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  1. Dumb question. The Mets are currently without a manager. Can they hire a manager during this lockout or is it againt the rules?
  2. Does anybody here really believe we'll see a Rule 5 draft on December 5th? If owners and players hammer out a new CBA agreement a week or two before spring training then I'm not optimistic they will bother with a Rule 5 draft this off-season. It's still okay to speculate. What else is their for a basball fan to do this time of the year?
  3. Agreed. That's a pretty good synopsis of the current state of the O's from a national writer.
  4. Not really much here we didn't already know in this article. The writer does warn to "temper" expectations of Adley. Heck, it's the offseason. Always looking for another perspective on the O's. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tonyblengino/2021/11/10/baltimore-orioles-are-at-a-critical-point-in-their-tank-rebuild/amp/
  5. As a fan, I would feel sorry for Mullins, Means, Mountcastle, Hays, etc. knowing they are looking at another 100+ loss season. For heavens sake get these guys at least a little bit of help and hope.
  6. The MLB Trade Rumours article mentions that the Reds are probably looking for a return package similar to what they got for Jose Berrios. Two top 100 MLB prospects from the Blue Jays.
  7. I'm not advocating such a trade. Just throwing it out there as what it would probably take to just get the Reds attention.
  8. No chance Reds would go for that kinda deal. I'm thinking it would take D.L Hall and another top 10 prospect to at least grab their attention.
  9. According to MLB TradeRumours the Reds are open to trading starting pitcher Luis Castillo. Two years of team control remaining. Career 3.72 ERA and never been on the IL. Reds asking price is reported to be high. Should we be interested? If so, what type of package would it take to get him? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/11/reds-willing-to-discuss-luis-castillo-in-trade-talks.html
  10. DD was brough in to win now. He already had a big-time manager in Buck Showalter. A core to build around (Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, J.J. Hardy). Elias was brought in to build from the ground-up. Two different scenarios. Seems like only Elias will determine when or if their comes a time to "flip on the switch".
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