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  1. Very exciting. I had a feeling it might be Mayo but just couldn't bump him up that aggressively with Cowser having pedigree and also performing well.
  2. I went with Cowser at #3 so will stick with him at #4. Could also see DL here.
  3. I think Henderson is a smokescreen option. I have a feeling Westburg may be higher of the potential middle infield guys.
  4. This is going to be an interesting one. I think you can make a good argument for all five. I'm going Cowser on pedigree, strength of his debut, and lack of health concerns.
  5. His specific memories of draft day also jumped out at me.
  6. I would not say just fine. The big market teams have an easier path. Tampa is not always competitive, they won 68 games in 2016 and below .500 every year 2014-2017. They were a doormat from 98-07. Yes, it is possible for small markets to succeed but I think it is a lot more difficult than sports with salary caps.
  7. Did not know Gunnar Henderson had any family members on the board. Welcome!
  8. As recently as June quite a few posters had Grayson #1. https://forum.orioleshangout.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42154-is-grayson-rodriguez-our-no-1-prospect-now/
  9. Braves are the only remotely likable team left. Too bad we don't get to see them with Acuna.
  10. Glad he's still there if needed. Does him passing through make it easier to nontender Pedro?
  11. I bet Valdez was a substantial factor to the changeups. He threw 3.3% of our innings and almost all changeups. Take him out of the mix and we're probably #3. With Means, Akin, Zimmerman, plus Lowther and Wells I am also guessing we have a somewhat LH heavy rotation. We're low in sliders but high in cutters. Aren't they basically the same pitch?
  12. I guess what I am saying is take every draft and every player on a case by case basis. If there are multiple HS players worthy of #1 don't pick the college guy just because it's hard to choose from the HS guys. I do think Elias likes college guys and that is fine if that's what the models say. I am just saying pick the college player because you think he will have the best return relative to risk, period.
  13. What if all three have more upside than the college guy? It's rare but if you had three Bobby Witt type players and no Rutschman, I wouldn't make the difficulty of choosing which Witt-type prevent you from choosing one.
  14. As much as I love Mullins I would have to give strong consideration to that deal.
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