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  1. We’re also replacing Boog’s with Beltre’s Barbeque.
  2. I’m still hoping KC catches a hot streak. They’re doing their best to grab that #1 pick, but we’re still 2.5 games “up” on them.
  3. On the other hand, I also dreamt last night that the Orioles traded Trumbo for a AAA prospect. Woke up disappointed.
  4. I’ll take that bet. $20 to the charity of the winner’s choice? There are plenty more options out there for contending teams to pick up, some of whom can actually hit.
  5. You were perfectly respectful. I'm the same, let him live another 10 years if he's enjoying it, let him see the team burn down and rebuild... hell, give him a ring before he's gone. If the sons run the team the way the talk has gone the last few days, then great, but regardless I wish Peter no ill will.
  6. I'm quite happy with the return we got. And I hope Manny helps them win some ballgames for the rest of the year, I'll miss seeing him in orange. I also just realized that Max Muncy wears #13 for Los Angeles. Wonder if he'll give up the number for Manny. I think Muncy is only earning the MLB minimum, so maybe he can swing a Rolex out of the deal, Machado surely has a few of those to spare.
  7. At this point if they continue to move vets for prospects, I wouldn’t even mind if they DFA’d Mancini.
  8. I would love to see them trade nearly everyone on the active roster, but all things considered, even getting back prospects for Manny and basically anything for Britton (since he wouldn’t get a QO in the off-season) is already better than what I feared might happen.
  9. I dunno, as a fan of the team I would be embarrassed to bet against the Orioles in the postseason ... but that's just me.
  10. Maybe Baltimore city cops can honor Davis being caught looking by referring to all voyeurs and peeping toms as a “number 19”.
  11. I thought Mancini would regress a bit from last year but also get better with his eye and slightly more comfortable in the field. Instead, he’s an awful fielder and his batting line looks like Ken Gerhart all over again.
  12. Anyone with “Source” in their name isn’t a source.
  13. You have to think that Royals owner David Glass must be checking the scores every day, sees the Orioles results, and shouts, “Oh, come on!”
  14. Thanks Frobby. So last year in all of MLB we were #10 (RP), #3 (C), #2 (2B) and #13 (3B).
  15. Interesting, I like the concept of WAA. Out of curiosity, do you have the numbers for 2017 easily at hand? Just curious where we were last year at several positions (C, 2B, SS, 3B, CF).
  16. Aside from Manny, if a GM were to ask me which player they should pick up from the Orioles roster, assuming none are too costly, I would point them toward Jones. As a corner or 4th OF, bench bat, clubhouse presence and someone with the fire to win, I think he could do very well as a rental on a winning club.
  17. I try to follow other clubs, but it’s not easy. Ever come out of a disastrous relationship, and you can’t stand the thought of being with anyone else for a while, to the point where even seeing other happy couples is just a painful reminder of what you can’t have? That’s me and other 2018 teams in a nutshell. Maybe the best way around that is to just throw myself headlong into following the Royals the rest of the year for some cathartic schadenfreude.
  18. You think so? I think he's got a plus bat but is a defensive liability. Manny would be a huge upgrade. Although I really don't want to see Manny in pinstripes.
  19. Although he did get robbed of a blast by Cave last night, and got robbed by the Phils’ 3B with the bases full a couple nights before that. He is definitely hitting the ball with more authority in the 2.0 version, even if that only happens sporadically. I just know it wasn’t happening at all prior to his “rebuild”. It’s still bad, but slightly less bad. Silver linings and all.
  20. Each time we look out at the Picnic Garden at Camden Yards, let those six bronzed statues of our Hall Of Famers forever remind us of our time with Rasmus, one for each of the hits that he had as an Oriole.
  21. If you go to a fast food place here in Europe, they charge you for the condiments. They’ll give you one tiny one with your order for free, but for extra packets of BBQ sauce, hot sauce, etc it’s about 19 cents each. Maybe the days of unlimited Camden Yards mustard and ketchup near the napkins are gone.
  22. Melancon of the Giants makes 20 million. Chapman is second at 17.2M.
  23. I have a hunch Manny would have pushed his way to shortstop even if he re-signed.
  24. At this point of the season, the 1988 team was 25-57. We’re 23-59. That’s pretty freaking depressing.
  25. I have to say that at the halfway mark, I didn’t expect the club to have 11 more wins than Luis Severino.
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