldo is significantly wider than the gap between 2012 Johnson and 2012 Strop. Also Vizquel(? I think it was him) made contact with that ball and it was foul. The "steal of home" by Grissom was BS.
  3. Bedard also forced two double plays in that game, so he faced the minimum 27 batters.
  4. It's really a bummer that no TV footage of the 1969 ALCS survives, or even audio. I was born way too late for it, but look at the play by play for Game 1 and tell me it wouldn't be considered one of the greatest ever postseason games if it had happened later in the TV era. -HRs by all-time greats Frank Robinson and Tony Oliva -Game-tying HR in the bottom of the ninth by Boog Powell -Brooks Robinson caught stealing home with what would have been the winning run (the third baseman made the putout, anyone who remembers this game want to shed light on what happened?) -Dick Hall escapes a bases loaded, one out jam in the top of the 12th -Orioles win in the bottom of the inning on a two-out bunt by Paul Blair Those Golden Era Orioles didn't really leave behind an all-time great postseason win that you can watch online. They won all their titles running away and the close ones are all heartbreakers, no?
  5. I wish that list could have showcased Matt Wieters a bit more. He was a delight to watch defensively and I'm partial to the (totally illegal under today's rules) play at 3:59 in this video. It's also an absolute laser by Jones. Do I like this play partly because Derek Jeter was the victim? Probably. It was still an amazing play. You can even Thorne say "this will score a run," to tell you how unexpected it was. Mychal Givens' block of home plate should have at least been an honorable mention, too.
  6. Moshagge3


    The Orioles definitely lack that signature postseason moment. No Kirk Gibson, Bill Mazeroski, Carlton Fisk types of moments. There's John Lowenstein's HR in the 1979 ALCS and the Delmon Young double from 2014, but I don't think many non-Orioles fans would immediately recognize those. Maybe Brooks Robinson's defensive gem from 1970, but even most Orioles fans would be hard-pressed to name which game that was from or what inning it was or anything like that. The Orioles won all of their titles handily and lost all the close ones.
  7. Moshagge3


    I just hope Johnny O is still on the Orioles' bandwagon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GTQ43hhoic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nNKdsAoW8k
  8. Matt Albers is also trying to hold a lead for Milwaukee, and I wasn't even aware he was still in baseball.
  9. Cashner the closer is on to try to save an extra inning win for Boston.
  10. Means bowing out of the ROY race tonight.
  11. Not seeing a lot of swings and misses from Means.
  12. It's Wojo's turn, he's been nails, why is Hyde holding off on the announcement?
  13. Hopefully Kirby Yates gets traded in the middle of this game.
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