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  1. Sometimes there is the "accidentally on purpose" brushback pitch that turns into a HBP. My kids accidentally do stupid stuff all the time and they get consequences because they should no better. That said, I did not see the play in question so I have no idea if that is the case here.
  2. Does Jorge remind anyone else of Jerry Seinfeld?
  3. We'll see. I don't see anything remarkable in his stuff or resume (OK, he had one awesome year in AA in 2015?). Would you keep him and leave Alex Wells unprotected if it came down to it?
  4. PS I disagree that Lopez has been good. Not bad I would agree with. And again, if keeping him means leaving any prospects unprotected he should be vulnerable.
  5. Do you think anyone would add him in Rule 5 and carry him on a MLB roster? He is pretty low on my list but I could see protecting some of our other guys over him if we needed to.
  6. In order of most to least vulnerable I would add: Urias Kline Lopez Holaday Valdez Sulser Ruiz McKenna Valaika Depending on who we need to protect, I could see arguments for losing any of these guys.
  7. See, this is the problem with a subjective policy like "well groomed". You give these guys an inch and they take a mile. A subjective policy is essentially the same as no policy. Either let the guys go full Justin Turner or make them shave. Personally I lean toward the old (actual) policy. I blame Cashner for all of this.
  8. By the end of next year his ERA might sit at 2.50!
  9. Very exciting! Some very promising experience to build on for Kremer, Akin, and Mountcastle, plus DJ and Mullins. Starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Cool name and wasn't terrible. Sorry, all I got.
  11. I would not be opposed to replacing Lopez. I know he was good in his last start but overall I don't really know what he's doing here. If there is room for him in the bullpen that is fine but let's see what the kids can do.
  12. I wouldn't touch Richards. Paxton is interesting.
  13. I always thought RF was less difficult. That is where Trumbo played. You need a stronger arm to throw to third. I think RH batters hit fewer balls to RF so if you want to hide someone you hide them there.
  14. I said "traded or nontendered". Nunez would be more likely to be traded, Mancini to be nontendered. Mancini could also be traded midseason once he shows he is back to form which might open up a spot for Diaz. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating nontendering Mancini but he was due $5M this year and is a huge question mark. Hopefully they can come to terms in a mutually beneficial deal. Still, it is a possibility and makes a fair amount of sense from a purely financial standpoint.
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