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  1. I never thought firing Harbaugh would make any sense. You'll almost certainly get someone worse. He's a top 5 coach in the league.
  2. This is first time I’ve had a chance to sit down and watch a game this year. Very impressive so far!
  3. He probably shouldn't be allowed to have a roll of quarters given his past.
  4. He’s a 25 year old that costs nothing to acquire and has a good chance to be an average or even above average MLB player in a full season’s worth of games. His defense looks pretty good after a quick glance at his Baseball Reference and Fangraphs pages.
  5. Addison Russell is exactly the type of player we should be picking up. Only 25 years old, high upside. Of course his past complicates things but someone is going to sign him either way, so why not us?
  6. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but Marcus Peters was absolutely awful yesterday. Pathetic effort on the 49ers TD pass on their first drive, and at least 3 key missed tackles that I saw, including on the 40 yard TD run.
  7. Got free tickets to this game from a family friend who has season tickets. A lot of fun despite the miserable rain and cold. Glad the Ravens pulled it out!
  8. Safe to say that Maryland will soon be cellar dwellers in the Big Ten with Rutgers hiring Greg Schiano.
  9. Aglets' game threads have us on a 7 game winning streak, risky to switch it up. 😛
  10. I’m surprised the Rams haven’t pulled Goff.
  11. Did he? I was thinking that was DeCosta’s draft. I stand corrected. I have been impressed with DeCosta this year though.
  12. I’m gonna say it. Eric DeCosta has been a big upgrade over Ozzie at GM.
  13. Lamar is making me nervous when he scrambles up by 30. Put RGIII in next drive.
  14. I was thinking the same thing.
  15. Great comparison. Let's hope Lamar can continue to be as consistently elite as Trout.
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