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  1. Finally found my password after years of being idle just to post about this. I was at the game last night, and it was one of the scariest things I've ever seen. The whole place was so quiet you could hear not just the ambulances flying down to the stadium but a pin drop. At first you didn't know what happened, perhaps just a shot off the shoulder or arm, but then seeing all the fielders's reaction, especially catcher Brett Sullivan's just holding his head in disbelief, you knew something was different. Scary that today's game is cancelled given the reports last night said he was in
  2. Ike Davis just non-tendered by Oakland. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see DD make a run at him. At least he's a left-handed Davis
  3. Riefenhauser 2015 AAA Splits RHB: 89 PA, .222/.273/.333 14K/5BB LHB: 43 PA, .154/.214/.205 17K/1BB 39.5% K Rate! Small sample of course, but is he a Matusz replacement on the cheap?
  4. Hot Delmon going against a pitcher he owns! Don't mind if I do.... Plus the O's hitters have a career .850 or so OPS of Buehrle
  5. nvpacchi

    Brad Brach

    I always feel real comfortable when Brach enters games. He'll pound the outside of the strikezone and he's got two legit strike-out pitches.
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