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  1. Agreed, I guess what I am saying is Armstrong is becoming a threat to himself and Flaa is probably the next man up. If Armstrong still has a 10.80 ERA on June 1, how much longer do you stick with him? June 15? July 1?
  2. He's on the Orioles, so no.
  3. Agreed the options aren't great, but Flaa is still on the 40 man, has been up, and could be called back. Mattson is a possibility. Abad was signed for a reason.
  4. And faced the minimum 27. Hard to get more perfect than that without being perfect.
  5. I wasn't referring to the record so much as a few key individuals that are below their norms and overall offense being down. As I said. 14-16 feels more sustainable. That doesn't mean I expect over .500. I expect over .417.
  6. You're on a roll today with the GIFs.
  7. Apparently Means is a "target" for the Braves due to all their pitching injuries. I agree he would be a good fit for the Braves or just about any team but I have a hard time seeing what's in it for the O's. Would we even do Means for Pache? https://www.sportstalkatl.com/atlanta-braves-trade-candidate-john-means/ In this scenario, that team is the Baltimore Orioles. With a bunch of money coming off the books after 2021, they are in a position to break it up and rebuild quickly. What better way to do that than target a trade partner with a decent amount of prospect capital? John Means to Atlanta just makes too much sense. Means is under team control until 2025, which is ideal for Atlanta financially. He is not a Cy Young threat just yet, but he can be a solid mid-rotation option with front-end potential. To add to his desirability, he may not cost as much as some other marquee names.
  8. Mike Wright was terrible out of the bullpen.
  9. I feel like this year we have underachieved a bit. Mullins of course is playing over his head but pretty much everyone else is hitting below their norms (Mancini, Mountcastle, Hays, plus Santander injured). Kremer and Zimmerman have been disappointing, but Kremer just had a good turn. We've also done it against a pretty tough schedule. All of which is to say 14-16 feels more sustainable this time. Of course, I probably said the same thing last year with equally good reasons when looking through my orange colored glasses.
  10. Big difference this time is he got the leadoff batter and got the second out before getting a second baserunner. Bullpen needed only one big out. I'm OK with him starting the 5th but should be on a tight leash and removed at first sign of trouble.
  11. Armstrong has been terrible recently and merely bad over a large sample. I don't see what there is to like by either metric except that he is cheap and keeps us from starting the clock on any of the young guys.
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