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  1. The "Oriole way" relates back to Cal Ripken Sr. Back way before his sons were major leaguers.
  2. Hey CoC! I was born and raised in Arkansas. As a lifelong Razorback fan, I have watched many Razorback games in person and via SEC Network. I think I've seen Kjerstad play ball probably a few more times than you have.
  3. I stand by my assessment of Kjerstad. You are the one who brought Manny into the conversation. Why do I bother even responding?
  4. You're such a "troll"! Machado was a Dodger when he did that. Boo on you!
  5. All I know is this. Kjerstad can flat out hit the baseball. He plays the game the "right way". The Oriole way.
  6. O's fans are gonna grow to love Kjerstad. He's a high character kid with a high ceiling as a baseball player. As an Arkansan and of course a big Razorback fan, I have watched him play many times in college. He has that "it" factor that is so rare. BTW, he is much more solid defensively than some are giving him credit for. Give this kid a chance please before passing judgement.
  7. I've got a pretty strong feeling that MLB will not even make it through Spring Training 2.0 before shutting down. Hope I'm wrong.
  8. I'd say the odds of a 2020 MLB season are slim and none.....
  9. I guess 16 team playoff would be okay for this season (if there is a season). I don't like a 16 team playoff for the long haul, but am willing to entertain the idea of a 12 team playoff. It should keep more fans engaged.
  10. Great player! One of my idols growing up along with Brooksie and Johnny U.
  11. The more I read about LHP Asa Lacey, the more I like him.
  12. With each day that passes a 2020 baseball season seems less likely. So sad.
  13. Martin has his flaws, but so do all the top five projected draft picks. I think I'd be okay with anyone of them.
  14. I want baseball back! Alas, as each day passes, I find it less likely we'll see a 2020 season. That's a real bummer.
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