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  1. i had 69. In reality the best you could get is 92 unless you know Browns history.
  2. That is what i thought also but i havent seen anybody else with that opinion. Thanks for being there:)
  3. You played in the East Shore Twilight League?
  4. I'm surprised there is no love for Kiko.
  5. I assumed it was a single season. I just wanted to point out that once upon a time the Os were pretty effing good:)
  6. We beat the Royals 24 times in a row. That was over 3 seasons, 1969, 1970 and 1971. We lost the first game in 69 then won 11 straight that season. Swept all 12 in 70 and won the first game in 71.
  7. My favorite player during the time he was here and in the top couple ever for me. I will miss seeing number 10 on the team.
  8. My all-time favorite player. Very sad day.
  9. How many times have you seen a runner touch the 1B on routine ground balls? Touch, not hit their heel twice in a week and a half?
  10. 7.17 seconds to get to first base. That's a fact.
  11. Well for one thing I never said Manny didnt have a fast time running from 2nd to home. I never questioned that. What I did say was that he had no buisness looking behind him to see where the ball was going. That slowed him down. I also said that he slowed down coming around 3rd and than had to kick it into a higher gear. As far as the 6-3 185 comment. That was in response to the "big man" comment. Without question he is not 185 that was kind of a smart a$$ remark to the big man comment. Also without question nobody is going to call him a big man.
  12. Typical reply. What was he looking at when the ball was hit before he started running hard? There were 2 outs. The only thing he should have looked at was the 3rd base coach. By the way, Manny is listed as 6-3 185. Lorenzo Cain is listed at 6-2 205. Now I am sure the comeback will be "that hasnt been updated in years, blah blah blah". People keep finding excuses for this guy. Just watch with an open mind.
  13. It was bush league. Just like Manny. All you Manny lovers can slobber all over him but he is bush league. When he scored the winning run last night he slowed down for an instant around third and just beat the throw.
  14. If you are building your franchise around Schoop you are not going to have much of a franchise.
  15. When I heard about Bote's homerun and them saying it was only done a few times before I thought of Hoiles homerun. But I thought he hit it in extra innings and I thought the O's were only down 2 when he hit it. I looked on baseball reference and was surprised to see that Hoiles hit 8 grand slams in his career and 3 in his last season. Just for comparison sake Brooks had 6.
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