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  1. March cannot get here soon enough!
  2. Keep him. Whom do we have to replace him? With Trumbo coming off the books the money should be available.
  3. He's probably the Orioles' best all around player. He certainly plays with passion and effort.
  4. More worried about our relief pitching than our hitting. I believe with our aggressiveness and speed, we can come up with a few runs.
  5. Just believe there will be some improvement among the group (starters). Bundy needs to be more consistent and stay out of the middle of the plate. Karns "could" be a nice addition (build up his innings). Another year for Hess should help him develop further. Cobb should be solid and Cashner will eat up innings.
  6. 61-101 Overall starting pitching can't get much worse than last season. Davis improves slightly. Overall defense better. We bring up some guys mid-season that will make a difference.
  7. If anyone is on the fence about heading down, you owe it to yourself to head that way. The wife & I have gone 5 out the last 6 years and we would rather be in that climate & environment over a trip to Baltimore. It's such a nice, laid back & enjoyable adventure and the whole area is simply fantastic. We stay on Siesta Key Island (the Village area), which has some of the best beaches in the U.S. and nice places to eat & drink. In the past 6 years MLB spring Training in that area has flourished, which is great, but the downfall is ticket prices have moved up a bit. Still, (other than the Yankees - usually sold out), you can almost always find a good seat and hopefully some shaded areas. We have met others from the Maryland area and have become friends with many. We now plan our trips together to rendezvous in Sarasota and plan out the week. Roll Tide & Go O's!
  8. One of the best logos in sports. I like the angry bird (left) as well.
  9. Happy belated birthday Weams!
  10. Roy. Thank you for this. Certainly a couple of my heros growing up. I can't imagine the hurt Frank felt dealing with all the racism, but I'm sure glad Brooks was there for him when he needed it. It sure sounds like they had a very special relationship. RIP Frank Robinson!
  11. What a player. What an idol. What a man. What great memories. RIP #20! Prayers for his family, his friends, my fellow Oriole and MLB fans.
  12. Good to see some positive news for the Orioles. He deserves the nod too. Congratulations Ryan.
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