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  1. I know it's early, but so far Davis seems to be a different player at the plate. For those that have had the opportunity to see him this spring what is contributing to his success?
  2. Last year I predicted a 63-99 record and we know how that ended. I'll be surprised if we add to our win total of 54. Can't see anyone worse.
  3. Let's hope his bout with the Flu is short lived. I want to see him perform with this added muscle. Can only hope it will make a difference.
  4. Much rather have the "angry" bird logo pictured left. Wonder why this logo has never been used on a official hat? I've seen it on just about everything else Orioles.
  5. As long as we are improving I'll take 63-99 and be satisfied. I believe we finish ahead of the Tigers again and maybe another club or two.
  6. Heading down Friday March 13 through Saturday 21. Will be interesting to see who out of the 60 some odd invites, the ones that will head north. Can't wait to get on the sand at Siesta Key and to Ed Smith.
  7. Yes it will. Also as the article states: <Teams won’t be able to use the IL as a precaution for relatively minor injuries in 2020>
  8. Word of caution on Ed Smith and the sun. Sitting down low is a great seat, but also puts you in the sun for pretty much all game (take plenty of sunscreen). Sounds great, but it can get pretty hot 1:00 - 3:00 in the afternoon. If that's not you cup of tea, the shade will be up in the upper sections on the first base side. There is usually a cool breeze the higher you sit in that section as well.
  9. Will be there March 13 - 20. Staying on Siesta Key.
  10. He sure pitched well for us until being traded last year. He is reliable and can eat up a lot of innings. He seems to respond very well to Doug Brocail and we should be able to get him at a pretty reasonable cost.
  11. Living in North Alabama its Braves country. But, I grew up here when the Orioles were on Saturday baseball constantly. So, migrated to those Orioles powerhouse teams in the late 60's/70's. Huge fan ever since. I hope to get to that new ballpark in mid-March and root against them. 😜
  12. Bradenton (Pirates) is an easy drive from Sarasota. Highly recommended. Tickets are usually aplenty. Parking can be a bit of an issue if you arrive late. Stadium has been updated and has a huge Tiki bar behind center field. The Atlanta Braves are now in North Port, Florida which is in south Sarasota County. Should be a fairly short easy ride and their new stadium looks very nice. I anticipate that tickets will be in demand for most of their games. The Tampa Rays are in Port Charlotte which is right down I-75 south of Sarasota. Decent ballpark. Plenty of parking and tickets are usua
  13. Went to that dog track last year. Felt safe, although it looks a bit rundown. Lots of air traffic around. They have alcohol and food.
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