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  1. See, the trick there is just to avoid minor wheat. Stick with major wheat and you’ll be right as rain.
  2. When I have a sip of a 'wrong' beer (and there is no telling until I try it) my throat starts to tighten and it's instant indigestion... tough for a beer lover. Especially when I lived in the Netherlands for some years, all those great Belgian and Dutch beers in the Trappist / Abdij (abbey) mold were uniformly bad news for me. Well, as long as there's lager, and as long as I don't ever develop a pizza allergy.
  3. Worst of all, I often have an allergic reaction to many hoppy / dry beers (and also dry wines). I don’t know what causes it, as I haven’t been willing to spend thousands to find out exactly why, but lagers are safe so I stick with those. I was so excited for the beer revolution in the US that really kicked in about 20 years ago, but am constantly amazed how you can walk into a bar with 30 microbrews on draft and there will be only one or two that aren’t IPAs.
  4. Eddie Murray mid-swing is the lock screen photo on my phone. And I don’t like IPAs, but that is one fine-looking can of beer above.
  5. In previous years mlb.tv had a schedule of all spring training games that were being broadcast, but I couldn’t find such a schedule yet for 2021.
  6. This is the roundtable discussion, right? One of my favorite baseball articles ever. I also remember watching Boggs play in some celebrity softball game on TV once. Every at bat, he was lining the ball *just* inside the left field foul line with absolute precision. Even for slow pitch, it was impressive.
  7. I had forgotten about Dewey. I just had to re-check his numbers... his power was mostly gone, but he was still a decent player with a good eye. Even at age 39, he had a .393 OBP. Which was basically Randy Milligan’s OBP in his prime years.
  8. Demolish (implode) the Hilton beyond the LF bleachers and give us the original city skyline view. More variety in concessions. Employ more ex-players and personalities to always be inside the concourse — let fans shake hands and take a pic with the likes of Floyd Rayford or Joe Orsulak to enhance the stadium experience. Heavy discounts for kids to get in with their parents. Heavy surcharges for “premium seats” (anything third base side lower concourse) during Yankees or Red Sox games.
  9. At least we got to see some legends retire as Orioles. Ron Kittle, Greg Walker, and Keith Moreland all spring to mind. And while he didn’t retire as an Oriole, anyone remember reliever John Pacella, who appeared in 6 games for the O’s in 1984? He was the guy whose hat would fall off with each pitch. Almost every... single... pitch. I think the umpires only allowed it because he often got shelled. Too bad, they could have done a nice bobblehat figure for him.
  10. I get it, and I personally dislike the near absence of players staying with one team for their entire career, but Griffey hit over 200 homers after he left Seattle, and Ichiro got another 500+ hits for other teams. And both still ended their careers as Mariners.
  11. Didn’t see that one coming. Edit: you beat me to it.
  12. If Britton gets in then I would expect O’Day to get in as well.
  13. At least Chuck and Joe ended their careers with the Orioles. I always liked Gary and enjoyed his camaraderie with Palmer, but Jon was my man, and I wish Miller could have finished his career here, too. But there’s nothing so vindictive and unpredictable as a thin-skinned billionaire.
  14. $10M for Schwarber with no chance to hide his glove as a DH? Yikes.
  15. In the late ‘80s, I remember Steve Carlton telling a reporter that he was teaching himself to throw right handed in order to extend his career. I seem to remember him saying that unlike his left arm, his right arm still have a another twenty good years in it — and he was serious. Carlton must have been over 40 at the time and he hung around baseball a little too long (he retired immediately after reaching 4,000 strikeouts, and then un-retired that same year and bounced around three more teams over the next two years). I can’t find any mention of this anywhere online, so I was wondering if anyone had any recollection of this. Steve was by all accounts a very odd guy and was so concerned with aging that he wouldn’t celebrate birthdays, and it’s a novel idea, but short of switch-pitcher Pat Venditte (who isn’t particularly dominant throwing with either arm) I have to wonder if Carlton was really convinced he could do it.
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