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  1. As long as we can keep playing teams who average about a run a game offensively, I think we'll be just fine.
  2. Get the 1st pick. Better a bride than a bridesmaid. Plus I'm worried if they start to play decent ball for the next month, they might get it in their heads that they're only one or two pieces away from a potential postseason shot, and trade away prospects rather than the established veterans for the 2018 version of Scott Feldman or Michael Morse. Please, no.
  3. Yikes. I think their updated record since that day is 22-62. Coincidence? Sure. Interesting? Sure.
  4. Bring it on. Bring it all on.
  5. I didn’t watch the game, but was Valencia unavailable to pinch-hit against Doolittle?
  6. Agreed, the service members and Jackie Robinson and such all deserve their recognition in general. Yet I roll my eyes every time MLB brings out new special-event unis. For one recipient a year, maybe, fine. But Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with equally garish colors? What next, National Pet Adoption Day unis with paw prints on the sleeves? Please, make it stop.
  7. Ha ha. He just comes across so stiff and serious sometimes. If he had been a member of the Ramones, I imagine their band line up would have read: “The Ramones are: Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Tommy Ramone, Mark Trumbo.”
  8. Right. I mean, Taylor Teagarden used PEDs just to be at the weak-hitting backup catcher level of Taylor Teagarden. But as for the good players, it is worrying. It makes me wonder if it’s still a lot more widespread than any of us will ever know.
  9. Right. If anything, it could be argued he looks like someone who used to be on the juice — but then stopped. I simply don’t understand why his bat (and exit velocity) has been slowing down steadily since 2015.
  10. At this rate I doubt Davis would be penciled in enough to get 500 ABs. At least Deer had an OPS of .700 and hit 25 HR. At his current pace Davis would hit 15 homers and knock in 51 runs.
  11. I agree offensively he’s had a lot of hard-luck outs. So did Mancini. The hits will come for both of them if they stay healthy. But the elephant in the room is more on the defensive side. Jones should (but won’t/can’t) go to RF. Mancini should (but won’t/can’t) go to DH.
  12. Like a maligned priest being reassigned to another parish.
  13. Right, but Matusz had one season of 2+ WAR in his career when they cut him. Tillman had a 5-year stretch where he averaged over 2 wins per year. That buys you a lot of good will.
  14. That’s sadly true. At least Ubaldo would usually get into the 3rd or 4th inning before handing over the ball. If it weren’t for those seven shutout innings he threw against Detroit, Tillman would have already long been out of the rotation.
  15. Only recently did my girlfriend learn about my ‘system’ — I wear a classic orange cap after the Birds win, and a black-on-black cap “O’s” cap if they lost (“out of mourning,” I told her). Earlier today she asked, “Black cap day?” ”Black cap year,” I replied.
  16. I don’t necessarily want to see Jones in center much longer, or signed to a multi-year extension, but in my mind he embodies the soul of this team more than Manny, Schoop, Britton or any other active player. I almost wish he could slide right into an FO job, but I know he’s got some solid years left and wants a ring. Can’t blame him, and he’s probably got a better chance finding that elsewhere.
  17. I liked Wieters while he was here, but I’m not missing him.
  18. Same here, I turned 13 that June. I was living near Reading, PA which was Phillies territory, and I never liked the Phils (mostly because of their fans). So it was twice as enjoyable. Especially when Murray took touted rookie pitcher Charles Hudson deep twice in game 5. My neighborhood was dead quiet that day except for my house.
  19. Mancini, Bundy and Bleier. Jones doesn’t look banged up. Miley and Ubaldo replaced with Cashner and Cobb. Alvarez toughing out a full year in the minors and coming through so far this year. And Davis got on base twice tonight.
  20. This whole road trip is sure to do wonders for their attendance problem at home.
  21. I think it’s $25 monthly or about $115 for the whole year (although they keep reducing the price each month to watch the rest of the baseball season). I have to say I have found their streaming engine much better this year. In the past few years I had innumerable crashes and freezes, and had particular problems watching any game which wasn’t yet finished but where I wasn’t watching the live feed. This year the regular season games have gone very well. Plus they wisely added a “Back 10 Secs” and “Fwd 10 Secs” button. Often times if I’m watching the previous night’s game I don’t have 3 full hours, so I’ll skip forward once after each pitch, twice after every foul and three times after every out and still not miss a pitch.
  22. Nah, I love baseball. If all else goes to seed this year, I’ll still watch to see how certain players do (Bundy, Mancini, Sisco, etc.) but might watch a few more games from other teams than I normally would.
  23. Wow. I didn’t realize his first-strike percentage was under 50%, which explains a lot. Some good stuff in here.
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