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  1. Would taking a flyer on Ike Davis make sense? He hit 32 HRs for the Mets in 2012. LH power. He's been hurt and unproductive the last 2 years but had hip surgery this off season. Maybe a ML deal is too much risk. Might be a reasonable candidate for an incentive laden contract with a low base salary. He's a bounce back guy at age 29 this season.
  2. I agree. He makes sense if the prospects are minimal and do not impact the likely OD starting line up. Gausman and Schoop are way too much.
  3. Here's the quote: ?The Reds also have engaged in preliminary discussions on deals involving two-time All-Star right fielder Jay Bruce, according to major-league sources. And though club officials say the team is merely listening on players rather than shopping them, a trade of Bruce for more cost-effective talent would be a major step toward retooling with a lower payroll in 2015. As Rosenthal notes, the Reds likely have to trim their payroll this offseason, which could balloon to $120 million by next season. For a smaller-market club that only has one wild-card loss in the last two seasons, it's hard to justify a figure that high.? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2275175-jay-bruce-trade-rumors-latest-buzz-speculation-surrounding-reds-of Goes on to say they are well stocked with pitching and are looking for position prospects. Would Alvarez and Walker get it done?
  4. Why do you say this? There have been multiple sources that state that he is being shopped and the main reason is for salary relief for the Reds. What do you know that these sources don't?
  5. The Os need to take a flier here on Jay Bruce. Let's face it, they are not going to re-sign Davis. Too much money and too many other suitors. Bruce is a LH power hitter who plays solid, though not spectacular defense in RF. He's owed more money than the Reds wish to pay but not so much money that taking on the current contract cripples us if he reverts back to what he was last year. If Coolbaugh can get him to OBP in the 320-330 with 30+ HRs he's at least part of the answer to who replaces Davis's power. Short term flier on a good player. Take on all the salary so as not to give up much in the trade. Then sign Aoki for LF, Pearce for 1B and a SP. The team has a puncher's chance if Jones doesn't regress, Manny continues to get better and Schoop has a break out year.
  6. Frobby, is there a difference between an lawyer representing a client and a sports agent representing a client? Are sports agents held to the same ethical standards that attorneys are?
  7. Ben Zobrist is a free agent this off season. Acquiring him would make things even more interesting. What about trading J.J. Acquiring Zobrist to play 2B. Moving Schoop to 3B and Manny to SS? Might be able to get some young pitching for JJ if they eat abit of the contract. Zobrist gets on base and plays descent 2B. Just a thought. They need to change things up a bit.
  8. Just to clarify, the offer was reported to be 7 years and $150 million in 2008 dollars. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3775042
  9. So if Teix is a good comp, and we can discuss this at length I you want, would the O's offer a similar package to Davis that they allegedly offered Teix? If so, ould he take it?
  10. This is a very righthanded heavy lineup. I don't think any of their lefties can hurt us, with the possible exception of Smoak who I see as an underachiever. If Mike is consistently down in the zone and throws strikes, I think he can have success today. Big if.
  11. If the philosophic approach to crafting a team is to create a squad that is superior defensively (perhaps even elite), be in the top 5 teams in the league in HRs and foster a pitching approach that is based on leveraging the outstanding defense (as opposed to striking guys out). Then the current budget, with appropriate COLA, will be able to do that. The critical factor in this strategy is the farm system and player development. That must be elite and a consistent source of cost contained talent. To my way of thinking, this is where the majority of the investment should be.
  12. What is a comparable comp for Davis with regard to his upcoming contract? Is it Jose Bautista? Who is it?
  13. This was the conservative play to make. But that is the recent personality of this franchise. I never thought the O's would be in the market for a big name free agent. It just doesn't fit their MO. The trade for Snider is a very good one that has a good chance of paying off. Much more consistent with what we have all come to expect from DD. The larger question is what he will do during the season. I think he is poised to move in either direction. He has created an opportunity to be flexible depending on the outcome of the first half of te season. If they d well an are in contention, he is a buyer at the deadline. There is enough young talent to add one, and possibly two pieces for the stretch run. If they are out of it in July, he has the opportunity to sell high on a couple of players, (Davis, Weiters, Chen etc) who could really help a contender and get a solid return in prospects. All in all, I like the approach and the flexibility. Given the uncertainty of 2016 and beyond. It's the right move IMHO.
  14. I don't. He has consistently underperformed given the quality of his fastball. That change could be even more devastating with an effective breaking pitch. I'd love to see Gausman develop into a 3 pitch pitcher. It gives him a chance to be consistently effective that 3rd time through the order.
  15. I can see why you might feel that way. We all have a right to our opinion. I respect yours. He will have to win back my trust.
  16. Oh just that little fact of using a substance he knew was banned without an exemption he knew he didn't have during a season when his team was in the running for its first championship since 1983. That reason.
  17. Tillman has the advantage of a very effective 12-6 curveball that sets up his high 4 seamer. Gausman does not have an effective breaking pitch. That may be some of the difference. For Gausman to develop into an elite starting pitcher he needs better fastball command in the strike zone and an effective breaking pitch he can throw consistently for strikes. Those are not small things. I still think he's a ways away from recognizing his true potential.
  18. Thanks for the reply. So just two very different levels of talent. I can appreciate that. I hope Manny can stay healthy.
  19. Perhaps no current Oriole has more to prove this year than CD. I worry that he will put too much pressure on himself, have a tough 1-2 month stretch early in the season, and flame out. I hate to say it, but I really do question his character. I hope I'm wrong.
  20. Just another excellent example of superb attention to detail from our OH scouting contingent.:beerchug1:
  21. One thing to think about is a sound system. If you are a digital music guy you might want to think about a Sonos system for your new house. They are very cool. You wire the entire house for sounds and the you control what music is played in which part of the house with which ever wireless device you choose. I use my iPhone to play whatever I want in any part of the house I want. You could wire your "man cave" and play whatever music is on whatever wireless storage unit you want. You can stream Pandora, you can do almost anything. It's pretty cool. http://www.sonos.com/
  22. When you say, "far more potential," what do you mean? They are both excellent defensive infielders, though Manny certain has shown he's elite. Schoop appears to have more raw power, Manny has shown a better overall approach at the plate. Don't get me wrong, I think Manny is a very special talent but how far behind him is Schoop, in your opinion? I personally see Schoop maturing into a 25 HR guy who hits .260-.275 and plays superb 2b for several years. Am I being a homer?
  23. One thing to consider is that we have a ton of young players in their prospective walk year. If they are playing to impress in free agency we may get some truly spectacular performances. There is, after all, major money on the line for many.
  24. I think his most significant area of focus is fastball command. He has all of the tools to be superb. He just needs to command his fastball. He really is an outstanding young pitcher. He needs to command the fastball in the strike zone. If he does that his secondaries will play very well. I think the PCs known how to get him there. Wallace and Chiti are experienced coaches who know how to get the best from him. I am optimistic about his chances this year.
  25. This is the time in the off season when DD shines. He understands value and the calculated risk better than any GM in baseball. He's Mr. February like Reggie was Mr. October.
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