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  1. After the game they said he had some kind of knee injury. He was showing on my fantasy team as day to day. Today they put him on the IL and activated Akin so they will need another move for Zimmerman.
  2. Agreed, he seems to be slightly above replacement level MLB infielder. I'm not saying that as a negative since we got him for nothing. Question is whether we have anyone better in the system. Could be one of those guys that plays all over the field, more than just a utility guy but not quite an every day starter. Or maybe he is trade bait and we flip him for more prospects in a year or two. For now he's earned a shot to start for a while and see what happens
  3. Sounds like Scott could be headed to DL. Lopez has somehow lasted this long, may as well keep him a few weeks longer.
  4. Somebody is gonna have to hit leadoff in front of Rutschmans. If he has a high OBP might as well be Stowers. Nothing wrong with some extra bombs coming in that spot.
  5. Good analysis especially that Burch doesn't need a 40 man spot. Nice job by Elias.
  6. Couldn't hurt if it's a team friendly one year deal. But realistically, if he keeps it up the most likely scenario is that someone signs him for more than we're willing to pay.
  7. If only he could have done this *before* the trade deadline and then put up 8.00+ ERA after we traded him for a decent prospect. Still, very cool and absolutely insane!
  8. Saw he came out early and my hear t skipped a beat. Glad to hear it was just a rain delay.
  9. Now that is a team that messed something up. Hope for their fans sake they are about to announce an extension otherwise that makes NO sense.
  10. I don't see why. He is under team control and will still be cheap in arbitration. Could trade him next year or maybe we will be good and want to keep him. Unless anyone is giving up top prospects that would upgrade our system I would not be giving him away.
  11. I don't know, the only player it really makes sense to trade is Mancini and I would not call it disappointing if we keep him another year. I won't be upset if we stay with what we've got.
  12. Yeah but even if the Os had no leverage they should have been able to use other teams against each other. I know Diaz was ranked higher at the time so maybe just hindsight being 20/20.
  13. Great return for the Twins. Wish we could have gotten at least that much for Manny.
  14. Any reports on his defense? He definitely has some pop in that bat.
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