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  1. He’s a 33 year-old who strikes out 4 and a half per 9. He might have slightly more trade value than a pit beef sandwich. And that’s only because he’s left-handed.
  2. Did you think we were getting a top 100 prospect for Dick Bleier? This is the best we could hope for.
  3. Would be cool to end up with an even run differential or close to it. We’re at -13 right now, which is much better than “playoff team” Toronto. Our run differential was -270 and -252 in 2018 and 2019, respectively. Obviously those were 162 game seasons, but it’s hard to not be encouraged by the progress the team has made this year.
  4. The Blue Jays are so bad. Can’t believe they’re gonna make the playoffs.
  5. Well sure, but it’s common knowledge that C and SS are the most important defensive positions, with 2B and 3B being in the next tier along with CF.
  6. Well that’s absurd. Clearly infield defense is more important.
  7. Kiermaier was a well above-average hitter by CF standards for a few years. He had a couple down years but he’s hitting well again this year.
  8. Mike Wright making Pujols and Trout look silly in his debut comes to mind. Hopefully Akin and Kremer have much better careers than Wright and Cabrera.
  9. Speaking of the Blue Jays, I’m really enjoying Vlad Jr. being a mediocre MLB player. Obviously he’s still very young and could turn it around, but how hilarious would it be if he caps out as a 2 WAR player? Dude hits everything into the ground and is a totally worthless defender. FanGraphs has him at 0.5 career WAR in 163 games.
  10. It’s ABs, not PAs. Hays had 138 PA coming into this year and 128 ABs.
  11. Most underrated comment in OH history.
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