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  1. I did too but that underscores just how badly I missed on Sedlock in the previous rounds!
  2. I can't imagine anyone voting against him.
  3. I would think Sedlock and Fenter have to be in the top 25 but there is no option with both of them.
  4. Could do a lottery system like the NBA. I'm not convinced it would change anything since the MLB draft is so unpredictable, but Boras is not wrong.
  5. That was my thinking, too. Hall was a higher pick and has already had some success through A. Even Hall he is not a SS, it doesn't sound like Henaiz is either (45 arm?). Will be curious to hear the report on Hall. I wonder if we have a possible Mountcastle issue with him?
  6. +1, I voted for Sedlock/Fenter for this reason. I'd rather bet on the guy who had a bad year and then rebounded than the guy who just had a bad year.
  7. Found the aforementioned JC Encarnacion slam. Good stuff. https: //twitter.com/shorebirds/status/1117261114428010497https://twitter.com/shorebirds/status/1117261114428010497
  8. His big issue is the long ball. He could be great in a nice big ball park with good outfielders.
  9. +1. Will they require pinch hitters to play defense or pinch runners to hit? The 25 man roster is a natural limit. Other than that, let managers get the most out of their players and don't mess with the game.
  10. I went with Sedlock/Fenter on the strength of Sedlock's pedigree and bounce back year, and Fenter's fantastic year at Delmarva. Was very close to voting for Hall/Rodriguez as well.
  11. Of course I know you guys watch the players and do the writeups. I had no idea where the 40/50/60 numbers came from or how often updated.
  12. Lol, I did not mean that personally! Actually I figured the ratings were pulled from mlb.com or one of the scouting websites. Did not realize you guys are doing them yourselves up to the minute. In any case, the whole 40/50/60 scale by its nature involves a lot of subjectivity - especially with pitchers - so it does not surprise me that a guy with lower numbers might be ranked higher. I put a lot more stock in your guys' overall rankings than the tools scales.
  13. You're assuming the rating are accurate and/or up to date.
  14. Sure, he bounced back a bit but W/L should not even be a thing, and 3.77 was worse than 3.34. O's were poised for a big year in 2015. Everyone blames the failure to bring back Cruz but Tillman came in to camp out of shape and Norris hid his back injury. The pitching was so bad we didn't really have a chance.
  15. Has to be Wells next, as his resume is a coin flip with Lowther. I went with Rom at 14. Lots of upside there.
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