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  1. As long as there is no salary cap, it will never end. Other teams can’t just overpay and stash their mistakes on the bench or in the minors. Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs use this to their advantage and are in the playoffs more often than not...and then you have the Dodgers $100 million bench vs. minor league call ups or rag tag bench veterans for the Brewers. People outside those cities just aren’t interested in the same old, same old. MLB needs a salary cap, just like all the other North American professional leagues. They also need a pitch clock.
  2. This was one of the biggest farces I’ve ever seen. Mesa brothers were going to choose Miami so long as they got the money. Having said that, it doesn’t excuse the Orioles. The organization needs a reset and to become respectable.
  3. It’s a wrap, imo. Marlins get the packaged deal...
  4. Yup. If you have 2 of the top 8 players, you basically are a conference final team at a minimum and most likely a championship team. Mike Trout being the best player in baseball doesn’t even sniff the playoffs.
  5. Baseball needs a salary cap for competitive balance. Every other North American sport has a salary cap. MLB wonders why viewership is down and why baseball is being labeled as a regional sport. If they don’t want to get with the modern/current times, then just relegate every team to AAA and have MLB comprised of the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Cubs. Im sure the ratings in those cities will mask the underlying problem.
  6. Machado13


    Social media, TV deals, easy access to streams online have changed the whole box office dynamic. Having said that, it’s still bad that the attendance was on par with that of the Marlins. Yikes!
  7. I actually think mental toughness has been a strength under Buck. They Buck Orioles really grind and they are mentally tough imo. They may be flawed talent wise, but I never question their ability to engage in the fight and not give in. Compare them to the Nats, for example, who have all the talent you could really ask for but they are soft and give up easy imo. If there is one thing the Orioles will do, it is they will not go down easy and they do not fear anyone.
  8. So far, so good imo. Last night is going to happen a couple of times per year just like the night before the Orioles will make their fair share of comebacks. The key is not to let the blown saves/leads spiral out of control and not have to rely too much on comebacks because it's not sustainable. The Orioles are playing well, as evidence by their record. They have had some impressive wins on the road too. Keep grinding.
  9. Sure; I meant come playoff time. Although the bad bullpen (along with injuries) caused them to miss the playoffs in 2015. Given the Mets injuries and drama, they do have some margin of error but it's still a dangerous game to play imo. I have not kept up with their closing situations all season but I know they did blow a few early and have now blown 2 in the past 3 games; to the phillies (Sunday) and last night to the Orioles. It can spiral quickly.
  10. There is no rivalry. This is all just to get radio ratings. I don't look at the Nats as anything more than a National League opponent. They should really fix that bullpen because if they do want to actually win a playoff series, that pen will need major upgrades.
  11. I try avoiding any game Ubaldo starts. Maybe I will tune in late if it's within striking distance against that Nats pen.
  12. And what is scary is he has been their most effective arm. I think the 3 run game tying HR he gave up yesterday was his first runs given up since he joined their pen. The Nats are a pretty darn good team with a really bad bullpen.
  13. Nats have a terrible bullpen. Stay close and win in the late innings. The Nats are not likely to win a playoff series until they stop ignoring their annual bullpen issues.
  14. Yeah. I also would like to pat myself on the back for Toronto imploding. I thought they would collapse with encarnacion gone and Bautista slowing down. What's happened to them is what I expected and couldn't happen to a more deserving, punk team!
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