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  1. I was so relieved that when Davis' bat landed on the infield, it didn't pop open and spill a dozen superballs everywhere.
  2. Agreed. I guess it's all relative with the O's overall tendency to field a primarily lead-footed team. For us, any guy who can swipe 20 bags a year looks like Usain Bolt.
  3. This cracked me up. I was also thinking he should write on each ball "If lost, call 410-555-2816"
  4. Er, it was a bad loss, but I'm not writing off 2013 just yet. I'll put a lunch bet on with you. I'll take over 70 wins. Deal?
  5. I liked the Thorne comment about both teams first-pitch swinging in a perceived rush to get through the game: "You can see the frequent flyer miles piling up as both teams get ready to disembark."
  6. I know there's a lot of talk about whether Machado should be hitting second. I'm still not convinced, but I do have to say this -- in the games so far, he's making excellent contact. Keep putting the bat on the ball, Manny, and the hits will keep coming.
  7. I officially just lost my s--- at the TV screen.
  8. Best line from Thorne in ages. "Three gloves, no runs, one hit, no errors."
  9. It just hit me -- it's past opening day this year, and I'm actually having fun watching these games. What a great feeling.
  10. I also like the good-natured ribbing between Thorne and Palmer. Jones, yes!
  11. Despite the team "issues", it sure is good to see Markakis in there and swinging a good bat again.
  12. That's shocking for a team of this caliber.
  13. mrbig1's comment let me know that watching thru mlb.tv in Europe apparently has at least a 15-second delay, as his comment about the onslaught being over came during the 2nd pitch here. That "triple" wasn't pretty. We really need to get some of those bats going.
  14. Oh, no. Not already, Brian!
  15. If Davis stays this locked in, I'm worried someone's going to throw at his face to try and shake him up. What a series!
  16. Nice DP boys. Especially the quick turn by Roberts. Now let's get those bats working.
  17. Manny HAS to make contact here if he wants to stay the #2 hitter.
  18. Whoo, nice hitting B-Rob! Now let's plate that go-ahead run!
  19. Rough game. I'm a Baltimore native transplanted to Europe, and the time zones (6 hours ahead) make watching live games brutal. But I slept a few hours, got up at 1 in the morning to watch it. And this is a tough one. Simply outmanaged, some missed opportunities (Machado not scoring from 3rd with 1 out; Nate not taking second on that throw home to avoid Manny's GIDP). But there's nothing else I'd rather be doing than watching the Birds. Here's to a storybook 9th.
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