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  1. Yeah, this I really, really like. I'll check out the full album. Thanks. Norway has a pretty impressive musical scene given the size of the country. This is one of my favorite songs out of Norway, from Ulver's first album. Their latest stuff sounds more like Depeche Mode, and is still pretty good, but I particularly liked this folk-meets-black metal direction.
  2. Norwegian prog metal. Did nothing for me when I first heard the album (especially the vocals), then checked it out again a year later and it really clicked. Then saw them live not long after that and they were pretty much note perfect to the album (but were still live, it wasn’t on DAT).
  3. Great stuff. Nice gesture by Manny,
  4. They did. They’ve changed vocalists several times, and constantly shuffle members based on which eight members or so are available out of a group of about 15 candidates between the UK and Sweden. It makes touring and even recording both expensive and complicated.
  5. I just saw King Crimson play last night at a great venue (my favorite movie theater) nearby in Essen last night, and they were pretty amazing. Three drummers at the front of the stage, with the other five band members on a riser behind them. Robert Fripp, Tony Levin and Mel Collins are all in their 70s, and were still killing it. Highly recommended if you get a chance to see them.
  6. “I guarantee you, if you sign a guy to a seven-year contract, you’re going to be lucky if you’re happy for four of those seven.” I’m trying not to read into that quote, but it’s hard not to.
  7. They were both decent signings. What would you have done when faced with the thin available offseason arms, about $23 million to spend, and a predicted starting staff of Bundy, Gausman, Tillman, Mike Wright and Some Other Variant Of Mike Wright? Cashner has been better than Miley. I expected more out of Cobb, but I didn’t regret signing him. It’s not like Lance Lynn would have moved the needle much.
  8. It just dawned on me that the club woukd have to play .450 ball from here on out, winning 43 of the next 94 games, just to “only” lose 100 games. Yeesh.
  9. Celeb is the most famous of the Joseph brothers.
  10. Mt. Rushmore of Orioles pitchers who intentionally let their hat fall off their head during almost every pitch as a distraction, something no umpire or batter complained about because they were terrible anyway: 1. John Pacella Well, OK, that’s it.
  11. Although I have a feeling if Jones would accept a move to right field, he would become a plus defender again.
  12. That’s about as daring as the CareFirst BlueCross/BlueShield program that donates $50 for each Oriole that draws a walk.
  13. At this point I’m not convinced the team will even consider trading their semi-old guys.
  14. If he’s playing hurt (?), that at least would help explain his complete collapse. 5.2 fWAR last year, this year on track for -0.5. That’s as big a projected drop as with Davis, yet I hear little said about him (probably because he’s playing next to Davis).
  15. Schoop’s OPS is now lower than Gentry’s. Mancini’s OPS is now lower than Rickard’s. 23 games out of the Wildcard slot. Never did I imagine I would be writing those things in mid-June.
  16. Ripken seemingly buried everyone else at short from '84 and onward.
  17. Agreed. For every halfway decent signing like Scott Erickson, it seems like there are three or four Sid Fernandez disaster stories.
  18. I specifically taught myself to switch hit because of Eddie. But I remember the story with him and his brothers was learning to hit the curve by throwing Crisco lids to one another, which broke like a Whiffle ball.
  19. Agreed, although any majority opinion would have fit my definition. I just didn’t know if there was general talk about him on the broadcasts or such that I missed. Apparently not, and everyone seems equally unsure about the reasons behind his regression. Non-tendering Schoop, though... Leave it to OH to continually shock and amaze me.
  20. That’s mostly why I posted this, to see if anyone has been talking about what’s behind Schoop’s lack of productivity and whether he’s truly healthy or not. If he’s been playing through something (AJ style), then his season might not get all that much better. I thought he was poised to explode this year. I somewhat suspect Mancini got a little lucky last year and has been a little unlucky this year, as I think he’s made more hard-hit outs than any other Oriole. I suspect he should be somewhere in the middle, like a .260 hitter with occasional pop. He was already iffy in LF even with a plus bat. Now, there’s not much argument to keep him there if a(ny) better option comes along.
  21. Amidst the wreckage of a train carrying burning Dumpsters that is our 2018 season, Jonathan Schoop’s slow start has gone pretty much under the radar amidst so many underachievers. I haven’t had the chance (or gone out of my way) to watch many full games, but he looked so good last year. So far in ‘18 his line drive/hard hit ball numbers are down, pop-ups are way up, walk rate is down — not that it was ever very high to begin with — and he’s basically playing at replacement level, like he’s turned into Ryan Goins. Is the feeling that he’s still dealing with his oblique strain from April? Or is he just pressing like several others?
  22. I’m starting to think we should go the Eddie Gaedel route for the rest of the season over Davis. He’d get his walks and the power wouldn’t be much different.
  23. I honestly don’t either. It’s only half serious. But I legitimately see no benefit to the club being a 63- or 70-win team other than being only slightly less painful to watch for the next hundred games. And if we have no shot, then whether we play .500 ball for the next four months is utterly irrelevant to me. If the season is well and truly hopeless, let them get the consensus best player available next year. Let them see that things need to change. Let them look an international talent. Let them stress pitching, defense, and a solid grasp of the fundamentals.
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