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  1. Wander Franco called up.
  2. Isn’t that below average nowadays? His other stats are also slightly below average 😛
  3. Yeah that’s just classless. I also remember Marcus Stroman intentionally throwing at Caleb Joseph’s head.
  4. And some people wonder why I hate the Blue Jays WAY more than Boston and NYY.
  5. Just saw the video of the Franco HBP earlier. Glad to see that the Blue Jays are still the biggest clown organization in baseball. Some things never change.
  6. When you check the standings and the Blue Jays are 33-34:
  7. Only an .852 OPS this week. He’s in a slump.
  8. 11. Sal Frelick Outfielder, Boston College 5-foot-9, 180 pounds Frelick has been a standout on one of the best Boston College teams in recent history. Possesses plus bat speed, double-plus foot speed, and the ability to cover tons of ground in centerfield. Disciplined hitter with a short left-handed stroke and a knack for the barrel. Frelick has begun showing a little more pop in-game this year. Archetype is still being established, but some evaluators liken the finished package to a Brian Roberts type of player. Regardless, he's a true centerfield prospe
  9. ArtVanDelay

    2021 Mets

    Jacob deGrom has more RBIs than earned runs allowed.
  10. And he would be easily the best catcher in baseball with that slash line.
  11. I’d like to thank everyone in this thread for reminding me of how horrible our pitching has been over the years.
  12. Frelick seems like a left-handed Chris Taylor.
  13. Same OPS but Arozarena’s wRC+ is 111 while Mountcastle’s is 99.
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