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  1. In March? Uh, no that was a very real possibility by then. The information about how fast it can spread and the length in what it would take to get a viable vaccine were known. If either party is suffering because they thought otherwise when agreeing to the deal. They have nothing but their own ignorance to blame. We didn't have the information about a need for mask, indoor vs outdoor transmission at the time, but those factors shouldn't have made a season with fans less viable. if anything, more viable.
  2. No, but the salary cap makes things very wonky in the NBA and NHL. While the NFLs system really screws over the players. The only way I see the MLBPA giving into a salary cap is if they cut the years of control right in half. Which would basically change strategy away from developing home grown talent.
  3. Saving 1 roster slot when you are near the top the board in rule 5. See what they got then cut your loses if it doesn't work. Totally get it. Why have we been using 2 roster slots though? Using that roster slot for wavier claims is probably smarter, honestly.
  4. Well he was. Then Springer re-tooled his swing after his rookie year and kept making improvements in contact. Now his K's are more a reflection of working the count and getting into more 2 strike situations. With Moutcastle you are hoping on getting better at pitch recognition and not going down the Rognad Odor path. Who is terrible at both pitch and zone recognition despite coming into the league with bat to ball skills. Good bat to ball skills are a curse when you don't know what's coming. Just leads to a ton of weak contact. You don't really need strike zone recognition/passiveness if you have pitch recognition and barrel control. Rafael Devers proved that last year.
  5. Lets blind you all with numbers and colors! Year: Inning Usage ERA (xFIP) 2016: 6th/7th inning guy 3.13 (3.78) 2017: 6th/7th/8th inning guy 2.75 (3.85) 2018: 7th/8th inning guy 3.99 (4.11) 2019: 8th/9th inning guy 4.57 (3.62) Usage numbers Games with zero days rest: 8 - 13 - 10 - 9 Games in save/hold/tie: situation: 22 - 29 - 30 -39 Fastball usage: 64 - 72 - 77 - 70 Slider usage: 30 - 20 - 14 -16 Change usage: 6 - 8 - 9 - 14 wOBA Against Splits LHH: .437 - .274 - .294 - .375 RHH: .233 - .268 - .258 - .255 % LHH Faced: 31 - 36 - 39 - 40 Statcast Barrels/PA against: 3.4 - 6.6 - 3.9 - 11.0 Exit Velo: 84.7 - 86.7 - 85.2 - 88.6
  6. Curiosity, of course. I looked into r/ right baseball after you said that. Don't even have a reddit account. Don't really care too.
  7. Very Good eye, but limited plate coverage and power output. He has a career .218 BA off 4-seamers. It's tough to survive in the MLB when you can't capitalize on the most common pitch. Just makes it too easy for opposing pitchers. You better be some kinda elite tier breaking ball crusher. Which he really isn't. He would need a complete swing overhaul to even have a chance of becoming something other then "Meh"
  8. Yeah, voiding contracts is going to cause more problems then it solves. If you are going to an extreme of breaking up an MLB team. You would have a draft. Not make them free agents.
  9. Are we talking about patience or having the eye for the K zone? If you don't have the eye for where the zone is, being patient isn't going to help you in the long run. You will just put yourself in 2 strike counts for days. When a player doesn't have the eye. You just need to turn them into "selectively aggressive" over just plain aggressive.
  10. 5th Year in an MLB Org>>>2nd Year in an MLB Org + 3 years of college. Colleges have fallen behind in terms of properly developing hitters in the launch angle age. I'd be wiling to wager the peak age for a college hitter vs prep hitter is going to be wider then it was 10 years ago. Would be interested in an up to date study on this (I've seen studies done before, but that was mostly pre-launch angle)
  11. They can only due what the CBA allows them. Handing lifetime bans for the GM and mananger is the only thing you can change here that makes it worse. I've never been a fan of retro-active title strips in team sports. Once you start revising history, where do you stop? Winning championships with roid users on them?
  12. Switch hitters bloom late. Usually are someone with a good feel for contact or some PD though. Not the tri-fecta of bad hitting (no-power, -no-contact, no-PD). Kinda guy talent deficient teams takes chances on with a flexible glove. So, here we are.
  13. He's been a terrible hitter outside of his random good 2017. Glove first 34 year old. I'd rather be taking fliers on younger flawed guys. NEXT
  14. If I draft a player who becomes a notable prospect. Trade him for something productive and that prospect never pans out. Was that a successful or un-successful draft pick?
  15. Could just mean competitive edge in the draft are exaggerated from team to team. It's extremely structured, the notable players are all heavly scouted. While there might have been information gaps 10-20 years ago that lead to niches. They are pretty much gone now. The Orioles largely ignoring the other major talent pool collection (IFA market) had a far greater effect on the Orioles then any shortcoming in the rule 4 draft. They have been playing this game with 1 hand tied behind their back the whole time.
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