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  1. +1, not only are we stuck inside, taking baseball away is like rubbing salt on the wound. Any semblance of normalcy would be a big boost and I would welcome it.
  2. Lol, whatever you do, one of us will second guess you!
  3. I love the move to go to Givens for Torres in the 8th! Risky to go with Armstrong to close with only 4-run lead. I think I would have gone to Harvey even though not a save situation. Hope he gets in the game in high leverage tomorrow.
  4. Absolutely a bad look as I said, and possibly criminal. Don't want to minimize it and he should be accountable for anything that happened. Still does not seem to fall under the MLB policy (DV and sexual assault), and in my mind there is a huge line that is crossed when anyone goes from mental to physical. I hope for the sake of all involved that nothing physical happened.
  5. "Sent abusive messages, stalked her, and stole items." Not a good look but does not seem to be anything physical being alleged.
  6. As other poster said, he was the top guy who was left at the time but most of the top players had already been signed at that point.
  7. Gleyber is a bigtime Oriole killer. Someone needs to brush him back. We did much better with CBS.com, lost 4-3 on a Voit homer off Harvey. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-opening-day-simulation-shows-what-the-first-day-of-the-baseball-season-would-have-looked-like/
  8. Can OOTP sim that? Will be interesting to see what we get back.
  9. Also try to boost his trade value. I doubt it's going to work though. Needs to be a matchup guy.
  10. Did Davis finish the sim spring OPSing 1.000+? Who was the last man out? Cody Carroll?
  11. The order says not to go to work unless you are in an essential business. The first sentence says it is not "shelter in place" and the whole thing is about which workplaces are closed. Does not say you need to be shut in your house 24/7. Even in SF and NYC you are allowed to get exercise and go to the grocery store.
  12. Excellent read! Just what I needed while shut in with no baseball.
  13. That is my thinking on Martin as well. The question we were discussing was whether Valaika or Velazquez makes the big club as backup SS/utility. One thing I like about Velazquez is he is a switch hitter. His skillset is pretty much ultimate utility player.
  14. I thought we were talking about the MLB club.
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