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  1. You forgot Lefty Grove and Home Run Baker.
  2. I wouldn’t. He has a history of domestic violence (among various other run-ins with the law). There’s zero chance the Ravens even consider signing him.
  3. It’s tough because if we did sign him, we’re clearly Super Bowl favorites. But what effect would he have on Hollywood and Lamar? I don’t even like that they’re working out with him.
  4. Bush graded pretty poorly by PFF. Seems like he has a knack for big plays but struggles with the routine ones.
  5. I don’t like the idea of trading up. This roster is going to get expensive quickly, so we need lots of young, cheap draft picks. If Murray and Queen are gone, I’d trade down 10-12 picks, pick up a 2021 2nd round pick, and draft Cesar Ruiz.
  6. I thought they already did this and it was Luis Matos. Must’ve been another site.
  7. Yeah, Fort is a good special teams player but clearly not a starting linebacker.
  8. Don’t forget Tyus Bowser. He took a huge step forward last season and I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets 7-8 sacks.
  9. Drafting a guard isn’t the most exciting thing but Cesar Ruiz would be a perfect replacement for Yanda.
  10. Then I keep him. This team has Super Bowl aspirations and you aren’t beating Mahomes without hitting him.
  11. He had no chance of ever reaching another Super Bowl in NE with Mahomes and Lamar in his way. The NFC is deeper but not as strong at the top.
  12. I would hold out for a 1st for Judon. There’s no need to trade him from a cap perspective, and we would need 2 pass rushers if we traded him. Judon could get 15 sacks next year with Campbell and Brockers taking up space. I highly doubt we would get a 1st for him, but the only downside is that you keep him and let him have another Pro-Bowl season.
  13. Should be a first-ballot HOFer.
  14. Close to a perfect first half for the Terps until Cowan commits an idiotic foul on a 3 point attempt. Just 2 turnovers. Smith hits a 3 at the buzzer and the Terps lead 41-28 at the half.
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