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  1. Could have similar upside to Nelson Cruz on a one year deal mashing in Camden Yards with one last chance at a big free agent deal. He has every incentive to produce. Even if he isn't traded they could hit him with QO. If Santander and DJ Stewart have to slide to the bench, so be it.
  2. Maybe ownership has said you have $3M budget and it's use it or lose it.
  3. Wouldn't want to give away any competitive advantage and let teams prepare for Mullins. SURPRISE!!!!
  4. I don't think Price costs them anything although losing him may hurt their chances. Arguably Betts is still worth it if you believe that a WS this year is just as meaningful as any other year.
  5. Never thought of computer viruses for Robo imps. I bet the Astros already have guys on this.
  6. Extreme high dollar guys like Price don't need another $10M when they have already made $200M. I saw some quotes from Trout suggesting he is on the fence.
  7. The question is whether a ghostman on second can score on a base hit.
  8. Dunk them in bleach solution and you're good.
  9. With the extra active roster slots, at least one of those guys should be a Jarrod Dyson pinch runner type just for extra innings. The wet rag thing is crazy. That is just ripe for abuse!
  10. Sneaky choice, I like it! I agree, I don't exactly expect breakouts from Hays and Harvey, but I would certainly be disappointed if they are bad. I would like to say that Sisco could fit the Stewart category but I think Stewart is much, much more likely to succeed. Another doghouse guy that was looking really good in the spring is Cody Carroll. Minors resume is too good for his brief MLB numbers to be representative. He could take a leap this year (if he even makes the team).
  11. Our 44 can beat any other team's 60. Quite a statement by Elias.
  12. Martin went #5 so apparently the O's were not the only team who pass on signing him for #1 money.
  13. Doesn't look much different than what you would expect from a typical 40 man roster. Not enough guys to do intrasquad unless there are more names coming. No Mountcastle or Rutschman. No Akin, Lowther, Bauman, or Kremer.
  14. How much could you actually play? With 26 men on the MLB roster, that would leave only 34 to fill presumably two teams. Even with no DH that would leave 9 pitchers per team. Could they play every other day with 3 starters and 6 relievers?
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