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  1. I’d settle for Ted Williams or Stan Musial.
  2. You think that’s the LIKELY outcome? I would think there’s a better chance that he’s Richie Martin 2.0. Most prospects fail.
  3. Toronto is one of the have-nots of baseball. They’ve had like 2 good seasons in my lifetime.
  4. C+. Was a D until the last two picks.
  5. Hopefully we have significant savings from our top four picks to sign the last two guys.
  6. Would have loved to get Wilcox. SD gets him at 80.
  7. I hate this draft. I guess Kjerstad is getting slot and Haskin overslot? Idiotic.
  8. Actually, it was a competitive balance pick. They traded for it. https://www.truebluela.com/mlb-draft/2020/6/11/21276277/mlb-draft-2020-dodgers-picks-second-day-date-time-tv-streaming
  9. It might have been compensation for losing a free agent? It wasn’t a competitive balance pick.
  10. It’s funny that the Cardinals get comp balance picks.
  11. Maybe we can grab Wilcox at 74? I shouldn’t get my hopes up.
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