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  1. As a longtime Orioles and Razorback fan I hope we will someday see Kjerstad on the ballfield in an Orioles jersey. This kid can flat out hit a baseball.
  2. List of Orioles whom have had their jersey numbers retired is a short one, as well it should be. #4 Earl Weaver. #5 Brooks Robinson #8 Cal Ripken Jr. #20 Frank Robinson #22 Jim Palmer #33 Eddie Murray Interesting that all 5 of these Orioles earned World Series rings and all 5 have statues at the ballpark.
  3. As he was climbing his way thru the minor leagues I thought Aiken could be a decent big league pitcher. Not a Cy Young winner, not an ace of the staff, but at the least a "serviceable " starter. What the hell has happened to our first wave of "the Cavalry"? Aiken, Kramer, and Lowther have been huge disappointments this season.
  4. As the poster whom started this topic: This team is getting even more horrible as the season progresses. We've got two probable all-stars on this team in Means and Mancini, yet we are not even respectable. Why can't we play .500 baseball or somewhere close to that while we "rebuild"? We've got great "prospects" down on the farm. But that's all they are right now--just prospects. Elias's butt should be hanging from a sling come next season if improvement is not seen. I'm with Tony Oh. I'm tired of losing and especially losing at the pace we are losing.
  5. Anyone care to revise their projected win total for this years team?
  6. It appears as though this current team is in a downward spiral. Have lost 10 of their last 12 games. Winning percentage now at .395 (tied with Detroit for 3rd worst in MLB). I never harbored any great hope that this years team could flirt with .500 baseball. The talent is just not there--yet. Fundamentally, this team is horrid. Is that due to lack of talent or poor coaching by Hyde and his staff? On the positive side, looks like yet another high draft pick.
  7. Perhaps he reported to the coaches that he felt a little extra soreness. Perhaps not. Could be innings management. Could be anything. We'll probably never know.
  8. Not sure how many teams would be interested in Franco at the trade deadline. Maybe we could get a couple of recently signed latin-american players, ala the Cashner deal.
  9. He's still under team control for a few more years. Why do you say he's not part of the O's future? Please elaborate.
  10. I see this as a make or break year for Stewart. Give him plenty of at-bats. See what we have with him. Part of the future or not.
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