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  1. Those are all switching hitting I believe.
  2. Did he face any LHP batting lefty in the minors? How did we not realize at some point in his minor league career that he can't hit righty? Good move but hopefully not too little too late.
  3. He sure does take his time rounding the bases. They had to edit out about half of his trot.
  4. Got a hit in his first AB. I suspect a courtesy grooveball but still cool.
  5. Oh, I don't think anything has changed. Duquette had a plan too. May not have been a good plan, but I don't think for a second spring training determined much of anything. The only exception I can really think of is the year Britton shifted to closer. He came into spring with a game changing bump in velocity. But that's the kind of exception that proves the rule. For the most part if these were real "battles" it would be a bad sign that the organization doesn't know what it's going. Unless a guy has a visible injury or massive improvement, 20 AB's in the spring should not determine anything.
  6. Same as ever. Who makes the backend of the starting rotation and longman roles. I would assume the organization already has a plan and they will go with the plan unless there is an injury. They should already know what these guys are capable of.
  7. Exactly. Making it to July with no setbacks would be an excellent outcome.
  8. I'm all for seeing Lowther and Wells as soon as they are ready. I can't think of anyone on the 40 man roster who should be held back if indeed they are ready. Question is whether they are ready and what is gained by pushing them up.
  9. He definitely came across as a humbled, sober, mature guy. I just hope that he is not a beaten down shell of his former self. I did not hear much excitement. It does sound like he is open to trying new things.
  10. I didn't get too much out of this. There was an opportunity in Baltimore and his agent put a positive spin on it. Not to say that it's wrong, but all his answers started with "my agent said..." I guess it is positive that the organization seems to have a reputation for using tech and analytics. Seems more mature than his reputation now that he has had a few years of comeuppance.
  11. Davis is really unbelievable.
  12. Doesn't that make the battle between Mullins and Stewart? Not a bad thought though. Stewart has to hit to keep his job for sure. Yusniel Diaz a threat as well.
  13. Why would you waste a year (or more) of team control and cost us games to have him learn on the job? I'm OK with giving him some consideration for last year but let him have some success in high minors before pushing him to the bigs. If he is as good as you think he will be up soon enough.
  14. Polished defensively and proven capable of hitting MLB level pitching. He should only be brought up if we know there is no developmental benefit to keeping him down. If there is any uncertainty, let him earn his way and don't burn service time.
  15. +1. If the organization thinks they saw enough in Alternate Site to bring him up, I will trust that. Just based on what we as fans have access to, I don't see how anyone can be certain that he is ready.
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