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  1. Good points. Just seems unusual to go from SS to corner OF without giving 2B a shot. Like I said, maybe he is "that bad".
  2. Let's assume that Villar is traded, as he should be. Wilkerson is a classic utility guy but not an everyday player. I agree that Alberto has potential at 2B. I don't quite believe his bat. Even with his crazy year, he has a terrible OBP and only hit .609 OPS vs RHP. I still believe he is ideally suited as a weak side platoon player/PH. I do not think he is a good long term solution as everyday 2B. How about platoon Alberto vs LHP and Mountcastle vs RHP, with Mountcastle shifting to LF or DH vs LHP? Who else? Bannon? He hit in a small sample at Norfolk but only .740 at Bowie. Now, maybe Mountcastle is "that bad" that it's not even worth a shot. I guess that's my question. From what I heard, the main problem with him at SS/3B has been arm, but that is less of a concern at 2B.
  3. I have every reason to believe he would not be a good 2B but they have no alternatives and his offense could make up for it. Why not try him there when we have nothing to lose? Was he that bad at SS in the minors?
  4. Agreed. I still wonder why they don't try Mountcastle at 2B. If they are going to play him out of position, at least put him somewhere that helps the team.
  5. Also, remember that we are highly likely to trade Givens and possibly Bundy, at the break if not earlier.
  6. Who do we have that is ready right now? Our pitching was so atrocious, we could sign a starter and 2-3 relievers without blocking anyone. I am not suggesting we do all of that but I would not mind one or two extra arms. See if any turn into something and flip for a prospect that can help us in the future.
  7. If we sign anyone, those are the type of guys we are looking at. Pick one and hope for the best. If they don't pan out, nothing lost, nothing gained.
  8. I wouldn't mind a dependable bullpen arm. Maybe an old guy who could be had on a 1 year deal and flipped at the deadline. Kick the tires with a spring training invite for David Hernandez?
  9. Woah, never heard of the shaving cream thing. Is that for real?
  10. The things you come across on Nippon League subreddit... https://www.reddit.com/r/NPB/comments/dg6vtb/former_kintetsu_buffaloes_player_jim_traber_tells/
  11. I'd like to see Mountcastle play OF first before considering that The Plan. I do not want to end up with another Trumbo type guy in the OF again. Ideally I would like three OF's who can catch the ball.
  12. Has to be Sakata. If we expand it to bench players, I think Geronimo Berroa was an extremely underrated piece of the '98 club.
  13. Jim Traber is pretty much exactly like you would expect Jim Traber to be. https://www.news9.com/clip/14926553/jim-traber-tells-story-of-infamous-japanese-baseball-brawl
  14. Trading Villar and Mancini for prospects gets it under $60M. Hope that Cobb, Bundy, and Givens produce in the first half, then trade them. We will need to pay some cash to get rid of Cobb. That might get us down to $52M. That's about as low as it can possibly get this year unless we just give away Bundy and Givens. I don't see anywhere else to cut this year. You just can't have a payroll that low when you have one guy earning $23M.
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