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  1. Hey. I wonder about one thing... Most winning Super Bowl quarterbacks usually get a huge endorsement from several companies, right? I know Flacco has signed with Gummy Bears company, and I know that RG3 made millions in dollars before he made his pre-season debut. Should Flacco be satisfied with whatever the Ravens will offer him a contract? He will get a big contract and several endorsement deals. I still believe that he is mediocre at the best due to his inconsistent playing on the field through the regular season. Just remember this: LeBron James took a HUGE paycheck cut in restructure his contract for his team; hence, he is on the winning & all-stars team. I think Flacco should do the same thing... Be a team player; otherwise, his teammates would be like disappointed that they will get paid less due to Flacco's greed. Also, I dislike Flacco's agent.
  2. Last night, I was at my friend's house... We were talking about sabotage like how 49ers fan got so mad about how the Ravens are winning a blowout over the 49ers. He sabotaged the power, but I screamed "PURPLE JESUS IS HERE! He is here to power the Ravens!" And then, during the break, the Ravens were stretching and stuff like that. We made a joke about how they were acting like a phone battery as they were recharging like ohmmm ohmmm, and then they will go full-kill mode.
  3. All right. We can talk about this offseason moves already!
  4. We know that Roberts is a great player, but I can understand his injuries. Then again, why not... we insert him as a designated hitter? I know we have Chris Davis and Wilson Betemit as primarily DH. I'm kind of disappointed that we traded our Andino when he was great at a second base. If we don't like Brian Roberts, why don't we trade him already? His valuable is declining, as he is getting older.
  5. Despite lacking in the subtitle, I actually enjoyed this film - I watched it in the afternoon! I remember most of those events especially I live in Bowie when I'm only 5 minutes driving away from Baysox. It's cool except my complaint is... bonus features don't mean anything.
  6. Really, Orioles?! I just finally inserted my DVD---I know I'm a huge Orioles fan, but this is like a big slap to my face. I'm deaf, and there is no subtitle on the DVD. How would I know what they are saying?
  7. Can someone PM me what's in pre-order mailing? O_o'
  8. This is my third trip to the Orioles FanFest except this time... It was my first time getting autograph from the regular session. My first time was at kiddie autograph session a few years ago anyway. I was soooo EXCITED getting Manny Machado's autograph---Even some fans in the line thought my neighbor is planning get Machado's autograph on my signed Ray Lewis full replica helmet. -_____-' Just no. This is a great birthday present! Edited: I'm glad that I had season holder tickets because I could get in the convention that EARLY. It's just that I can't stand the massive crowd at noon. X.x' And I'm glad that I got a lot of things I wanted before they sold out later in the day.
  9. Does anyone knows that if it is going to have a subtitle on it? I hate it when most sports DVDs I purchased usually don't have one.
  10. JohnnyK27 - Yeah, I copied it from my Microsoft Word. For some reason, it won't let me insert a bulletin point - If you don't believe me, try this on your Mac. option + 8 = • MurphDogg - Yeah, but his stock has been crashed recently. Updated: I edited the post.
  11. What do you guys think of these moves and roster? If you disagree, feel free to enlighten me. OFFENSIVE LINE • Quarterback - Joe Flacco • Running Back - Ray Rice, Bernard Pierce, Bobby Rainey • Fullback - Vonta Leach • Tight Ends - Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson • Wide Receivers - Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones • Right Tackle - Michael Oher • Right Guard - Marshal Yanda • Center - Gino Gradkowski • Left Guard - Kelechi Osemele • Left Tackle - Free Agent or draftee DEFENSIVE LINE • Nose Tackle - Haloti Ngata, Maake Kemoeatu • Defensive End - Courtney Upshaw • Inside Linebackers - Dannell Ellerbe, drafee • Outside Linebackers - Terrell Suggs & Paul Kruger • Cornerbacks - Lardarius Webb, Jimmy Smith, Corey Graham • Strong Safety - Bernard Pollard • Field Safety - Ed Reed (If he does get signed after this season) or Omar Brown Highest re-signed players priority this offseason: 1.) Joe Flacco - Franchise Tag 2.) Ed Reed - If he really loves Baltimore like he said himself so, he would accept a minimum paid contract without go anywhere. He is not superior, as he used to be in the past. 3.) Paul Kruger - He is becoming a proficient pass rusher. If Flacco gets signed already, it would be awesome to put a tag on him then. 4.) Dannell Ellerbe - He is an injury prone, but he is a valuable asset to the DL. 5.) Maake Kemoeatu - I still prefer him over Cody. Free Agents I would like to see signed by the Ravens - Jake Long or Ryan Clady at Left Tackle, Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, or Osi Umenyiora as DE for a short-term up to 2 seasons. I think we can afford those players since we won't have Ray Lewis and possibly Ed Reed too. Also, we can always re-structure some players' contract if necessary. New drafees I would like to see: first round - Manti Te'o & second round - new quarterback (I prefer junior standing just like Torrey Smith was or Andy Dalton). If we ever draft a new quarterback, Flacco would feel threatened and he would outplay his new contract to keep himself in the line.
  12. I was always a Ravens fan since I was born into the newfound Ravens organizational back in 1990's. Besides that, they are only like 35 minutes away from where I live. I consider several Ravens players a role model for me---Ray Rice, Michael Oher, Ray Lewis, and Torrey Smith because they overcame the odds in their earlier life. Just like how I dealt with a lot of negative expectations and tragic moments in my life, but as of right now, I've became an academic monster in school, and I still have a perfect 4.0 because of the Ravens' trademark - relentless and determination. By the way, the Redskins is my second favorite team like always, but I still prefer the Ravens better.
  13. I will try this... I don't know where or how to get Dylan Bundy's voucher. Also, my birthday is on Jan. 16th, so I think it would be the greatest present if I ever get his autograph or voucher. I'm open to any price. Just PM me.
  14. Thanks, guys, but I was hoping that someone would share their experience about this early entry part last year. Not this year.
  15. I posted the same thing on MASN Orioles Facebook page, but they haven't answered my question. I have 2 complimentary tickets at 10 a.m., and I know if I am one of the first 250 people to enter at gate. I get complimentary autograph session, and this will be my first time. I wonder what did you guys do last year? And who was signing?
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