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  1. Bob Costas and Tony Kubek called the 1983 ALCS that year.
  2. Not coaches but the next numbers I see being retired are Adam Jones #10 and if he continues to play the way he has Manny Machado #13. Retiring numbers should be only for the best of the best a team had and I hope the Orioles don't go the route of the Yankees and retire every number of any player who had an okay career.
  3. The Orioles lost the division the following year on the next to last day of the season. Imagine that team with Reggie Jackson and Bobby Grich on it.
  4. I believe DeCinces was traded (can't remember which team) without him knowing it but the deal feel through. The Orioles was going to keep him but DeCinces was so angry that he told the Orioles just go ahead and trade him and that's how he ended up with the Angels. I do believe if DeCinces had stayed we win the AL East in 1982.
  5. It sounds interesting but I had to chuckle at the part where he says Mark Belanger has a better lifetime fielding% than Derek Jeter. Not exactly the highest praise since Jeter has been bashed for his lack of fielding ability. Belanger may have not been the best hitter but he did have some clutch hits and hit Nolan Ryan hard during his career.
  6. Vern Stephens - Played on the Browns when they won their only pennant in 1944 and also had some terrific years with the Red Sox. Eddie Waitkus - More remembered for nearly being killed by a crazed fan than anything he did in baseball. Larry Harlow - Started the year with the Orioles but in June was traded to the Angels for Floyd Rayford. Had the game winning hit against the Orioles in Game 3 of the 1979 ALCS. Rudy May - Won 18 games for the Orioles in 1977. Ken Holtzman - Played briefly in 1976 before being traded to the Yankees.
  7. Earl Weaver mentions in his book Weaver on Strategy that when the rosters expanded in September he would put Stillman at the top of the batting order and list him as shortstop and after he had his at bat he would pull him from the game and put Mark Belanger in at shortstop. Looking at Stillman's offensive numbers in 1975 he was .429/.467/.429 with an OPS of .829 in 13 games played. The following year his numbers dropped like a rock. In 20 games he was .091/.200/.091 with an OPS of .291.
  8. Your going to win a World Series win your opponents can't catch and throw the ball all over the place.
  9. I first memory of Camden Yards was seeing Chris Hoiles hit a grand slam against the Indians in 93'. I believe Ripken also had a home run in that game. Does anyone remember the Orioles handing out train whistles to blow on during games at Camden Yards.
  10. When I was a kid I walked down where an Oriole was signing autographs and as I got close I thought it was Tim Stoddard but looking at his signature it said Tom Bree. Does anyone remember a Tom Bree who would have played or coached for the Orioles in 1982 or 1983?
  11. "Momentum? Momentum is the next day's starting pitcher."
  12. People of that generation aged faster because of all the stress they had to go through due to the Great Depression and World War 2. Case in point when the show All in the Family debuted Jean Stapleton was only 48 and Carroll O'Connor was 47 but looked much older than that.
  13. It's a shame that Dave McNally developed arm problems when he did because a couple of more dominant years may have landed him in the Hall of Fame. I noticed that pitchers who began their career with the Orioles in the early 60's developed arm problems. Wally Bunker and Steve Barber seem destined for great careers before arm problems and even Jim Palmer looked liked his career would be over with due to arm problems.
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