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  1. Fenter is a very interesting case. If the choice were up to me, I would protect him from the Rule 5 Draft. Million dollar bonus baby whom has gone through TJ surgery. This past season showed why he so highly regarded coming out of high school. His "upside" is way higher than others currently on the 40-man roster. Just my opinion...
  2. I would definitely protect Gray Fenter. If left unprotected some organization will surely draft him and try to stash him in the bullpen. He has battled back from TJ surgery and is now showing why the O's drafted him out of high school as a million dollar bonus baby.
  3. At least Marconi could build a pretty good radio back in the day. 😉😉
  4. I like Villar. I say keep him unless another team is willing to overpay for his services. And no I would not non-tender him.
  5. Throw him against the wall and see if he sticks. Note:. A Velcro suit will enhance his chances.
  6. Some very familiar names on the list. Latest name is Scott McGregor.
  7. Take care of yourself Jim and get well soon. We all love you!
  8. Further fuel to the fire for the Orioles (perhaps behind the public eye) being for sale? I personally don't buy into the rumors of O's moving to Nashville or any other market. I can see where the Angelos family might want to just get out of this mess while they can still break even or perhaps make a little money. JMHO.
  9. Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Colts, and Baltimore Bullets.
  10. Traded for a case of Philly Steak sandwiches.
  11. Wake me up when September comes.
  12. I would imagine Elias is working the phone lines hard trying to find a trade partner for Villar. If 7ish is his arb number, I suspect he will be non-tendered.
  13. If 7m is the number, then I would non-tender him.
  14. Tough call. He's making 4.8 million this year. Probably seeking 6+ million in arbitration this off-season. I tend to think Elias would prefer to trade him before the deadline if the return is satisfactory. JMO.
  15. rudyrooster

    Toby Welk

    Is he Lawrence's grandson? Just curious.
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