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  1. Does Tyler Wells have a win yet? Would be a good game to get him one.
  2. Rodriguez came in at 63 pitches so of course the Orioles give him a nine pitch inning.
  3. We need baserunners and Franco and Mountcastle decide it's a great time to chase pitches way off the plate.
  4. It's early but not a lot of faith in this offense to score 5 tonight.
  5. Boston is certainly winning the intelligent baserunning competition.
  6. Miley's perfecto is done thanks to an error.
  7. That Cleveland lineup is atrocious. Seattle's lineup is Murderer's Row in comparison.
  8. Wade Miley trying to steal John Means's thunder.
  9. 80 minutes to play the first three innings. The score must be 5-4 or something.
  10. Yankees getting blown out, you love to see it.
  11. Has Mullins actually bunted for a hit this year? It's like now that's he's a real hitter he can't do it anymore.
  12. A good get for the team that doesn't want to splurge on Kyle Gibson.
  13. We were so spoiled by the Schoop-Hardy-Machado infield. No question they turn that DP.
  14. And Severino steals a strike from Harvey, just dumb.
  15. That's the point, the Sox pen isn't pretty good front to back. But if they can get 6 innings out of Rodriguez they can go right to their very good closer. Also, as BohKnows pointed out, they just played a 12-9 circus ballgame where they burnt a lot of bullpen, a rainout bails them out a little. Not really important in the big picture, but it's something to talk about. I hate the seven-inning doubleheaders way more than the extra inning rule.
  16. A 7-inning doubleheader really plays into the Red Sox hands. Starters who give you questionable length, a dominant closer, and no middle relief. Who is happier to get play seven than Boston?
  17. Wouldn't that game have been way more fun if we could have seen whether Endy Chavez could execute a bunt to get the ghost runner to third and Wilson Betemit could hit a deep enough fly ball to bring him in?! /sarcasm/
  18. Watching the rerun of this game, I'm struck by how stingy the home plate umpire was. Means could have finished this in 100 pitches with even a slightly bigger zone. I wonder if he's going to get friendlier more Glavine-like umpiring now that his fame and reputation is blowing up around the league.
  19. There's already a thread to argue about this.
  20. I'm bummed his next start won't be at home. No Oriole has ever started at Camden Yards coming off a no-hitter.
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