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  1. I don't want to hear there are no better options. If that is true, then dan and Buck both need to be fired because they couldn't develop anyone worthwhile enough to take his place. We all know there are better options, it's just that no one in management seems capable of making Buck do anything he doesn't want to do. There is no other possible explanation for him still being run out there.
  2. I don't trust Dan at all to make the right move. Not even a little bit.
  3. He deserves to go for his blind, incomprehensible loyalty that has hamstrung the entire organization.
  4. Bingo. We have to do the right thing for the players AND for the franchise.
  5. That's because it doesn't. Half the players on this team, from the catcher, to the 3b, to the dh to half our OF's to the bullpen to Tillman, wouldn't make any other roster in the majors. They are mostly all still here because they are "Buck's guys". The blame has to be on him at this point.
  6. I know this has been suggested in other threads but tonight's game is really the tipping point in all of this. Tillman being allowed to start yet again is proof Buck just won't get it no matter what. He's been horrendous for nearly 2 full seasons now. Dan needs to pull the plug and if he won't, he needs to go as well. But more to the point, Manny has to be traded. We cannot allow the chance/risk that he is injured trying to squeeze every last prospect out of the Dodgers and risk getting nothing. I also don't trust that Dan has a good enough eye to make a proper trade anyways. Nevermind whether they even want to oversee a rebuild which could be entirely unrealistic as well. But tonight's "performance" and sweep was enough to drive home the point that this team and its 5 dh's and 1 decent starting pitcher will not be enough to get a wild card and definitely not enough to win the AL East. Therefore, changes MUST be made and if the "adults" in the organization can't get down with that then they need to go as well. Enough is enough.
  7. 13-39 over our last 52 games. Thats almost a 3rd of a season of .333 baseball. If Buck hasn't lost the clubhouse then he's just flat out lost his ability to be a good manager. And yes, some of this is on him and his awful lineup construction/decision making. For the love of God, SELL before it's too late!!
  8. Doctors say we a 50/50 chance to make the playoffs, but there's only a 10% chance of that. I think our only chance to make the playoffs, let alone the World Series this year is that the players all go on strike in the next 2 weeks and we hire the best scab players on earth. Dan would put together a great scab team, I have no doubt of that, it's the rest of the roster during a real major league season with major league players that he sucks so much at assembling. Keep hope alive, strike you overpaid millionaires, strike!
  9. This is peter Angelos's ultimate legacy. He has completely destroyed and good will he may have bought by allowing this to become the dark ages yet again. I am back to my old feeling of "don't get your hopes up because this team is nothing to care about". It was nice having hope for a while but now it has become expected futility. I may have to find something better to do with my time.
  10. There is not a single solitary aspect of baseball that this team is good at right now. Not one. Bad hitting, bad situational hitting, bad defense, bad pitching, bad relief pitching and bad managing. A veritable smorgasborg of sucking. Clean house, trade manny, blow it up, get what you can, fire Buck and Dan and hope for the best because this franchise is completely out of control.
  11. There has to be a better veteran out there who needs a job. or make a trade involving international money for a decent backup. This team is hot garbage on a windy summer day.
  12. To quote Garth Algar - "I'm having fun..............not".
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