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  1. Huh? Is today opposite day? Listen to Hunter's call of the Orioles clinching the division in '14. It is about as underwhelming as it gets for the franchise's biggest moment in nearly 20 years. Compare that to Thorne's call of Andino's single in 2011. Thorne screwed up a bunch of facts in that call, as you point out he tended to do, but "reserved" it is not.
  2. 92/100. Missed the obscure Browns, Jay Gibbons, Luke Scott, Don Baylor, and it never occurred to me to guess Paul Blair. Surprising absences: Harold Baines, Javy Lopez, and Jeff Conine. It's a bummer that Wieters never cracked 25, either.
  3. Losing 5 HOFers in the span of two months is kind of amazing mathematically and I would venture to guess is unprecedented.
  4. Also, unless the regular season is dramatically shortened, the World Series is going to be all in November, necessitating another horrible idea: the neutral-site World Series.
  5. Shocker, the owners are going after cash in their pockets now and looking to make the 16-team format permanent. The only hope is that the players' union sees how this totally takes away the incentive for teams to sign high-end free agents and draws a line here.
  6. Since taking a 6-3 lead on Mets on Wednesday night, the Orioles have scored two runs in 28 innings.
  7. Ump is horrible. Mountcastle should be standing in there with a 2-1 count.
  8. Moot point now, but no. It has to be nine innings.
  9. It would be pretty funny if Cole threw seven no-hit innings and was denied history because of the 2020 doubleheader rules.
  10. So maybe Cobb should have warmed up more? This could still be a close game if those first twenty pitches had happened in the bullpen.
  11. Would have been cool with a Hanser trying a bunt there.
  12. Thank God the bullpen only has to cover six innings.
  13. No ground balls, no swings and misses. Cobb has nothing today.
  14. I think it would have been pretty dramatic to replace the catcher in what, the third inning? Anyway, it's a pretty big swing. If the Orioles and Blue Jays had won last night, I would have said split the Yankees series, but even winning one out of four doesn't kill you. Now I think losing this Yankees series 3-1 would effectively end the season.
  15. Can Stewart play first base? When Hays comes back it would be nice to keep Stewart and Mullins in the regular lineup.
  16. Honestly, now that ballparks are increasingly giant malls with a baseball game in the middle, it's an open question whether owners actually want games to be shorter. Sure, they'll happily put in the extra-innings rule to eliminate those late nights where fans have stopped buying things or left altogether and they still have to pay ballpark staff, but what's their incentive to get to the seventh inning in under two hours? That only cuts into the amount of beer they can sell. The national networks like NBC or CBS that no longer want anything to do with baseball might object to games that last four hours, but now that the games are all on regional sports networks and the playoffs are on basic cable, what's the problem? I'm sure YES would rather have a Yankee game that goes 3:30 than a three hour game and 30 minutes of an old Tino Martinez interview.
  17. That trash Yanks lineup did hang 6 runs on a pretty good pitcher in Ryu last night. It will be interesting to see how Akin and Kremer handle facing the same team in consecutive starts.
  18. Bo Bichette should be back for the Yankees series @NYY next week.
  19. The playoff outlook is so muddled this year. The team you're probably most scared to face in a short three-game series is Cleveland because Bieber and Plesac are unhittable right now, and an East or West team would be seeing them for the first time in over a year. But the Indians could realistically end up slotted anywhere from #1-7. So it's hard to snicker at the Yankees for sneaking into a playoff spot at #8 when that crummy seed could be their saving grace!
  20. Then it would be based on record vs. the division, I believe. The Yankees are currently 12-11 against the East (with a perfect 7-0 against Boston!) and the Orioles are 11-14.
  21. FYI there are no tiebreakers this season. If the Orioles finish tied with Toronto for the last spot, they will get it because they won the season series.
  22. Just take a moment to imagine how we would look at the current standings if MLB had failed to secure the agreement for expanded playoffs and had to keep the status quo. The Indians, White Sox and Twins all within a game of each other, each needing to win the division to stay out of the one-game playoff, with tons of games left head-to-head. The upstart A's trying to stay ahead of the villainous Astros with a five-game series between them starting this week. The big, bad Yankees staring down the barrel of no postseason. Three good storylines. The current format gives us no storylines. On the morning of September 5, we know the eight teams making the playoffs and the seven teams missing the playoffs. We can't even pass the time contemplating matchups because there's too many combinations to consider. And the October upset thing is a double-edged sword. It's like the NCAA tournament. Everyone loves first-round upsets and then misses the top seeds when they're gone. Sure it would be cool for a day if the Giants upset the Dodgers and the Marlins upset the Braves. Would I actually be motivated to watch a Marlins-Giants NLCS where I could name maybe ten players between the teams? Questionable.
  23. I would also like to point out that the American League is making a mockery of the argument that expanded playoffs "give hope to new markets." The markets currently benefiting the most from the new system are those of the Yankees and Astros, last year's ALCS opponents. Two teams who have been devastated by injuries and who had zero incentive to do anything to address them. Why should they when they can run out their depleted rosters every day and back into the playoff spots waiting for them? .
  24. The American League playoff teams are set. The O's ain't making a run with their schedule and roster. The Tigers? Please. And we have weeks to go in the season. CLE/MIN/CWS are in some order at the top of the standings, but they're all in the tourney, so who cares? The Yankees are a loss away from third place and based on their lack of moves at the deadline, it's clear they could not give less of a rat's behind. The Astros still exist, I think. Since the advent of divisions, has a league had a September with less intrigue than this one? And I would add that even when there were two divisions, if neither one was competitive you could at least get excited about an LCS between the heavyweights running away with those divisions. Now there's no point in even thinking about, let's say, a Braves-Dodgers showdown since any one particular matchup has such a small chance of actually happening. If Manfred is thinking of using this season as a Trojan horse to bring 16-team playoffs into the permanent fabric of baseball he should look at how dull the next three weeks of AL baseball are going to be.
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