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  1. Simple question. If Angelos magically said trade everyone, and rebuild the system...do you think he would be competent to do it. I have not been impressed by his trades (except maybe Trumbo), and certainly don't see him pulling McPhail caliber stuff.
  2. The real disappointment is the offense. Reality is, with our SP, you expect a lot of 9-7 high scoring games. The Orioles however are not hitting plain and simple..and I think it amplifies the pitching issues.
  3. Considering Pitchers and Catchers report in 10 days, I think the ship has sailed on him getting multiple years. I remember the talk of him getting $150m+ a few years back. I guess as a player, this is the risk you run not talking extension when you are under team control. I think the Orioles would have been find with 5/80m the offseason before his TJ. That said, I also have wondered if Wieters hitting would improve if he caught less. Is he a .280/35-30HR guy with less time behind the plate and more time at 1B or DH? Problem with that is obviously no one is paying powerhitting 1B/DHs much right now. It's a shame really that the O's signed Wellington so fast. I think Wieters could be had for almost the same money now, and fits better with Buck and the Clubhouse.
  4. If they can trade him it's great. If the O's tank in a year or two, and he is still hitting bombs he will bring back more than the pick was worth. I am not sure if it is DD or Angelos, but anymore the O's seem like the toughest negotiators out there. DD being stone cold a week ago about how he likes getting the draft pick. That said, Ubaldo was a mistake, and Davis was an overpay.
  5. The thing is, what is the value of an "average" First Baseman compared to an "Almost Gold Glove" First Basemen. I feel like in some postions that is huge...like SS, Catcher, 3B even. However I dont think 1B is a position you overspend on defense.
  6. I see everyone posting how he is not worth 3/$50m, which is like $16.5M a year. We have Chris Davis who is 3 months younger signed for 6 more years at $23m per year. What makes these guys so different value wise? The both are not great Outfielders. I am not sure who would be better at first..maybe edge to Davis. In the past Trumbo has lost time to injury. Davis will always have a nice home run number, but has had two of the last 4 seasons not however has turned in two not so good years in the last 3 years be terrible otherwise. Davis is left handed..not sure how much value that adds. To me..they are almost the same player. So the question becomes...did we HIGHLY over pay for Davis, or is Trumbo Highly undervalued right now? I am not even touching the question if we need two of that kinda player in the lineup.
  7. After 2018, Jones is a Free Agent. His current contract is one of the biggest steals in recent history at 14M average value. You have to imagine it will take Davis of greater money to keep him. Matter of fact, I would be surprised if Davis's contract does not bother him on a personal level as he has played like a 20M player most of his current contract. On one hand he is the face of the team and has been very consistent.. On the other he is a bit "outspoken"..and has said some things I personally feel are a bit much over the years. I am talking like the "my favorite place in Baltimore is the Airport" stuff. Also, he will be 34 as a free agent, and the last year or two, has started to show some health issues. I am not sure he will want to go through another rebuild either.
  8. If the O's were handing out this kinda contract it should have went to Cruz a few years back. Here is the thing. Duquette looks like a genius when he finds undervalued guys like Cruz and Trumbo. He does not look like a genius resigning them at peak value after a season in Baltimore. I think what we are seeing is a token attempt to sign him at a lowball price to not look bad too the fans. Same thing with Cruz. They don’t expect to sign him, and will quickly move on. What I am surpised at is that there has not been more movement on Weiters. When I say that, I mean Buck loves him like a son, and I assumed Angelos liked him. We all know when Angelos likes someone, the checkbook comes out for them to stay (unless health is an issue at the time). That is why Brob, Markakis, Jones, and Davis all resigned or got extensions. Unfortunatly with the exception of Jones, it has not paid for Angelos. Guess I just expected them to try harder on Wieters. I always thought his hitting would get better if he is not catching..which looks like a possibility in his next contract.
  9. I would LOVE if Masn was nothing but reruns of old baseball games..24/7. I assume there is a licensing issue that stops this?
  10. Also DD pissed off Buck when he DFAed Teagarden. Also it is clear until he started hitting Buck was not on board with the Kim signing. What's funny is before they signed DD, there was talk of Buck taking over some of the GM role and he declined.
  11. To me..here is what I think he was saying (political part is key).. I think he is saying that knows of others in the organization who are younger or an an upward career arc and may want the job. Being older, and comfortable where he is, he does not want to be seen as lobbying and blocking others from the job. He is fine being being the bullpen coach. However if Buck wanted him to be pitching coach, he feels he is more than capable. Then he asks DD where his contract is to keep his current job and gets no answer.
  12. I really think DD wanted Chiti gone, but Buck did not. I mean really DD controls negotiations, so not making an offer is how you make sure something you don't want to happen never occurs as a GM. This has happened to a lot of people dealing with DD. Pearce Markakis Roberts And if you look at free agency, this is their whole approach too. DD sits on his hands till the last minute looking for value. I would say the only exception is if Angelos gives him a mandate..which I think happened with Wieters, Davis, and Oday last year.
  13. I know they did it with Brian Roberts and Pearce too. Contact expired, and no one said hey, we are going a different direction. Rather DD/front office never started real negotiations until they go elsewhere. I have two theories on this- A.) Angelos has made the decision and it is a lame way to save face. You sign somewhere because we made no offer instead of us announcing we don't want you back. B.) We know Buck likes "his" guys, which are normally fringe players and his coaches. DD and Buck are known to have some friction, and not negotiating with Buck is a way of keeping him from being too loyal.
  14. The issue I have with the Nationals fans is they were so quick to turn on the Orioles. Soon as the nats come to town it's like the O's are dead to them. It is frustrating because they are they are the same people who helped sell out Camden Yards for the first 7-8 years it was open. They had their Ripken Jerseys and watched HTS every night. I don't get why you can't like both teams? They play 4 games a year?
  15. No...what is annoying is when the do have Nationals stuff, and you have to listen to Brian Mitchell and Chris Cooley give their expert option on the prior days Nationals game.
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