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  1. I don't really understand all of the hate towards Tillman. The guy was a solid pitcher for us for 4-5 years, and only one year removed from a 16-6 season and 3.77 era. Yes, last year he looked awful, but injuries played into that. I would absolutely love to have him be our #3 starter if he can put up number like he did in 2016. The guy is 29 years old and now healthy. Why all the hate for a one year pillow contract that hardly costs us anything?
  2. auzzy98

    PECOTA 2018

    Seems about right judging by our current lineup and pitching staff. Not looking forward to being the bottom of the scrap heap again
  3. Did you read the article? That's what they are going to have to do it looks like. It's not enticing to teams if that's not part of the deal. Guess it depends on how badly they want to ship him off
  4. I think they are fairly desperate to get rid of Ellsbury and not have to go through the whole thing with him being unhappy and making a show of it. So they may not need anything in return. Plus, what would we even have to offer them?
  5. That may be true. Just going off what the article says about them giving up quality prospects to make him enticing for a team to take off their hands.
  6. That's true, he is in decline, but so is Jones, and we still like him. Ellsbury would be serviceable over those age years i think, and i think some of you guys are missing a big point of this...getting back QUALITY prospects. This is a good way to start rebuilding our farm system.
  7. I don't know. They seem pretty desperate to deal him.
  8. True, but he won't get any stolen bases, and no prospects back either.
  9. I agree with you. BUT, my point was that we would be getting some possible pitching prospects back with him. That's why it's the best of both worlds. Yes, we are FAR behind the Yanks for sure, but why not try and compete with them this year and then overhaul with some of their prospect depth in the future? Also I'm not saying Ellsbury would be one of our best players, but i think he would help in some of our areas of desperate need.
  10. Sometimes u have to sign a guy longer than u want to get one or two years out of them. You're right, he probably doesn't have the arm for right field. If Hays is ready to start, then yeah there is no need for Ellsbury, and I am on board with him, but it doesn't sound like that's likely to happen seeing as DD keeps talking about trading for a RF. Who else is out there that would fit the bill? We need high OBP, Steals bases, possible leadoff.
  11. He only played 112 games because they had a crowded outfield with emerging prospects. Yes, he has underperformed the last few years, but that's because the Yanks have players ready to replace him. I believe he would have more value to the O's with less talent than the Yankees. Even at 34, he's more talented than alot of the options we currently have. But i see your point too, it may not be the best option available, but i don't see a huge amount of harm with it either. And like i said he had a .348 OBP and stole 22 bases last year in a limited role. That would not hurt us.
  12. Even without including Trumbo, i think it would be a decent deal for the O's. We get quality prospects and a guy who fills the gap till Hays and others are ready to step up and take over.
  13. That's probably true, I was just commenting off of YardBird85 talking about them taking Trumbo.
  14. Maybe they will be. Hays I think will be ready sooner rather than later for sure. I'm looking at the year 2018 if we are truly trying to make on last good run at it. We need guys to get on base if our sluggers actually hit this year,.
  15. Yes, he has a candy arm for sure, so not sure how that will help defensively, other than he is fast and can get to more balls than most. If they could take Trumbo and give us 2 quality prospects I think that would be a fair deal. I wouldn't consider it bailing the Yanks out of a bad contract, i would view it as an upgrade to our club. We get a MLB proven player with tools we lack(OBP, steals) and are looking for, and quality prospects. It's kinda the best of both worlds IMO.
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