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  1. Was looking at Gentile on baseball reference. He finished 3rd in the 1960 rookie of the year voting. Oriole Ron Hansen finished 1st and Oriole Chuck Estrada finished 2nd. Not to shabby.
  2. Seems baseball on field protocols are working pretty good. Based on the test results so far it did not spread to the Phillies which as a player would make me feel pretty good. And if Marlin players did go to a strip club (as has been rumored) I am sure it was just for a to go order of wings and left immediately after picking up the order.
  3. You would think that MLB has a contingency plan if something like this happened. They should open the book to what ever page that plan is on and proceed accordingly. There is no way they could not have a plan for something like this.
  4. it seems to me that cancelled is different from postponed. Usually when a game is rained out it is postponed. The fact that they say this game is cancelled makes me unsure how it will be handled.
  5. Will they be able to use an "invisible" runner if they one?
  6. I see Pat Kelly played for the Royals in this game. I remember Kelly hitting a pinch hit home run against the Red Sox that won the game and Bill Odonell went crazy (in his own way) by calling him Harold Patrick Kelly blah blah. I think i found the game, it was on 5/23/79. 79 was a pretty exciting year except for the very end.
  7. i had 69. In reality the best you could get is 92 unless you know Browns history.
  8. That is what i thought also but i havent seen anybody else with that opinion. Thanks for being there:)
  9. You played in the East Shore Twilight League?
  10. I assumed it was a single season. I just wanted to point out that once upon a time the Os were pretty effing good:)
  11. We beat the Royals 24 times in a row. That was over 3 seasons, 1969, 1970 and 1971. We lost the first game in 69 then won 11 straight that season. Swept all 12 in 70 and won the first game in 71.
  12. My favorite player during the time he was here and in the top couple ever for me. I will miss seeing number 10 on the team.
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