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  1. Periodically, this team will morph into a weird baseball-themed entertainment business unit that sells the concept of major league baseball as opposed to an actual serious and driven professional baseball organization - these cycles usually only last about 8-10 years.
  2. It's Brit-TON, not Bri-inn...I hate that enunciation fail Sweet Finish
  3. Jones...now available with a batting eye.
  4. Still plenty in that tank.
  5. Can anybody tell me how to reverse the comments, so the newest appears at the top? Haven't been able to figure it out with the new format. Thanks in advance.
  6. RIP Mary Tyler Moore...you were one smokin' babe back in the day and a really classy lady to boot. *Mods feel free to move this to the appropriate locale.
  7. I really have nothing against the Cubs, but I must say the thought of Strop's ring makes me queasy.
  8. Jake and the Cubs...MLB / Fox fantasy script.
  9. Go Tribe! Been pulling for them since 10/5. They feel the most Baltimorish of any of the other 29 teams to me.
  10. Hey, what's going on? The last time I was on the OH was Oct. 4th at 11:30 pm. The last thing I remember was a meeting on the mound was dispersing, I grabbed my remote and had my right thumb hovering over the power button. I recall a BP fastball floating over the middle of the plate and then I saw a very fast moving piece of lumber make solid contact with it and in that same instant my thumb depressed the power button, I closed my laptop and headed off to bed - I never even saw the ball clear the infield. I couldn't stand to even see TV or hear radio the next day, let alone face the post mortems on the board. Anyway, I am back and I will now go searching for all of the posts that I missed because I am all better now. This probably didn't deserve it's own thread, I know. But I would just like to know one thing...when the hell did they change the appearance of the board, anyway?
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