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  1. Does anybody else feel like it makes a big difference to go from a 4-run deficit to a 5-run deficit? Maybe it's because you can erase a 4-run lead one on one swing. It's just that 7-2 feels so much uglier than 6-2 for some reason.
  2. I thought the Yankees had sucky IF defense
  3. The Nats lost. Can we live off Nats Schadenfreude alone?
  4. Nobody should be swinging down 2-0 against Britton
  5. Gameday is messed up. Did Richie Martin fly out or not?
  6. Britton's first hitter of 2019 puts it in the air. Ruh roh.
  7. Nick Markakis with a hit and RBI. I'm really looking forward to Frobby keeping us updated on where he stands on the all-time hit list. Low-key one of the small pleasures of 2019
  8. Such a waste of Ottavino's arm to K Davis. Ottavino and a position player should switch when Davis comes up.
  9. Phillies' big OF acquisition homered in his first AB. Congrats to Andrew McCutchen
  10. The one where both teams have six hits. I meant statistically outhit them, for this one game. Was not actually comparing offenses
  11. O's could outhit these guys, but that 6 BB advantage, yikes
  12. Too bad he's not a closer or his entrance music could be "Saved By Zero"
  13. Whoa, we're forcing them to use real relievers
  14. Mancini gunning for the batting title with a 3-for-3 on OD!
  15. What's the single-game record to tappers back to the pitcher?
  16. Looks like a gift call, but Greg Bird really annoys me for some reason so I'll take it.
  17. At least Hyde is not "trying to get Cash the win" by letting him finish the fifth.
  18. Should totally throw at Judge's head for swinging on the 3-0 pitch
  19. Hey, the Brewers are losing a bad as we are!
  20. Gameday taking its sweet time posting video of the Ruiz RBI.
  21. Whenever I need to cut into an opponent's big lead...
  22. I'm going to mentally spot the Orioles 5 runs at the beginning of every game as a handicap. Let's see if we can add to this slim lead.
  23. You'll have no RBI and you'll like it, Andujar
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