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  1. Cheaper than Nunez and lefty. That said I would be surprised if he makes our Opening Day roster. A little surprised to lose Eshelman but I'm not broken up about it.
  2. I'm not seeing any obvious choices. Maybe this guy? Roster him as defensive sub this year, kind of like Richie Martin? Wander Javier, Twins #9, 60 arm/60 field, would have been in AA last year.
  3. So you're going to arbitration with Nunez just to have someone to maybe hit marginally better vs lefties? I mean, maybe money is a factor, but in terms of bang for buck I have no problem with them letting Nunez walk. Sure it is "all about money" -- it is all about not wasting money. Also losing Nunez creates another 40 man spot. If you keep him, you risk losing Wells, Mattson, or Bannon. Which of those guys do you want to see on another time so that Nunez can DH vs lefties?
  4. They pushed payroll over $100M in 2015-17 if memory serves. There may not be a separate slush fund from money saved in cost cutting years but I am sure there is some kind of system for rewarding the GM for meeting cost goals. Otherwise there would be no incentive to cut costs. No young GM would take a job if the description is purely to cut costs with nothing at the end of the rainbow.
  5. No problem with this move. Nunez has plus power and that is about it. OBP is meh, hit is meh, fielding is terrible, and he is not left handed. He is just not a good enough hitter to be a DH and has no other position. Just not worth giving up a promising player like Wells. Could have made a case for getting rid of Ruiz but I think with the current roster Nunez is more expendable. DJ can do everything Nunez did (identical 121 OPS+ last year) but he is lefty and has a high OBP. Don't forget, we have Mancini coming back as well as Diaz ready.
  6. Glad they are keeping Mattson and Wells. A little surprised but I like it. Will miss Nunez but not that much. Much prefer to lose Nunez than risk losing anyone with prospect value.
  7. Would be my list too. Would be very disappointed to lose Wells.
  8. An injury could allow you to stash a guy on the DL until you know what you've got. Worked in Santander's case.
  9. He kept Martin and has benefited from Santander. I wouldn't read anything into what he did last year. Just depends on who is available, what the needs are, and roster capacity.
  10. The defense and hitting are pretty bad too.
  11. Pretty impressive that Mountcastle has already had some MLB success and is only #5. Knock on wood, that hopefully bodes well for 1-4. Kremer too.
  12. I doubt there is a MLB GM dumb enough to trade us a legitimate prospect for Cobb. What did we give up for Bud Norris and Scott Feldman? Wait, don't answer that!
  13. Based on how Milone pitched (predictably) for the Braves, we would have won this deal with a bag of balls coming back. Sounds like we did a little better than that.
  14. Someone we can get on a one year deal and flip if they are doing well. Maybe Shoemaker?
  15. If the team would be sold without moving would be even more amazing!
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