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  1. I was waiting on the bullpen to turn that game over, so it was a pleasant surprise that they didn’t. Also nice to see Means make solid contact on the double he hit over Herrera’s head.
  2. I remember how excited I was as a teenager to be sitting in good seats behind the visiting dugout at an Orioles game (back at Memorial, courtesy of my uncle), and picking up the “run/steal” sign from the third base coach halfway through the game which was some chest-hat-chest gesture. I told my uncle the next couple times the other team was going to run, and they did. He was impressed, and it almost felt perverse, like I had unlocked some secret knowledge. But honestly, if I was able to pick it up, it was probably just a lazy third-base coach. 😄
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. It’s refreshing to see a plus glove out there again, but it’s a shame he isn’t more of a utility guy. Third base is not a position where you can hide a sub-.600 OPS.
  4. Allegedly caught on surveillance video. When he gets elected into the Hall Of Human Trash, do you think he’ll go in as a Tiger, or an Oriole?
  5. I wouldn’t call giving up 5 runs in 4 innings serviceable unless we had the best offense in baseball. The fact that he didn’t lose the game (one of the more painful games to watch this year) had little to do with his performance. He missed a few spots *badly*, like Severino setting up low and inside and Kremer leaves it hanging over the middle at the top of the zone — which of course got crushed for a homer. I thought he looked terrible today.
  6. It’s the second time he has held the Jays in check for us (he also pitched well against the Yankees). Whatever he is doing right, they still haven’t figured him out.
  7. As long as the team isn’t in playoff contention, I would much rather see exciting, erratic guys over steady, predictably disappointing guys.
  8. I am so sorry to hear of his passing and for all that he and Denise and their close and extended families went through during this whole time. And it was a moving tribute, Tony. If in doubt in life, be like Weams.
  9. I had forgotten all about “Clams” Castino.
  10. Excellent outing by Akin. It looked bad (or familiar) after giving up a leadoff homer to Ohtani, but he really found his groove. I can’t believe that was his first win of the year. (And hey, two scoreless frames from Lopez out of the pen is nice to see as well…)
  11. Some folks here overvalue the appeal Santander or Mancini have to other teams. Or that anyone would even do more than take a flier on either. Santander has finally warmed up lately, but up until a few weeks ago (injuries or not) he’s been forgettably disappointing. He’s going to have to stay hot just to climb over 1 WAR for the year. Mancini has been a good story this year but he has also cooled down, and is another DH/1B type who doesn’t hit enough for his inability to field well. Would you trade both these guys for Mychal Givens and Miguel Castro? Because that’s kind of what
  12. My take is that this is more reflective of what Elias inherited than the job he’s done.
  13. Exactly. I have had a few times in life where work was the *only* place I felt normal and could escape from the realities facing me otherwise. Regardless of your performance or how your employer is doing overall. Not to say I want him signed to an extension. But if pitching the rest of this year helps him in any way, seriously, what difference does it make? So sorry hear what he and his family are going through right now.
  14. I would definitely agree. As long as we're not in contention, at least make it someone who can be an equal mix of electrifying and messy. I stand corrected on Mateo's two errors. I couldn't pay enough attention to the game to hear how they ruled it. What a mess that was to watch, even in the background.
  15. Last night’s game showed why Mateo and Urias likely won’t be our middle infield of the future. Mateo misplayed two grounders at short, both times in the catch-to-transfer phase, and Urias just blew it on a pop-up behind second that he was under but then missed as he fell to the ground. Three errors between them, four unearned runs.
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