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  1. He has much better numbers overall, obviously. Julio and Gregg gave out walks like candy. JJ gives them out like... fancier candy? I dunno. I wasn't trying to make a formal stat-based argument, but just saying that the raw number of times you wanted to punch the wall and scream are the same.
  2. Haven't read this whole thread, but has anyone pointed out that 2013 Jim Johnson has now surpassed 2011 Kevin Gregg AND tied 2003 Jorge Julio in blown saves? Granted, JJ has had more opportunities than those guys, but we did practically run those other guys out of town on a rail.
  3. I think you have to factor in the fact that two of those ABs with RISP were by the pitcher Feldman. I mean I guess Scott was unclutch with the bat but is that worth commenting on?
  4. Yep. And he did not appear in the Rays game last night.
  5. Anybody know where Luke Scott was yesterday?
  6. Well, I'm a regular visitor, but Milwaukee has certainly had its share of visitors.
  7. I'm sorry, but I have to ask, what exactly is it that makes Mariano Rivera a "class act" other than the fact that he's really good and has been around for a long time? I mean, what makes him classier than like, Tom Henke, whom we all hate? I guess it was cool when the Red Sox gave him the sarcastic ovation on Opening Day 2005 and he played along. So that's one thing. But where's the other evidence of "class"? Does he wear a tuxedo under his uniform?
  8. Gary Thorne is under contract. He will be calling the Orioles' games in September. As a professional broadcaster, wouldn't he rather have those games be meaningful and watched by large numbers of people? Do people really think that in his heart of hearts he was happy that the last-place Blue Jays won a game that could potentially jeopardize that?
  9. Remember when Joe Girardi said he shouldn't be *allowed* to throw inside until he had better command? Lord, do I hate that man.
  10. Gordon-Butler-Hosmer due up. That could be a problem.
  11. CB Bucknor is truly horrific. No consistency, and he wasn't paying enough attention to see if that was a swing by Machado??
  12. He certainly did roll it.
  13. HR for Schoop! Tingly feeling...
  14. So does he become a backup? Navarro, Valencia, and Schoop all need to be getting regular ABs.
  15. Is this a typo for former Angels top prospect Brandon Wood or is this a different guy? And can we move him to 2B?
  16. I don't know which phrase I hate more coming out of Jim's mouth, "the law of averages" or "a modest X game hitting streak." (X < 5)
  17. Starting to rain. Just bring on JJ for the save.
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