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  1. Anybody remember in 2012 when SteveA posted every time the Orioles surpassed the win total of one of the terrible 1998-2011 teams? Those were ridiculously cathartic. I wish they were all in one place for posterity.
  2. Matt Albers is also trying to hold a lead for Milwaukee, and I wasn't even aware he was still in baseball.
  3. Cashner the closer is on to try to save an extra inning win for Boston.
  4. Means bowing out of the ROY race tonight.
  5. Not seeing a lot of swings and misses from Means.
  6. It's Wojo's turn, he's been nails, why is Hyde holding off on the announcement?
  7. Hopefully Kirby Yates gets traded in the middle of this game.
  8. I was looking forward to getting a look at Tate, alas.
  9. Santander is still stinging the ball. He ran into some bad luck but could have had three or four hits easily.
  10. Haboob is a sandstorm (Arabic word), so I'm thinking it's the Arizona version of a snowglobe.
  11. Well, I'm sure glad they let Brooks hit in the top half...
  12. Crazy that they would pull the wool over our eyes like that.
  13. An interesting obituary. I remember him being something of a bust, but had no idea about how poor a job the Orioles organization did to acclimate him. RIP. https://ripbaseball.com/2019/07/03/obituary-luis-mercedes-1968-2019/
  14. I was at the Memorial Day game when "scrappy" Jonathan Villar hit a 455-foot HR to center field. That is just nine feet off the record for longest HR in the 27-year history of OPACY, and it was met with some polite applause and shrugs. It certainly didn't sound like an all-time moonshot off the bat. Obviously that's just an anecdote, not data, but still, something is going on.
  15. Wait until Nestor Cortes Jr. gets a W today for the Yankees.
  16. Just the second game this year where they didn't give up a HR.
  17. According to Gameday Mullins swung at three pitches that were not remotely close to strikes.
  18. What happened to Brett Anderson being terrible?
  19. Who do you think is madder about this, John Means or Chris Davis?
  20. If the O's can get someone on for Mancini, that would at least an interesting finish.
  21. Yeah, I'm not really up in arms or anything about the decision, but I do have to point out that mental energy is, in fact, energy and contributes to physical fatigue. At least my high school bio teacher would say so.
  22. I don't understand your question? It was a dominant performance with a comfortable lead. It's not like he had any 12-pitch battles with Mike Trout with the tying run on third.
  23. Just gonna throw out there that most pitching coaches say that it's reductive to just look at the pitching count. You have to consider how stressful the pitches were. Hess didn't throw a single pitch with a runner in scoring position or with anything less than a 4-run lead. You can harp on 82 pitches, but it was a pretty soft 82.
  24. Hal had better hop in that time machine and sign Machado, then.
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