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  1. Last night is an example why baseball is the best sport to follow. Even in the crappiest possible season with the most frustratingly indifferent front office, you still get incredible moments like this. What's the NFL equivalent of what the Orioles are currently doing, maybe the Jets' 2-14 season last year? Are any Jets fans going to look back fondly on either of those two wins years from now? Of course not. Yet I will remember being at Cedric Mullins T-Shirt Night for a good long while.
  2. Mullins now has a higher OPS than Aaron Judge.
  3. I'll be so happy when Pillar retires.
  4. It's demanding too much to want her to announce a substitution? That's one of her (not that many) responsibilities. Why is she there otherwise?
  5. Lord, I needed that.
  6. What's up with the sarcasm? I don't go to every home game; maybe she was just having an off day. Maybe the previous guy would have missed it, too. But you would want the MASN broadcast to tell you that there was a pinch runner and the Orioles' best hitter was out of the game, why shouldn't the people who paid money to be there be just as informed?
  7. I don't really ask for a lot in my P.A. announcer, just that they actually, you know, make the announcements. The P.A. announcer yesterday did not announce Freddy Galvis as a pinch-hitter or Ryan McKenna as a pinch runner. Now, the percentage of people in the crowd that are actually invested in who's running is probably south of 50% (although losing Mancini's bat could have been a big deal if the game had gone to the 11th inning), but if your only job is to make these announcements, why can't you actually do it?
  8. Can Mancini really not pinch hit?
  9. Those are the only kinds of hits Sisco gets.
  10. Eh, Cy Young voters don't care about win-loss record anymore.
  11. He doesn't have to give in with two outs. Bad calls happen.
  12. Third straight start with multiple HRs for Means.
  13. The Yankees somehow found Gio Urshela and Luke Voit and turned them into stars. Then again, I think they probably have a Houstonesque sign-stealing operation we don't fully know about yet.
  14. I had to go pretty far back to find a Rylan Bannon thread, but a couple of nice plays by him. I don't think we've seen a barehand play at 3B like that in quite a while, maybe since you know who.
  15. I can't find it, but in these threads I'm constantly reminded of the SportsCenter commercial where someone at ESPN (Tom Jackson maybe?) was breaking down Neil O'Donnell's interception to lose Super Bowl XXX with some "analysts in training." He asks, what did O'Donnell do wrong? The young analysts suggest smart, hyper-specific things that broke down on the play until Jackson shouts "No! The answer is O'Donnell should not have thrown the interception! FUNDAMENTALS, PEOPLE!!!" I think about that every time people criticize Hyde because the Orioles aren't good at "fundamentals." "No! T
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