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  1. I wish I could unsee this. The horror...
  2. Exactly. The garbage can thing was a team thing that couldn't be pinned on a single player. If any of them were individually wearing devices, I think that is new information and worth player suspensions if proven. PED penalties are a precedent.
  3. A team goes to diabolical lengths to cheat, they are suspect. That is why cheating is bad for the game and why MLB should come down hard.
  4. I think he is most effective as a late inning matchup reliever when the manager can exploit his splits against RHB. Going back to that role will help him tremendously. RHB have career .567 OPS against him. Even in a down year last year that number was .587. He has always had extreme splits and will always have extreme splits. Manage him around who he is and not who we want him to be.
  5. I am excited by Bauman, Kremer, and Lowther too. They have performed just as well, just less pedigree factor. Hall has some major bust potential if he can't get his walks down. Then again he could be the next Chris Sale. Would be great if we could develop a couple of Ace level guys. Looks like pitching will be the core of the rebuild.
  6. I dont see any reason to expect a breakout. Eye test says he looks like a ballplayer but then again Larry Bigbie scored high on the eye test. I think Bannon has a higher ceiling now than Rio, not thaf I expect anything from Bannon either.
  7. Everyone did steroids, doesn't make it right. MLB is responsible for the integrity of the game and has to make an example out of somebody even if the Astros were just the ones who got caught. It does seem like they took sign stealing to a new level that they had to know was wrong.
  8. That would be awesome if he was actually as good as Juan Soto.
  9. He will come up if and when Elias says he comes up. Could be when a fork is stuck in Davis or Mancini is traded.
  10. Dont forget the big Chris Davis comeback.
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/2020-fantasy-baseball-draft-prep-top-100-prospect-rankings/ Rutschman #13 GrayRod #40 (Jose Fernandez upside comparison!) Mountcastle #43 Hall #70 Austin Hays #78 Big improvement from last year, we had only Diaz #59, Mountcastle #86, and Hays #91. This year Diaz is out, but Mountcastle and Hays move up incrementally, and Rutschman, GrayRod, and Hall are on the board. Too high for Mountcastle? Too low for Hall or Hays?
  12. I would be content for them to take Chris Davis.
  13. Congrats! You are living the dream! Make me think the O's actually know what they are doing and are headed in a good direction.
  14. He was an every day player for several years. I would call him core.
  15. Early '80s: Terry Crowly, Len Sakata '89: Steve Finley '90s: Geronimo Berroa, Jesse Orosco. '00s: Matos '10s: Delmon, for that one big hit. Kim. Would Pearce count as non core?
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