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  1. Peters is the #14 CB in the league according to PFF. HIgher than Marlon Humphrey. The secondary has been trash so far this year, but it could be pretty damn good once we get Jimmy Smith back. Maurice Canady has also emerged as a pretty good player. That would give us 4 good corners. Of course we also need our safeties to step up.
  2. For Kenny Young and an undisclosed draft pick. https://ravenswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/15/ravens-trade-for-rams-cb-marcus-peters/
  3. I know some people are uncomfortable with the Washington team's nickname, but that's taking it a little too far.
  4. I rewinded that Tucker field goal about 8 times. The looks on the Steelers fans faces in the background as it looked like he missed and then it knuckled in.....hilarious
  5. At least I have Nick Chubb in my fantasy league!
  6. Worst secondary in Ravens history?
  7. Jefferson is terrible and Earl Thomas seems to be as well.
  8. Seems like we need to scrap all our 2pt plays and start over.
  9. Not impressed by Miles Boykin. Perfect TD pass clanks off his hands
  10. Should be down by 6 now. Instead down by 8 and needing a 2 pt conversion
  11. That 2 point decision will cost us the game if we make a comeback here.
  12. That may be the dumbest Harbaugh decision I've ever seen. Now you HAVE to get 2 points if you score a TD.
  13. What the hell is Harbaugh doing going for 2 when down 11 lol
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