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  1. It’s kinda amazing how bad #4 overall picks have been over the last 25 years but I still have no problem with labeling Matusz as a bust.
  2. Lol I wish I had coined the term but I’ve seen it on here and Testudo Times.
  3. They’ll make the tournament and lose in the first round. Turgeon will get an extension and we’ll be stuck in Turgetory for another decade.
  4. Zach Pop also made the list as a long shot “I want Zach Pop in the big leagues based on name alone, but I have trouble seeing him getting into a Top 100. Despite the big velocity, he’s more of a weak-contact producer than a pure bat missed, so it’s hard to see him in an end-of-game role.“
  5. Good for the Padres. He’s becoming the face of baseball.
  6. Last year was especially brutal with no March Madness or Masters.
  7. Imagine if he hadn’t worked on his defense for those 2 weeks. He’d be the worst fielder in baseball instead of the second worst.
  8. Yeah, he’ll probably take the $45MM next year and then opt out.
  9. Technically it’s not a multi-year deal until he picks up his option next year. The contract is 3/102 or whatever but will basically be 1/40 or 2/85. Unless he totally falls apart/gets injured.
  10. Cone Hernandez Hamels Pettite Saberhagen Finley Oswalt Buehrle Hershiser Hudson
  11. Why does that sound terrible? I’d take that in a heartbeat.
  12. At AA or AAA? This dude would get absolutely destroyed at the big league level.
  13. Weeks hit 4 career home runs. Jones has 50-grade raw power according to Fangraphs.
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