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  1. I think it greatly depends if it’s a hometown or visiting player. It didn’t feel wrong as a kid to boo Reggie when he was at Memorial Stadium with the Yankees or Angels. I would never boo a hometown player, though.
  2. I was also taught to swing down on the ball, "like you're chopping down a tree with an axe". Then I read Ted's book which directly contradicted that. I figured the Splendid Splinter probably knew more about hitting than my rec league coach, who taught sociology for a living.
  3. There aren’t a lot of regular-season games in April that have me pumping my fist and shouting “Yes!” at the TV, but this series just provided two of them. I thought they were so cooked with Judge at the plate, bases loaded and nobody out. Incredible. And then part of me expected Stanton to avenge his awful game with a walk-off. What a win!
  4. I noticed too and hoped it was only a temporary omission, because it was my go-to option whenever Hunter was handling play-by-play on TV.
  5. Did anyone else think he might have buzzed Judge on purpose in the 1st? I don’t think he was necessarily trying to hit him, maybe just send a warning. Before that pitch was thrown, Judge was getting ready outside the batter’s box and it looked like he was kind of smirking at Gausman. Maybe it wasn’t at Gausman, but there was no runner on second. I thought it was odd. Then he got clipped and was looking at Gausman as he walked to first.
  6. Sure. Which is why I said “one of the best”, and not “the best”.
  7. I really think that was one of the all-time best defensive plays I’ve seen from the Orioles, especially at such a crucial moment. I thought the game was over when the ball got past Caleb. Gregorius wasn’t even remotely close to the plate due to Givens’ quick thinking, and then they go on to win it in 14. Outstanding.
  8. Can’t say enough good things about his start today. He kept a monstrous offense completely off balance in his six innings. Especially striking out Gardner (for the second time) with Wade on third and one out in a scoreless game, then getting Judge out to end the inning.
  9. Last year I was also wondering if he had problems picking up the ball. But it seemed that if he really had a vision problem, he wouldn't be able to pick up throws from the left side of the infield and be able to pick balls out of the dirt, many of which are coming from much further away and nearly as fast. He doesn't seem to have an issue there.
  10. “Weak one” is also the scouting report on Flaherty’s hitting ability.
  11. “105.7, you’re on the air, hello?” “Buenos Dias, this is Uba— uhhh, Eugene. I think they should re-sign Jimenez! Why not?”
  12. I was listening to the Twins broadcast of the game, and when Sisco bunted, Dick Bremer said, “Really?” But Blyleven said he didn’t have a problem with it, since the Twins did the same thing earlier and that if they’re going to shift you should be able to bunt. “I’m fine with it,” he said as Davis came to the plate, “now just get a double play.” Dozier needs to back off. It wasn’t a no-hitter.
  13. Good for him! I had to look up what PFP meant. Pitchers’ Fielding Practice.
  14. I played a while today. Looks great, plays well. I just need to get used to the new menu setup. I only played one h2h game, which went to extra innings in a scoreless game until I ran into a hanging breaking ball and walked it off with a solo homer.
  15. Sure, but if he had gotten regular ABs, his OPS+ would have been at least a 75.
  16. I know it’s a bit silly, but I just threw like $70 on the Orioles making it to the playoffs (any playoffs, even a wildcard game). It was still at 11–to-1 and while I don’t think they’re likely to make the WC, I also don’t think their odds are *that* bad. Worth a flyer. (On the contrary, if you wanted to bet the Indians for the same thing, it was 1-to-10, so betting $70 would get you a $7 profit)
  17. A couple months ago, a friend of mine passed away at age 56. I had worked with him for nearly 25 years. He was the singer for a couple metal bands that did relatively well (Sanctuary and Nevermore). This is a track from his only solo album, an almost painfully autobiographic song from a guy that was normally extremely private.
  18. I love this move. This sport needs more young fans. This team needs more fans (especially those cheering for the home team). And a lot of young kids in the city could use an offer like this. Well done, front office.
  19. There’s also this early Tori Amos song, back from 1980 when she was just Ellen Amos. She entered and won a song contest held by the city, and she wrote it for the Orioles. A copy of this 7” single is worth over $1,000 now. https://youtu.be/FzFvrL_5TUs
  20. The new edition launches on March 27th. I had bought the last four years' worth (and bought a PS4 back in 2013 solely for the sake of this game) but it wasn't until 2017 that I really started to get into it. Maybe because watching the Orioles was more frustrating than fun, I don't know. But the Diamond Dynasty mode was very well designed and I wound up spending a lot of time on the game. Online gameplay had some serious issues and there were some other problems (particularly with tagging animations, base running and catcher animations) but it seems they worked hard to address many of those issues. And the offline gameplay was still the best baseball video game experience I've played -- and I must have played at least different 50 baseball videogames by now. Plus it's an incredibly hard game to learn, it's nearly impossible to master the game but that keeps it continually challenging. I'm really looking forward to this one. Some of the playable / unlockable legends confirmed for this year's edition include Babe Ruth, Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza, Albert Belle, Larry Doby, Vladimir Guerrero and Don Sutton, along with some of the classic players from before (Ripken, Griffey Jr., Ryan, Boggs, Schmidt, Sandberg, Ted Williams, Schmidt, Robbie Alomar etc.). If there are any fellow players out there, you can add/message me, my PS4 tag is: asocial_grace
  21. a/k/a why it’s never a good idea for me to post while talking to the missus.
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