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  1. Luke Scott had a career .821 OPS. That's really good. Seems like overall health issues really killed him. He played more than 131 games just once (148).
  2. I am happy and would love for him to heat up. I actually started this thread because I have always had a soft spot for him, but couldn't even justify him anymore to my biased self.
  3. Exactly, and maybe a couple bucks saved due to the time value of money. This could have happened 2 years ago.
  4. Agree - my point was that it just doesn't save much money.
  5. This team is on a budget and they are investing their budgeted dollars into international scouting and facilities along with improved analytics. While 5m may not seem like much, it buys a lot of scouts, facility improvements and analytics people/machines. Not trying to be combative, but 6m matters to this club.
  6. That's my interpretation, but agree, it is not clear. At the end of the day, this doesn't really save all that much money. The O's get some time value of money benefits and maybe they save the 6m of next years deferred, but that's it.
  7. I think this saves the O's the 6m deferral of next years salary. The 17m in cash he would receive next year is split over 3 years.
  8. Bob Nightengale said he will still be paid, just deferred over 3 years.
  9. I have been pretty patient as I think he has some really good OBP skills. But I am at the point where I just don’t see his skills translating enough. He just doesn’t have enough of a hit tool, defense tool or power tool to pair with his OBP. I really liked him and was able to look past the occasional defensive gaff. I’m not an expert at all, so I ask the hangout faithful: am I missing something? I really want to see something in him, but OBP isn’t enough, you need to have some other skills. He swings and misses routinely.
  10. I think I worded it poorly. My point was that it takes more than just Grayson and Adley to build a championship team. Not only do we need those guys to pan out as stars, we need a ton of depth and mid-level talent. But even acquiring that many stars is difficult.
  11. Perhaps I worded poorly. I meant that the support cast and depth is going to take time to build out. Maybe Grayson and Adley become stars, but there is a lot of mid range talent that this team needs to develop/acquire.
  12. True, but it is incredibly difficult and requires a ton of injury luck.
  13. Exactly. Elias wants a talent pipeline. Not some quick fix compete for 4 years window.
  14. That's exactly my point. You see these teams with 3-5 stars who still sit at 500. I think it is going to take 4-5 to truly assemble enough stars and supporting cast.
  15. I'm not knocking Elias. I know some are frustrated with him, but I am happy with his progress. He's not perfect, but I like his plan/vision. Just don't think this team is less than 4-5 years at a minimum away from getting 90-100 wins
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