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  1. If he was a plus fielder, he could be RISPin Glover.
  2. Lopez has an ERA of 3.00 and a WHIP of under 1.00 in the first four innings of games this year. From the 5th inning on, his ERA is 42.43. Why not just make him a strict three- or four—inning opener?
  3. Look at that pitching line: 27 batters faced, 0 hits, 0 walks, 12 Ks. One wild pitch third strike away from a perfect game. I don’t know if I have seen an Oriole pitcher throw a better game.
  4. We needed a few feel-good moments to carry us through this year, and along with Mullins, Means and the return of Mancini, Valdez is definitely one of them. I don’t know if his stuff will hold up for another month let alone the next three or five months, but in this age of bigger/faster/stronger baseball, even the most cynical of hearts has to admit it’s a fascinating story.
  5. I’m just enjoying watching him pitch. Seeing Piscotty go back to the dugout after striking out, shaking his head and lamenting to his teammates that he couldn’t tell the difference between Means’ fastball and his changeup, was a glorious moment. And yes, both home runs off him were above the strike zone, weirdly enough.
  6. Maybe. But for some years, Tillman was our ace. We have had a lot of guys in the last 10-15 years who were occasionally great but rarely with any consistency. Means has been consistent, whether good or bad (but mostly good).
  7. Maybe he’s not ‘an’ ace, but he’s our ace. He’s better than Tillman, even if Tillman had more dominant stuff (on the days he could locate his secondary pitches, at least). Means just consistently fools good hitters, and I really enjoy watching him on the mound.
  8. Time to start giving Hays some ground balls and see if he can learn to play 2B. There’s less chance of him crashing into a wall out there.
  9. I can’t be the only one who saw a list like this and could hear Bordick reading off each of these numbers in succession despite them being shown on the screen. Mike Bordick, eternal friend of the visually impaired.
  10. If Palmer walked, would they replace him with his cheaper alternative, Storm Davis, a/k/a Cy Clone?
  11. That stood out to me as well. Runner on 2nd, hard liner to CF that Mullins got on one hop while charging in, so I thought they had a really good chance to get the runner at home. His throw was off target and short, so there wasn’t even a play. Maybe it was just a bad throw.
  12. Personally I find it more constructive and rewarding to riff on the idea of a developmental system and service time manipulation for announcers than I do wildly speculating about what the guy who says names out loud could have possibly done to get himself escorted out of the gates.
  13. Maybe he tweeted that Cito doesn’t suck.
  14. Solid defense today but not many challenging attempts. However, Mancini did well on two plays at 1B, first running into foul territory just before the stands to snag a tough pop up, and secondly on a softly hit blooper over first that he snagged in the air on a jump.
  15. He looked fine, he only had three or four routine ground balls but made them all. No DP attempts, one steal (Severino’s throw was off the mark). And Franco made a nice stop at third (knocked down a sharp ground ball backhanded and made a good throw to first for the out).
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